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Finding Him

On the days when I am focused on God and seeking Him ( and not consumed by thoughts of some certain outcome) there are days I can draw close and stay close to God, and find His Peace and Presence, and some days when I just can’t,  but on Sunday I finally understood why. 

Like the man who found the treasure in a field, Matthew was not looking, he found Jesus by accident. Other times, people are searching, really searching- like the wisemen, like me.

And to such people, the bible promises us in Jeremiah, ***if you seek Me WITH ALL YOUR HEART, you will find Me. ***

— those times, when I feel lost from the moment, and God… 
It’s not enough to look around me for God, restless, self-conscious and  still half- thinking about other things…( I do get stuck in that!) Yet I think, when God alone is what I am looking for, –  He is easy to find!! 

So the path is, to let go of everything else first, and THEN look for Him, and call to Him!!!


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