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Journey to Quebec

These are my notes of some of what I learned etc as I drove across the country to our new home. 

Journey up: 

Day 1: NS to Edmunston 

Even if surrender.
God, even if _________happens, still I will trust You. 
SO Often, it’s only when I begin to release the thing I want… that God comes in ( either to give it anyway, or else w the comfort and peace) 

— also take life as it comes, take the day AS IT COMES- instead of trying to manipulate and have things a certain way..
– same w Charles , take him, and the kids as they come too. Hear the voice and Will of The Lord in his words and requests. 

Advent lyrics, Paul Overstreet:

Wise men still seek Him

Those on earth who realize how much they need Him
Following Jesus wherever He may lead them

Wise men, still seek Him ‘
Day 2: NB to Ottawa 

33 days consecration: 
The Holy Spirit does nothing without His spouse, thus she is the mediatrux of all grace 

Recognize the multitude of mercies – through her spouse the Holy Spirit!!!

EXAMEN- to not complain- focus on the good things God is doing in our lives!!

-Total dependence

-Accept all as coming from her loving hands 

-Constant recourse to her

-Purity of intention SELF DENIAL!!

Walk in faith while pondering in your heart. 

Day 3: Ottawa – Quebec!
Oh yeah…

That when I accept these little setbacks, etc, and bring so tired, or sore and continue driving ( continuing along God’s will) — I am carrying my cross.

Every time I decide I’d rather do things another way than what is- I am throwing my cross to the ground. 
Oh yeah- back home, my day to day life was still mine, to make with what I chose each day, but now, now my life is Yours… I mean I came all the way up here for You!!! And That fact won’t change. 

And as we drive in, everything is snow dusted and so pretty! And my heart feels strangely at home w all the farms in the hills. 


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