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7 Quick Takes, finally up on a Friday 🙂

1. On Wednesday I was having a rather crummy day, there was just a lot of little things getting me down. I knew it was mostly in my head and I was doing my best to put on a brave face and keep going but it was a struggle. We were out for a walk as a family and I told hubby what was bothering me, just to get it off my chest. Shortly after he gave me a hug, the kind of hug that just makes everything better. Only something different happened in that moment, for the first time I felt God’s love for me, through my husband. I had had the thought occur to me a while back, that God works through my husband to love me. (I mean He isn’t going to come down from heaven just to pour out his love on me, He could if He wanted to but He chooses to work through others, one of the great ways He shows His love for us each day is in the hearts of the special people in our lives) At the time it was one if those little ah ha moments, and I never thought much about it since. But all of a sudden this beautiful truth was revealed to me. Here I was having a rough day and all of a sudden it was God’s arms around me, holding me, working to help me through it, to lift me up and restore me to happiness. What a blessing, when my hubby puts his arms around me, for me to feel God’s love.

2. I did enjoy the retreat last weekend even though an active mobile baby made it harder to really focus. The notes I have form it are fairly simple and so it is likely that I will make a detailed post about it before I finally get the post ready for the one last spring…

3. We were challenged as is usually the case at the end of a spiritual weekend to make some small change in our habits etc to bring us closer to God. I was still tossing around ideas and didn’t know what I would do when I left but have since developed 2 new habits, and something else to work on. I am working on humility and that means obeying my in-laws (and sometimes my husband) when they ask me to do something. One new thing I’m doing is making my bed. It seems crazy but one girl in my group talked about how simply making her bed made a real difference in her life. We were called to find some little change that would make a big difference and for some reason ever since I got home, without making up my mind to do so at first, I have been making my bed, tidying my room for a few minutes and getting dressed before coming downstairs each morning. The room seems that much cleaner when I go up there now (especially at the end of the day) and that small discipline also helps me draw closer to God as it’s one little thing I can do, just for Him.

The other change I’ve made this week is I’ve tried to establish a daily routine. I was reading the Priest’s book and it said that everyone should have a definite routine each day to help them stay close to God. So, I sat down and drew one up. It’s a little rough with flexibility but it allows me time to play with the kids, time to do housework (Ora et Labora) and time for God throughout the day, especially right before bed. It’s nothing fancy, just a quiet moment to draw close to the Lord. I’m having trouble accurately gauging how it’s going today because baby and I slept in an hour, and we’ve been a little off track all day, but so far I think it is working to give me more structure to my days and helping me to use my time better.

4. Sunday night DH and I went to dinner theater for my birthday. After looking online I decided I didn’t care for the shows playing at Halifax Feast so we went to Grafton st dinner theater instead. That was the closing night for Heartbreak Hotel, based on Elvis music. I had hoped to actually see Elvis) instead of just a cardboard cut out (just one of the actors dressed up as him in a white jump suit would have sufficed but none of them did a look-alike. They also could have stood to turn off the AC in the theater, it’s fall! All in all though DH and I had a nice night out 🙂

5. I started my 2nd last university class this week, and after about 10 min in I decided to switch to a different one. The 1st one was not quite what I had expected and was ore technically demanding than I wanted. The new class is a much better fit, I don’t have to drive home in rush hour traffic, nothing is way over my head and the professor is awesome. He’s a really funny guy, and his students appreciate his humor and are respectful. It is a good atmosphere and I am enjoying it.

6. How cool is this? I can’t figure out how they can actually carve the inside of the roll but it was so neat (and photo-y) that I had to share it.

7. I also stumbled on this video, and it was so cute I had to share. Let’s see if I can have Tyler doing this in 5 months lol 🙂


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