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Fri Apr 5 – Texas Day 4

 photo a.jpg
 photo b.jpg
 photo IMG_2222-.jpg photo IMG_2286.jpg
 photo bc.jpg

Blue skies and sunshine
The shadow from a crucifix
Watching their 2 year old caring for a 2 month old baby
Watching my little guy lay his head down to look at the baby
House full of babies 🙂
Funky bottle rack
My ‘Baby’ snuggled in the doll playpen

Summer in April
Wearing my summer dress without leggings!!!
A catholic book on temperament
Playtime w girl toys
Ham sandwiches and chips

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 photo bccc.jpg
 photo bcc-.jpg
 photo bcccc1.jpg
 photo bcccc2.jpg
 photo bccccc.jpg
 photo bccccccccccc.jpg
 photo c.jpg

A beautiful sunny afternoon in the back yard
Baby in his US shirt
Circles of light like coins shining on the deck
Watching baby run free w glee from one activity to another
Peekaboo in the playhouse windows
Boots by the front door
Spying baby through the open window washing dishes at his kitchen sink
Baby talking to me on the air phone
Star leaves
Real Palm trees just over the fence
Real geckos on the fence
Jumping on a trampoline again, even if only for 5 minutes

 photo IMG_2383.jpg
 photo 8b9b33fca61411e2b28822000a9f1468_7.jpg
 photo cc.jpg
 photo ccc.jpg
 photo cccc1.jpg

Baby bananas
Hydro car – one of the Cars cars that drives on water
An army of power towers
Storefront signs in different fonts but all in white
A lot full of outdoor play centers w rainbow roofs
Ramps like something out of the Jetsons, over under around and through
Looking back to see baby had opened the car toy package
A line of excavators, yellow, red and blue
Learning all sorts of interesting things about Texas on the drive over to the conference
A Texas specialty, dinner at Whataburger
Baby playing w all the plastic order number markers
BBQ chicken strip sandwich on Texas toast mmmmmm
My little Texas adventurer w BBQ sauce on his face

 photo DSC_0898.jpg
 photo cccc2.jpg
 photo 4d597e96a62811e2a07e22000a1f9a28_73.jpg
 photo cccc3.jpg
 photo 05d0c518a62b11e2896422000a1fb003_7.jpg
Christ the King at last
Walking in and Seeing Lynn and Dineen for the first time
Stacks of flourish magazines
Heart stickers to distinguish the SUMites
Welcome and a prayer
Lynn coming over to find me
Meeting other SUM members
Lynn and I chatting like old friends
My celebrity, my heart sister, carrying my bags out to the car!
Driving through some of the city center lit up at night
Praying through my penance before an almost lifesized painting of the divine mercy image

Sat Apr 6 – Texas Day 5 – Intentional Life Conference!

 photo d1.jpg
 photo d2.jpg

Starting my day off the right way this time, by Giving all the control back to God
Stepping out into a summer morning
Birds singing and that fresh early morning smell
Baby walking free in the (quiet) street
Driving out w fresh perspective and trust in God and wild hope for the day ahead

 photo d3.jpg
 photo IMG_4362-.jpg
 photo d4.jpg
 photo DSC_0804.jpg
 photo d5.jpg
 photo DSC_0774.jpg
 photo DSC_0788.jpg
 photo DSC_0814.jpg
 photo DSC_0840--.jpg

Intentional Life!

Custom notebooks!
The altar, palm trees, and crowns of Christ lit up with golden morning sun in the sanctuary
-Power like light from the cross
with my Eyes closed it’s a crucifix
Baby w only 1 shoe
Listening to Lynn LIVE!
some great iPhone captures
Dineen, on a God centred marriage and the basics of Trust
A Secluded room with speakers to listen to the talks while baby ran free
A Daycare room when baby just got too chatty
Hope and FREEDOM like I have never known

 photo DSC_0889.jpg
 photo DSC_0862.jpg
 photo DSC_0873.jpg
 photo DSC_0858.jpg

 photo DSC_0887.jpg
 photo DSC_0884.jpg

The guy who I’ve been staying with and who’s car I left the carseat in when he dropped me off in the morning, right there in the parking lot w/o being asked, the minute I realized I needed him… (Carseat)
A holy water font with still water, black tile and an unique and decorative cross
Beautiful stained glass; the trinity of Love
Jesus on the crucifix a silhouette in front of the trinity stained glass, this is God!
Stepping into the chapel and His very presence, even if just for a moment.
Statues in behind the altar (sacristy?)
The leaf from last night still following me
Baby falling asleep so I could prepare for confession
Jesus; God’s gift of mercy
A beautiful painting of Jesus calling to us in the divine mercy
A gift for mummy – a flower petal from my toddler

 photo DSC_0905.jpg
 photo DSC_0908.jpg
 photo DSC_0914.jpg

Special celebration dinner
Purple and glass centrepiece
Southern hospitality: a bag full of meals for the trip home
1 on 1 time to chat w Lynn
God granting my every desire for this day and more, as I surrendered it entirely to Him

A chance to really put my trust in God – no passport, seriously?
Practically applying what I have been learning to adjust my attitude and go with it
The caretaker of the catholic church driving up there to search for my missing passport after midnight when I called him
Time and spirit to write the letter

Sun Apr 7 – Texas Day 6 – Trip Home

 photo e.jpg
 photo ee.jpg
 photo eee.jpg

Airplane taxing driving on on the bridge overhead of us
Curb side baggage check in
Bypass security line
A ride to the gate- hop on
Golden sun lighting up the wing
Apple juice for the road
A new calling to contribute to the online community in a bigger way
Baby curled up on the seat after i put him down, determined to keep sleeping even though our flight was over and everyone was off the plane

 photo eeeee.jpg
 photo eeeeeee.jpg
 photo eeeeeeeee.jpg
 photo eeeeeeeeee.jpg
 photo eeeeeeeeeee.jpg
Looking in the mirror – I am a changed woman!
Sky train to our terminal
A great big window to watch the planes
Baby climbing the stairs
Wifi !!
frozen water molecules on the airplane window
Clouds like scoops of ice cream
Pillars of fluffy clouds right outside my window
Despite feeling incredibly nauseous during a rough landing, not actually being sick .

 photo eeeeeeeeeeeee.jpg
 photo eeeeeeeeeeeeeee.jpg
 photo f.jpg

-That bungee cord that made lugging everything plus the baby possible
-The kind man who made sure I was looked after, to get where I needed to be, plus getting something to eat and a coffee…

-My first divine appt- we could help each other out 🙂 The brand new mobility assistant who not only drove baby and our stuff around but watched pour things when I had to change him and dropped everything to help me find a way to get something printed- which should have been straight forward once we found the machine, but really wasn’t!
-Smoothie and iced coffee so refreshing
-Breaking through the clouds bursting into golden sunset/light
-Spying the city lights, Home sweet home, home sweet hubby!!!

-Holding hands w my man again
-Aw, Thank You Lord that You sent dmil to clean my house while I was gone. You didn’t have to do that…

Mon Apr 8

 photo f-.jpg

Both of us Sleeping in till 10:30
Little hand and wrist and forearm resting in slumber
One of my prayer cards, on display on my stove shelf
A miracle, The Lord has freed me from the heavy iron chains of negativity and the need for control.
Jesus arms wide open to me in welcome on my windowsill
Realizing I can actually see my bedroom floor!
Divine inspiration, to finally change a long-time bad habit
Jesus with my toothbrush

 photo ff.jpg
 photo fff.jpg
 photo ffff.jpg
 photo fffff.jpg
 photo fffffff.jpg

My big boys, standing on the other side of the front door!
-I missed you Mommy! – Tyler
Baby reaching his arms to hug his big brothers
Brother reunion
3 boys playing cars in the hallway
Nothing like going away for a week to make your kids start listening to you again!
Sharing my Texas testimony with my boys
Noticing a profound change in my oldest
Finding out my son prayed for me while I was away! He prayed I would come back home safe.
(even after he’d stomped his feet a little when I said we were going to do the rosary) – afterwards he was pleasant, agreeable and praying form the heart he said and I noticed… He seemed so different I asked him if he met Jesus while I was away! … and he said yes. ! )
-breaking the bread and sharing blessing with my boys
-finn-mcmissile-races down the ramp
A proper master bed, now up off the floor and complete with a headboard and footboard!

Tues Apr 9
 photo g.jpg
 photo gg.jpg
 photo ggg2.jpg
 photo gggg.jpg

My oldest w his pope hat
Cars set up like a movie poster
Bungee cord Bridge
Our daily schedule, completed with pictures at last!
Styrofoam block tower
hubby went shopping, and brought home oj- for himself to drink

Wed Apr 10

A dime stuck to my leg when I got up
oj in the fridge, a small miracle
W god’s help getting everyone out the door in time for mass, and even having time to get juice for the kids!
that same sweet aroma for a moment when I walk into the chapel for adoration
kids praying good morning prayers before blessed sacrament
Sharing about my trip w church friends
Coffee and cake after mass

 photo ggggg1.jpg
 photo ggggg2.jpg

The kids w the church pamphlets spread out eagerly looking through them
Holy giggles-Don’t eat Jesus, unless it’s at Holy Communion!
Just having fun w my boys again!
Baby sitting in his brother’s lap

Thurs Apr 11

 photo h.jpg
 photo hh.jpg photo hhh.jpg
 photo IMG_3738.jpg

Baby noah: – pointed to the rosary page and said, ‘Je-susssss 🙂
Middle son, helping me pray people into the prayer jar
Our Father enthusiasm screaming the words!
My brother’s Lego great escape shirt
Baby trying to bless himself for the gospel
The boys arranging their snacks
3 kids around a plastic BBQ
The stains in my shirt that won’t come out, that remind me of deeper truths (sin)
The dust spilling like confetti from the fan blades..
Sonic free rider surfing in the living room


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Jan 5 a


This morning DH set off to his mom’s with the kids because I needed a day to myself, but that moment at the door with the sun orb through the fluffy falling snowflakes, I almost ALMOST changed my mind and went with my family for the day – but I didn’t. I knew I needed SOMETHING – time alone, God, both, to get myself back to where I could give of myself and not feel so put out by it. But oh how I wanted to be with them all when they played in the snow!

This afternoon I was still struggling and feeling just a little bit lost before I had a chat with my best friend. The first thing was I got to tell her what God did in my heart during this year’s Rise Up:

On the first night He stirred my soul so deep, the talk called us to respond to God, to say yes to whatever He asks of us, there was a beautiful prayer of abandonment on one of the slides, and a video of Mary’s fiat that moved me to tears. I felt a call to say an unequivocal ‘yes’ to God and I threw the doors of my heart open wide.

The next night I went to confession. I had taken the usual time to prepare my heart and jot down my list on paper as I always do. So when it was my turn I walked in and sat down. I started in with my list but suddenly the priest stopped me and took my paper! He said he felt I needed the challenge, and to just tell him what was on my heart. I don’t like being put on the spot like that, but I had no choice so naturally I started in on all the things I’d been feeling, most of all, my struggles with the spiritual life and not measuring up. I try so hard to do what I know God is calling me to and turn to Him in everything and then I forget or I don’t and I just feel really frustrated! (I know I’m weak, and part of that frustration comes in forgetting to ask for His help when I need it!) The priest started to tell me how much God loves me and told me I needed to accept myself. I was taken back because I truly thought I had come to the point of acceptance – especially when I would look back on who I used to be and the person I’ve become with his guidance – I loved my life and I really felt like I had a handle on this self-acceptance thing! I was so surprised by what he said that I asked him if this was something we could go back and forth on, because I knew I USED to accept myself…

But after a little while I realized that he/He was right. Especially with this struggle to prove myself with homeschooling and managing my house, I found I was trying so hard to be perfect for God, determined to get it right, that I felt crushed when things fell apart, and it was unhealthy. Worst of all, I was denying God the chance to help me, because even though I knew He loved me and that I needed his help, I was determined to fix me.

By now adoration was over and I had moved to the chapel to finish sorting out my thoughts because I was nowhere near ready to just go home. I was conversing with God and journaling furiously through my thoughts: I’d been saying to God: ‘I say yes to You, I do, just let me fix myself first.’ That’s not quite right, rather: ‘Please help me fix myself, please fix me, I want to do Your will.’ I wasn’t letting Him love me right where I was! I’d heard many times how we are not our faults – past OR present – but still, there was this part of me that CLUNG to this desire, this goal to have it all together: my kids, my marriage, my house… – and I was willing to get God’s help to do it, I was, but still, STILL, I’ve desperately clung to that notion of order and God called me out of it. My fiat is to say yes to the mess that is me.

So I started accepting my struggles and forgiving myself for all the things that weren’t perfect in my life. And I actually caught myself thinking: ‘Ok, God told me I need to accept myself… now how do I fix this?!’ It was that ingrained! ‘Lord, I’m broken, fix me!’ I know I don’t have to fix myself for God, but still I keep trying!

Then into my chaos God spoke words of His love: ‘It’s not your job my child to fix yourself, your life. Why deny me that which gives me the greatest pleasure?’

The childlike cries of my soul were quieted, but He wasn’t finished.

‘Stop doing, just STOP. Start BEING.’

‘Don’t focus on saying prayer x,y,z and a rosary and bible reading and schooling and cleaning and being intentional in your marriage – although all of these are important too. Don’t focus on offering every time-block and being sure to ask for help every moment -on seeing me everywhere and in everyone.

Just walk with Me beside you. I’m always there.’

Serenity is not something you can DO, you just have to be.

‘When you stumble, scared, unsure, just reach out and take My hand, lift your heart to Me, 1 word, ‘help’, ‘Jesus’, just the cry of your heart and I’ll be there my child, no matter what it is you are facing.’

He led me to approach my morning prayers differently, almost challenged me to take 5 min and just be silent, and not lift up a single prayer.

‘Take 5 min – Just sit/kneel be in My presence in silence. For now, don’t lift up a single prayer, you need to learn to listen with your heart. Nothing more, not now. It’s just like you wrote earlier this week, really, you have stored up a treasure of prayers and graces for your loved ones, right now you need to just let go and be.’ (and receive My love).

At my last Rise Up, I was too Mary, God called me to stop just sitting in His presence and to start serving. Since then I’ve been so busy doing I’ve become Martha, I’ve gone too far the other way and forgotten how to sit at the feet of Jesus!

I knew I had to let go and accept myself but I still found it hard. It seemed to be a major block to my heart being fully open to say yes, so the next night when we were to be prayed over to be filled with the Holy Spirit in order to reach out to others, I had to bring it as my own prayer request, and afterwards I did feel freer, more joyful.

When I came back to the chapel early the next morning God spoke His love over me and reminded, reassured me of who I am in Him.

‘Your yes too, can change the world. Be content with who you are. That’s who I’m madly in love with.’

(I was trying to earn God’s approval. Not because I was trying to ensure my way into heaven – I know Jesus already did that, it was just out of my love for God.
He’s given me so much and I felt I wanted to give everything back by being as perfect as possible for Him. But I know now watching me like this was killing Him. I love you just the way you are, stop trying to be somebody else! )

‘And, what of DH? You are the only one (human) who can reach him, his heart, his soul. He needs you, without you, he would be lost.’

‘You’re who I thought about from all eternity, before the world began.’

By His grace, I can let go of my need for perfection now and accept my human struggles. I know I don’t have to fix myself because in His eyes right now, I’m already perfect.

Talking about all this with my best friend and sharing the rest of my Rise Up story of discovering His love all over again, I realized some things and they struck me anew.

-I told her, when I’m feeling like I did yesterday (like everything’s getting messed up) , it’s because I’m not seeing right! I need to recognize this, and then change how I view my world. I need perspective!
Always, always, I have to BE and not let the DOING take over. – Today I will DO less and BE more.

-I guess I don’t have to pray ‘Lord help me with X,Y,Z’, and really, besides reminding myself by saying the words, why would I? He already knows what I’m thinking and feeling! It seems all I have to do is lift my heart, it’s just a desire! It’s all about heart lifting.

Heart lifting. Be IN Me.

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Wed Jan 16

Thank You for the spiritual inequality of my marriage. If we had always shared faith, how easy it would be to lean on him, and not God? Spiritual inequality causes me to really work at my faith, for myself and for my children, in a way I wouldn’t have to if our family was always united spiritually. It forces me to lean in harder to Christ, to trust God more.

It also forces me to work harder at my marriage, to make sure we stay close across a spiritual divide. How easy it would be if things were well, easy, if we shared our faith, how easy to take both that faith, and each other for granted.

Lastly, I am grateful because through being unequally yoked I’ve encountered some amazing people, and I’ve learned just how prevalent this situation really is; in every marriage there is almost always some degree of spiritual inequality because we’re all in different places on our walk… It’s been so good to reach out and share with others, that we are not alone.

I rejoice that I am unequally yoked, because I know it is the best thing for me. Truly, this road of spiritual inequality is the best thing for my marriage, AND my faith (and my husband too!) It’s just awesome that God should choose to use me, to work through me to save another soul, and all the while, I get a front row seat to see God working in his life!

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Jan 5 b


This afternoon while I was talking to my best friend on the phone she told me she felt compelled to give me this challenge: a 15 minute walk in the woods with God, but holding hands.
Don’t some of the best faith decisions come from a challenge, a dare from a friend?

I spent the first 20 minutes still on the road, taking a picture that I’d been waiting on for a year or more (it required falling snow!). She did say that ‘the walk would begin when I got to the woods.’

Then, finally as I began, the walk became a real metaphor for my journey through life.


-At the edge of the woods, I decided to have Jesus at the top of the next little hill, and I would meet him there and take his hand, and give my yes. So I walked up, but as he took my hand I felt him leading me along, walking a head of me and leading me, but faster than I sometimes wanted or would have chosen to go.
-He was leading me, the light unto my path.
-He pulled me along though the way was rough, and bumpy and there were unknown pitfalls (ice give way and slipping feet) He led me along and I did not fall. The way is rough, there are unknown pitfalls, but You are steadfast.

And then I would be struck by something, and pause to take a picture. I heard the words out of my own mouth after the 2nd or 3rd pause in the woods: ‘I say I’ll walk with you, but then I keep stopping!’

Although there was fresh snow on the ground, there was still the mark of old footprints through the woods.

-Footprints – You go before me Always. Everywhere He was going to take me, He would go before me.

At the end of the trail, w a house and cars going by, the world I know God spoke to my heart – ‘You can find me here. I am here.” I AM. Here.
Emmanuel, it means God with us. I used to find it hard to relate to Jesus, but why, He is the Person who is shares my humanity! He is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh! Walking and talking with Jesus should be the easiest thing in the world!

When I would stop and take a photo or make a note He would wait patiently up ahead till I would join Him, and when I walked away leaving Him standing at the edge of the clearing while I went to find my paper, He patiently followed after me.

Finally I wasn’t sure I wanted to be led anymore, it didn’t seem that He had more to show me that way, so I asked if we could walk side by side. If I could walk beside Him. I sensed His hesitation, and vowed to walk with Him and not keep stopping with my camera and notes, and also to slow down, because when you walk side by side it is at a slower pace. Then the path widened a bit and we did walk hand in hand together, each going one side of the tree and dropping hands to pick them up again on the other side. And it was just, nice!

When will you wake up and find
That what you’re looking for has been here the whole time.
If you could see that I’m the one who understands you, been here all along so why can’t you see?
You belong with Me.


I’ve gone on walks with God before, and talked to Him all the while, but there is something about actually holding hands! That walk, that Date with God, left me feeling giggly, foolish, happy. It was like He walked all the way home with me, held the door for me as we came in from the cold and sat with me on the couch by the fireplace to warm up.

After this experience I am determined to involve Him in my day in this a real physical way more often.

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Here are is my usual friday quick take gift list. It’s like a look and find puzzle this week because there’s several big news items hidden in these gifts 🙂

Fri Nov 9
The quiver of a spider on a moving web.
Teaching our first lesson of Seton Pre-K Religion. The kids largely paying attention and even asking questions 🙂
My big son closing his eyes with a smile, thinking of God, as I explain how we can talk to Him
Learning something I didn’t know on p 6 of my kids pre-k religion book!
My big son freely closing his eyes to say his grace at lunch!
His utter fascination with a Christian girl on youtube and her song cover
My kids excited about praise music – ‘It’s all things possible, sweet! Mom, it’s all things possible!‘
baby looking very suave with the top hat
A Family drum session on the bathroom door
Praying with power, even in the car!
Coming home to an old friendly welcome at confession
Starry ceiling over my front door/entrance/porch

Sat Nov 10
-woah moment, daddy joining us for the rosary on the couch and even joining in the prayer for a moment!
– breathtaking skyscapes
-puddles-filled tire tracks – tire track puddles reflecting in the open sky
-patches of light
-the lines where sun meets shadow
– Date afternoon – a trip for two to the valley and going for a test-drive together.
-sitting in a dealership office with DH, 5 years later and a little wiser
-Providence – DH: ‘Can’t believe we got this deal…(exactly what we wanted and almost too good to be true etc)’ (Hey, not to get to faith-y about it, but I find that when the timing is right, things just have a way of working out. 🙂
-hope at the window
-the clink of my ring when my hand shakes in prayer
-a booth full of educational books at the Christmas craft fair
-a nice evening of shopping with DMIL and the baby

Sun Nov 11
Being the blessing – making brunch for my mom
Sharing my favorite movie (based on a favorite childhood story) with my Mom

Mon Nov 12
The kids and I all going camera crazy together
-Wisdom from Dr Seuss- God speaks to me through a children’s book
-my 4 yr old putting daddy (and his atheism) on the spot by asking him out of the blue if he knows God
-the power of the sun, both of them. (the sun drying my diapers and the Son redeeming and transforming our lives).
-A place for everything (and everything in its place)
-A very productive day bringing order out of chaos
-Treasure in the mismatched sock box: 13 complete pairs!

Tues Nov 13
-fluffy white clouds behind tree branches
-droplet ring around the base of my coffee cup
-hashing out some more faith discussion with my MIL
-soft sound of soap bubbles
-shimmer of suds popping randomly
-the graces You poured out on me tonight , to put my commitment into action– doing the dishes/kitchen though way past tired and cranky – I couldn’t have made that sacrifice w/o You.

Wed Nov 14

-Thank You that actions speak louder than words. My words lacked grace last night, but by your grace my actions told a different story. The kitchen is clean, usually I would have given up in frustration when DH wouldn’t help and would have left it for morning.
-I get to be with You, and receive You today, it’s a good day 🙂
-baby’s messy wet hair and little trusting eyes looking up at me from his carseat
-a dear priest saying our mass again today
-my oldest showing promise of actually behaving at church even when his brother wasn’t
-tuna wraps
-a nice mellow laid back day at playgroup
-painting a Christmas igloo
-Thank you that I’m not a mail carrier or a garbage man, and I get to be a mom indoors today!
-treasure in a chocolate tin – discovering cherished dolls and their clothes etc that I had thought were lost somewhere
-A treasure tin of craft supplies: 6 colors of glitter, a container of sequins, and googly eyes. My childhood self is very happy 🙂
Order in my cupboard and on my counter, just from a few plastic baskets.
Baby’s tentative little steps all across the room

Thurs Nov 15
-My son, easily reading his rhyming card words right off the bat, without even making the words with the letters. And reading correctly, even though the words were harder: gate and skate had the different vowel sound. 🙂
-reward for even the smallest faithfulness: WHAT A DIFFERENCE when I purposefully stop whatever I’m doing for the next task now I’m finally largely on schedule again! The afternoon is going really well!
-Time when I honor my commitment to God. (keep the routine)
-my square cupholder, holding one last chocolate milk carton.
-clean laundry put away in drawers
-a tidy main house
-the feast that awaits
-the gift of sharing my testimony again
-surprise gift of blessed items, the weapon for my goliath
-a long blessed conversation with my co-leader after the study

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Today I will…

Choose to BELIEVE.
Let God LOVE me.
Give THANK OFFERINGS to my Creator.
Make time to DELIGHT in Him.
Do the WORK He asks of me.
INVEST in relationships.
Put his needs FIRST.
LAY DOWN my will and OBEY.
Give him the BENEFIT of the doubt.
be only COMPASSION to others.

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1. The routine has continued to be largely a success- when I stick to it. If I get drawn into the computer when I’m checking something quick, or if I’m tired and the house is a mess, these things can get me off track, but we’ve usually done alright to get caught up again.

My mom also gave me an excellent book for my birthday. She had it set aside for herself but decided I could probably benefit from it more than she could, so she passed it on to me. It’s a book about organization, but it’s not just schedules, it aims to help you organize your entire life, especially around what is truly important. It is such a treasure, and what a Godsend! It covers WAY more than just organization, and addresses just about everything I’ve been struggling with or working on for the past 6 months or more!

It is helping me to see everything in a new light – and to prioritize rightly – I made it easier to discern whether I really need time alone for x or whether I just want it – but am being called to do something else that would use my time better.

2. I have to remember to KNEEL for my times of THANKS!!! I don’t even know Why I stopped doing that. When I kneel I make the moment a hard stop, and it becomes a ceremony, a celebration of thanks.

Humility – Jesus = the way to God — why is He the only way? BECAUSE God is pure and holy, He is the purest love. And most all of us can admit that we are not.

God’s mercies are new every morning — not as an obligation to you, but as an affirmation of you. It right there in there in the sky every morning: Every sunrise proves the burn of His passionate heart.

The car can fail today and the kids and the dog and the fire detector and the dishwasher and the doctor and the whole free democratic world and it’s entire economic system but the mercies of God cannot and will not fail and His faithfulness is not merely great– it is unwavering.

Nothing is too much to handle when I think about the so much from His hand.

And the way out of the pressing “too-much” — is to whisper thank you for the providential “so-much”.

Levi breathes. He breathes pneumonia hard. And this world is hard as nails and Christ knew it and that’s why He came.

3. I did it! I took all 3 kids to mass on Wednesday, by myself. And actually, it wasn’t quite as bad as I’d thought. Phew!

Here’s what it looked like…


4. I had my first really frustrating time with trying to teach my kids this week. It was only the second day we worked on writing skills, and I was trying to help my oldest draw squares. Somehow I ended up wrestling with him for 2 hours. He’d do a pretty good one so I’d ask him to do jsut one more, to show me that he was really getting the concept, and he always stalled and complained at having to do jsut one more that by the time he went and tried again he’d forgotten and I had to teach him all over again. This went on for a while. I didn’t want to force him, but I didn’t want to let him off the hook either, so I jsut kept asking him again and again. He knew he was being really stubborn and difficult, and I couldn’t let that slide. So in the end, the time hopefully strengthened his will to obey; it certainly strengthened my patience!

5. Since DH transfered downtown he has been telling me of all the neat things he sees from his 6th floor waterfront office and snapping pictures of ships and such with his iPhone. Last week we finally got to have a quick tour of Daddy’s work – just before his team all got moved down to the ground floor in the middle of the building.

This is what they had to give up:

The kids and I sure enjoyed ourselves.


6. On Saturday we went to get professional pictures taken. One of DH’s coworkers had had us in for a session free of charge and I really liked some of the poses and things, but was really not happy with the end result, so I was still looking to get a proper family photo to put up over the couch etc (except that above the couch is a window). As someone so in love with photography, it kind of bothers me that we don’t have very many nice photos up, especially when I go to non-photography enthusiasts homes and see the put-together professional photos of their whole family. A month or so back someone came to our door offering a discount on a photo-shoot and an 11×14 photo and I snapped it up. Then I had to figure out what clothes I wanted us to wear, but in the end I settled on bright colors, a different one for each of us. I love fun colors and bright photos.

I don’t think I will be disappointed this time. This guy is a professional with a fabulous studio and fabulous portfolio. I get to see the raw takes on Saturday. He is letting me look at all of them, rather than narrowing them down by making his own decision as to what I would like. I really appreciate this, and respect him for operating this way; since they are to be my photos, I would like to be the one to choose the best.

I also stumbled on an article to make your own macro lens for your iPhone. I think it’s pretty neat. Check out these macros, they’re way better than my camera lens could take!


7. We finally had another movie night. DH and I saw this one way back in theatres, before I think any of the kids were even though of. The kids had picked it out at the library, and both DH and I were interested in watching it again, so I googled around a bit and put together a simple dinner to go along with it. (simple in theory, DH had to step in to help because things weren’t going well in the kitchen!)

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