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love 2Two of the most basic human emotions are love and fear. In the way we respond to the people and situations in our life, we always have two choices: we can respond from a place of fear, or we can respond from a place of love.

And how often do we make decisions in life, based on fear? Fear that we’re not doing enough, fear of what others will think of us, fear of what we might miss out on, if we choose differently.

It’s the fears that hold us back, and so often we don’t even realize it. I have seen this play out so clearly in my own life. Here is a practical example:

–I’ve had a particularly long day with the kids, when my husband calls and tells me he’ll be late coming home today. In that moment, do I remain calm and patient with him, (it’s not his fault he can’t come home sooner), or instead does my fear of not getting a break soon anymore and the thought of having to deal with everything myself take over, and cause me to respond to him in a negative, rude or even critical manner?–

Very often, we respond to life and to others out of our own stresses, worries and anxieties, and when our thoughts are on ourselves in this way, we are much less likely to be kind in our interactions. So often we can snap in impatience and anger, all because we’re responding out of fear. But we always have the ability to choose how we respond to life, to others. We always have the choice to love.

Fear is the opposite of love, it leads us to focus on ourselves, our needs, our wants, to be cowered inward, and as a result it works to keep others out. But, perfect love casts out all fear.

Fear does not have to have the last word, we always have another choice. When I discovered how much truth there was to this it was eye opening. Now when my fears and worries threaten my peace, or my relationship with others, I’m learning to look for the path of love instead.


So I have a challenge for you: Think about the last misunderstanding you had with someone, did you respond out of love or fear? Take a moment and analyze the situation. What triggered your response? Should you react differently in the future?

I encourage you to start asking yourself regularly, especially with interactions with  others, am I responding to this person emotionally from a place of fear, or from a place of love?

Love, or fear. Only one can win. Choose love.


love 2


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Hello Lent

This has been a Lent with a whole new element of penance, as I’ve never been in the last month of pregnancy during Lent before, and expecting a baby before Easter.

A few days in and I can clearly see, this year that perhaps the main sacrifice God really wants from me right now, is for me to willingly accept my suffering in whatever form it comes w this pregnancy, and later with labor and delivery. … ( I can’t offer what I don’t have, hence the acceptance part) . The time has come, instead of feeling sorry for myself, to humble myself and willingly offer this holy work to the Lord , ‘this too for love of You! ‘

As for the rest of my Lent, I had made a plan, but then a few days before Lent started, God decided to take over:

So I was praying the 3rd luminous rosary mystery, and this line really stood out: ‘The time has come, the kingdom of God is at hand, repent, and believe in the good news!’ Then I felt God saying: ‘this lent, the time is now. Turn away from all your wayward tendencies, these things that just don’t fill you, walk w Me instead, more and more, for as you journey closer w me these 40 days, I will strip you of these last few obstacles still holding you back and drawing you away. Come Easter, you will be new child, believe, My light is coming, quickly! Let go of your own plans, that I might plan your lent instead.’

Well, now He had my attention.

I already knew some of this, but I love how God just simplified everything, it doesn’t feel like a burden making sure I’m remembering what I need to be doing lol!

Sweets. The time has come. You will be strengthened like never before this lent, and Sundays will be a little taste of heaven.

Screens. That’s the other great distraction you are drawn to. The Facebook thing, as before. All social media. Let go of that pull, the world is not for you. PUT THE PHONE DOWN!

Charity- respect, gentleness, softer tones. PATIENCE. SERVE OTHERS ahead of yourself. Humble- before your family, and before Me.

Choose silence, this lent you are to grow greatly in silence. And Let go of control and choose My way and watch, watch what we can do together! You do not need anything extra to read, except the respect book, for that is a powerful tool. If I need you to read something I Myself will put it on your heart.

And write. Child I want you to continue to channel grace through that blog, as much as you can. Make this your prayer.

The fast I choose, is to free you. Free from sweets, and speaking. Learn to listen. Free from the pull of screens. And free from the doing, of ANYTHING that is outside of My will for you at that moment. Humbly choose My way.

And Fridays? Not what I want Lord, what do You want?

Fridays, your primary sacrifice, is to be tears. Return each Friday w fasting and mourning, over souls. I require no great penance, your heart is already there, all I ask for your Friday is that your heart would be completely united w Mine, in reparation for sinners. For souls. Allow yourself to cry, first over all of your own sins, over those of your household, and others…. then, cry over the sorrows, injustices, deceptions and lies, over the ugliness of sin, and over the world you live in, the world that I made. Cry, for souls, cry out for My mercy for them! I will surely hear and honour the gift of your heart!

So this has become my Lent this year, less sweets and screens, plus more silence, extra charity to my family, and extra humility… Especially when it comes to my suffering.

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