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I Am in Everything

A conversation with God

Aug 9 2015


Heavenly Father, Daddy God, please come and fill me with Your powerful creative love.

I Am in EVERYTHING. Every breeze, every leaf, every weed growing in your front yard. 

Every car too? Well yes, every atom of matter is You! You hold everything together…

I am in every body, every cell, every soul that you meet, great and small, angry or kind. I am in every heart, though not all know it. 

It is love that does all this. My love for My creation, for My children, is higher than the heavens and infinitely more vast than the universe. No instrument of technological achievement could ever probe it’s depths, it is something that can only be felt in the heart. 

Yes Lord, and there are times when that love touches mine and it’s so vast, it’s HEAVY! It’s thick and bursting, my little heart can not possibly hold it, Lord, it seems that here You only give us the tiniest of tastes! 

It’s true, and no man on earth can grasp it either, not even the Saints, though they come much closer than most. 

You are my daughter! I will love you forever, I will like you always, as long as I’m living My child you will be. 


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