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I Woke up early, but I’m a little later than usual getting these up!

Fri Feb 1

 photo DSC_0660.jpg
 photo DSC_0663--.jpg
 photo DSC_0673.jpg
 photo DSC_0696.jpg
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 photo DSC_0700---best.jpg

Spring scene out the window
Sharing the wonder of the Mass, The Greatest Miracle, with the kids
The baby’s fascination with the egg carton toy
my boys with the complete alphabet train all set up
a disco lamp
when I got lost driving, God leading me back to the way I know
Driving home, into the sun
streetlights against a sunset sky

 photo DSC_0704.jpg
A night out at the bowling alley
A run in with an old friend
A Speed bowling match with DH

Watching our 3 year old clean up through his sobs whatever he could find in the clean living room
How a little toy and a 2 minute you tube video made it all better

Sat Feb 2
Grace even in the storm (Grace in the storm – in that moment, there at the fridge etc – I still could trust, I still knew you had a plan and part of me could still trust, and I wasn’t alone. I didn’t reach for your hand, I couldn’t, but still you held me. )
mutual humility and partnership
Seeing real changes in my husband, fruits of my prayers
Permission to try homeschooling for a year

 photo DSC_0717.jpg
A night of women and fellowship
Being right there, part of the story – the moment when someone asked God into her life for the first time
Finding my new faith plaque hung up by the kids bed
Opening my mass readings booklet to discover the feast that falls on this special day – God showing off

Sun Feb 3
 photo DSC_0718daddy.jpg
 photo DSC_0719.jpg

An awakening deep in my heart; Realizing deep down after all these years I still want and need a Daddy
-Awe at DH’s words – ‘the long arm of the Lord’ -God who is this man and what have you done with my husband!!?

 photo DSC_0728.jpg
 photo DSC_0726-.jpg
 photo DSC_0725.jpg
 photo DSC_0731.jpg
 photo DSC_0737.jpg
 photo DSC_0739.jpg

 photo DSC_0740.jpg
 photo DSC_0747----------b-.jpg

-my little look alike angel wearing my mom’s glasses
-an indian feast for brunch
Fluffy flakes falling soft into mom’s back yard
One boy holding the other’s hand, to help him feel better while his foot hurts
snow covered trees at the entrance to our park
A glimpse of the astonishing: magestic beauty – a great owl sitting in the tree just up from our house

 photo DSC_0755-.jpg
 photo DSC_0769.jpg
 photo DSC_0771-.jpg
 photo DSC_0714--.jpg

The imprint from the outdoor plug in the snow
Snow peaks lit by the colored railing lights
Finally seeing our house all lit with Christmas lights and candles in the windows
my new faith plaque hung up on the nail over the kids bed

Mon Feb 4
 photo DSC_0842.jpg
 photo DSC_0778.jpg

 photo DSC_0783.jpg
 photo DSC_0790.jpg
 photo DSC_0799.jpg
 photo DSC_0802.jpg
 photo DSC_0811.jpg

Snow spattered on the fence
-your grace, providence – continuing to bring order out of our clutter
Little boys watching over their brother’s shoulder as he practiced writing
Your grace to call me to rest; to go have fun with my family in the snow
the baby with sock mitts
shovel sled
Fortified dome of snow (fort)
My oldest helping his baby brother make the sign of the cross

Tues Feb 5

 photo DSC_0829-best.jpg
 photo DSC_0831-.jpg
 photo DSC_0836.jpg
 photo DSC_0928.jpg
Possibly finding a way to finally motivate the boys to clean up quickly in the morning
A window of white
Cut and paste with the kids
2 dinosaurs on boats

our snow fort (J)
My star wars shirt (T)
My best friend encouraging me and holding me accountable

-the God-given ability to multitask – with DH’s help cooking, prepping dinner, movie night and confession, and truly being able to give sufficient attention to each

 photo DSC_1029--.jpg
 photo DSC_0851.jpg
 photo DSC_0870.jpg
 photo DSC_0882-looksminiature.jpg
 photo DSC_0884-.jpg
 photo DSC_0888----.jpg
 photo DSC_0893.jpg
 photo DSC_0896-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0909.jpg
 photo DSC_0914.jpg
 photo DSC_0924-.jpg

A table fit for medieval heroes
Shiny metal cups
Homemade quesedillas -Delicious and easy
Tortillas with chicken and cheese on a plate speared with a sword
The taste of brass and rich creamy chocolate milk
a hearty ‘CHEERS’

-that my drive to church is uneventful
Sudden warmth in my cold hands during group rosary before the tabernacle
Single tear – at your passion – because there was no other way (for us to be with Him) ( ‘ someone has to die, you or me’) and He loved us that much, so as to go that far to be with us! Accept His love.

-the availability of weeknight confession
–that through God’s providence in timing, I went past the accident before the officers arrived – and thus was not caught in the line of traffic and made late
– an inspiration of the Holy Spirit, a simple way to pray daily for my kids: 3 hail mary’s for faith hope and love, one for each child.
puss in boots dancing to the end credits
shadows silhouette on top of the cabinet door
the red angel lit by the archway lights
a frost flower on my kitchen window

Wed Feb 6
 photo DSC_0926.jpg
 photo DSC_0927.jpg
 photo DSC_0931.jpg
 photo DSC_0939.jpg

Frost flower by day
a pattern of tiny droplets of water frozen on the front door glass
Love gifts – Marriage wisdom from Ann
Watching my oldest create the car of his dreams on the doodle card, complete with fast wheels and flames out the back

 photo DSC_0944.jpg
 photo DSC_0947.jpg
 photo DSC_0949.jpg

God’s orchestration – plans – joing CCO for mass and the Q and A with the theologian
A parking space close by
49 min on the meter
Promise of a powerful weekend with God – an upcoming retreat entirely on evangelization!
Theological discussion
Catching up with an old school friend and her family after about 13 years (over a decade later)
Theological thoughts continuing to churn around in my brain
Watching the world go by with a theological mindset – seeing every person in a new light
People watching through God’s eyes – seeing each one and their relationship to God, seeing them as God sees them – a soul/person with hopes and dreams and wonderful talents to make the world a better place.
The surprise arrival of a friend at the food court

 photo DSC_0950.jpg

 photo DSC_0960.jpg

baby sitting and bouncing on the step
her little baby gumming the pop bottle lid
a home win and a shootout
A whole world of fluffy flakes falling quiet outside the parkade

Thurs Feb 7
 photo DSC_0963.jpg
Finding everything I was looking for for valentine’s day
– finding baby’s socks put away in his drawer (wrong drawer but still so cute)

Finally sharing my wonderful news
Your faithfulness

TY God for making farmers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMpZ0TGjbWE

Being part of a real-world example of the power of the HS in our lives
everything falling into place, a simple formula for holiness and walking in the spirit: Choose and ask.
delicious muffins


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1. Go Canada Go! What a goal! And Canada actually did own the podium. Though in the beginning it seemed like the US was renting it, by the end we had not only won the most gold medals ever for a hosting country, but we had also won the most gold medals EVER for the Winter Olympics!


DH came with me to the hockey party Sunday afternoon. It got pretty tense when the US tied it up with about 30 seconds remaining, but somehow we pulled it off. It was truly a matter of national pride after they had already defeated us once in the round robin.

I had to smile at the modified http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85K6CypFY-s, aired after the game it said, “Now they know whose game they’re playing.”

Sometimes I’ve felt a bit like the Olympics was a major distraction and too much boasting is un-Catholic ( it’s nice to be on the winning side!) but a certain level of national unity is not a bad thing etc. I just found this article and it fit so I added this in.

Now that the Olympics are over I’m supposed to spend more time playing with my toddler and doing more productive things. Funny, I still seem to be able to get pretty sidetracked!

2. I have come to the realization that lately my blog has been turning into a journal, rather than a blog. The posts are somewhat less thought out and some of the details I’ve been posting are really not that important to the content and better left out. Part of the reason for this is it’s faster to type thoughts quickly without editing it a bit and part of it is the fact that I had stopped really using my journal most of the time, as I had records of what happened on the blog. However, it has cause a few problems along the way, so I’m going to try to work to keep journal talk off the blog and in its place.

3. This week my pretty shirt came. The color is a little darker than it looked on the computer but it is still decidedly purple and not black. It’s long enough at the bottom, and high enough at the top to make a difference in modesty. It is indeed specially crafted for nursing and I think in the long run it will make it a bit easier when I wear t-but there is a bit of a learning curve associated all the same, as I‘m used to a slightly different setup.

4. DFIL retired this week. He’d been talking about it since we moved in but he was waiting for a package. They came out with some in December and he applied and was approved. His last day was Friday and we had a big party for him and the other retirees on Thursday evening. His boss covered the entire tab for our table of 8. It’s going to be interesting for all of us having him around all the time, but I actually do think I already notice a change – he seems just the smallest bit more laid back and relaxed now, and I‘m hoping that will help improve things between us in the long run.

5. Thursday night was the Catholic Women’s night. I invited along my friend’s mom and she really enjoyed it. I’m pretty sure she got something out of the talk like I did, she seemed to enjoy being in company with like-minded people and I‘m sure it didn’t hurt that she got to do it all while holding her godson 😆 She made it clear to me afterwards that she definitely wanted to come again 🙂 It was also great to see my Godmother/friend who I hadn’t seen in a while, and to hear her personal story. The next women’s night is the week after Holy Week, and in keeping with the vocation theme someone is going to come in and talk about the religious life.

6. It seems my toddler is becoming quite the little flirt! On Thursday evening while we were waiting for things to begin we got onto the topic of my toddler when someone commented on how relaxed the baby was in a room full of women.

We have thought we noticed this tendency before at the beach when he seemed to have all the girls wrapped around his little finger but it seems he’s becoming more proactive. One of the girls told us when I bring him along he always walks up to one of the girls and stands there looking up and smiling at her until she smiles back. Then, he moves on to the next one.

Afterwards another girl joked about using the same technique as a grown woman to find a husband. The one who smiles back is the One.

7. CCO posted this link to their facebook page and I thought some of the facts were fascinating. It’s all about how Social Media is the new cultural revolution and what a big impact it has made, as well as how social media could impact our ministry as Catholics. Social Media is BIG and my blog does facilitate ministry, go Catholic blogs!

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1. Liturgy of the Hours
As you know since Lent began I’ve been trying to pray the Liturgy of the Hours. I’ve got it figured out now, I’m aiming to do 3 offices each day: Lauds and Vespers morning and evening, and the office of the readings during my toddler’s naptime. It’s kind of too bad that I can’t really do it all year round, because I find it a beautiful form of prayer. I like how the psalms relate to the time of day. I had never heard most of them before, I didn’t know stuff like that was in the bible etc! I even find myself relating to some things, despite the fact that they were originally written thousands of years ago.

Last Lent it got every morning off to a good start; I loved that quiet time sitting in my green living room. The book I got form my mom is only for the Lent and Easter season, and realistically I just don’t see myself giving up that much of my day year round, and then what would I do to increase prayer time during lent. Right now how things are is a good fit for me.

I also notice a big difference in my day to day life. I find I can be so much more patient! The periodic reminder helps keep God (and thus the virtues I’m trying to model) at the forefront of my thoughts.

2. Hockey
Ah hockey, a Canadian tradition. My family has never been that into sports (my brother watches football now but he’s alone in that) but somehow we still got into hockey. After my dad died my mom discovered the Mooseheads games and it was something we could all enjoy as a family so we attended regularly for several years.

These days I don’t watch it as much. I haven’t been as interested since the Mooseheads have had a couple bad seasons. However, anytime national pride is at stake I find it more interesting (and DH too). Hockey isn’t just a sport, it’s a religion. It’s in our blood. (this coke ad illustrates what hockey is to Canada pretty well). I tend to tune in to the World Championships and DH and I have been closely following the Canadian team at the Olympics. In the round robin we *gasp* lost to the US. It was very disheartening. We did outplay them but their goalie was on fire.

Wednesday night it was do or die against possibly our biggest rivals, Russia. I had not entirely lost faith but I was to the point where I just had to cross my fingers and hope for the best. But for this game the Canadians were an entirely new team. They scored early and often. They got that crucial first goal against Russia and from then on Russia could only play catch up. The way they were playing it looked like the scoring was overkill, they were soundly beating the Russians. I think the strategy was preventative. They came out early to squash any chances the Russians might have thought they had. I think if we hadn’t played that way, the Russians would have been an equal adversary, but when it played out it was no contest. Now it’s on to Slovakia, who apparently have a pretty good team also. Go, Canada Go!

3. Commercials
On the topic of the Olympics, in between the events I have also been enjoying the themed commercials. In one hardware commercial a tape measure goes across Canada from coast to coast, there is an adorable wonder bread commercial with child-sized Olympians, and in this series of commercials the cars have conversations.

Wonder bread: mini Olympians

Bell – The world is here don’t miss it

Molsen – Made From Canada

4. The swimsuit in the Sears catalog seems to have kicked off a bit of a clothing spree. I’ve ordered a shirt online and have my eye on a shirt in the Winners catalog.

I am tired of my v-necked shirts not adequately covering me in between nursings, they often get twisted to the side. It is not helping me to maintain modesty around the house (which is mixed company) and I’ve even caught it when I was out! It was time this stopped. I did an inventory and it seems I only have 2 shirts that will reliably cover me (the rest of my shirts have to big a neckline or are too short!) I can’t afford to buy 5 more, especially when they need to be somewhat specialized, but one more to the mix will help, and I don’t have to be quite as meticulous when he is at work (though he’s going to be retired soon).

So with this new necessity, I went peeking around on the internet. What I found is several websites with clothing designed moms. Here’s a few of the things that caught my eye:


The clothes are specially designed to be worn with a growing belly or while nursing but are still feminine and pretty. Lol, I’m starting to sound like Betty Beguiles! I found several things I would like to have: a couple different shirts, a really pretty dress and most of the things on this site.

Here is what I bought. It’s got the discreet second layer and clips for nursing.

5. I guess I will be funding all these important purchases with the money I’m making doing research studies. I’m taking it very seriously, signing up for all the ones I can. As my friend’s research assistant (helping her get participants for the study she has to run) I will also make a small profit, but that money is going into the household account. As for the studies themselves, unlike the computer science ones I did before these ones are actually work. My friend’s study was hard on the eyes and when I finished the audio visual/tactile study today my knee and wrists were sore from the position of my arms and the foot pedal.

6. There is a cool new show on TV called Undercover Boss. The president/CEO of big chain companies like 7-11 goes undercover as an entry-level worker in their own company. Not only do they get to see first hand what their employees have to deal with, but it also lets them discover new ways to improve their business for both their customers and their employees.

7. There is another Women’s night coming up next Thursday. I have invited T and my friend’s mom as well. I’m excited, I know the lady giving the talk, she’s my godmother! And I haven’t seen her in months so it will be nice to catch up.
I didn’t take this photo but would love to give kudos to whoever did. It was on the facebook page.

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The evening didn’t start very well. I was a little confused over whether there was a hockey party or not, but someone said she had been told she’d be welcome there and I would be too, so I decided I would go. DH had promised to come to the Gold Medal game Sunday, but was too tired to go this evening, even though there was a possibility that we might lose the game and not be in the game on Sunday for him to come to. The baby got hungry right as I was getting ready to leave. I had nipped upstairs to change my clothes and the baby was brought to me to feed him. I still had to use the bathroom but had to drop everything. By the time I got back downstairs I was running late and feeling a bit frazzled.

My relationship with the In-Laws has gotten much better since living with them, but every now and then we still clash. When my FIL disagrees with me on something, I always feel like the bad guy and tonight it was just too much for me, I lost my temper.

After that they could have said there was a tornado outside and it wouldn’t have mattered. I felt like I had to get out of there, NOW. I bundled up the baby while fighting back tears. DH was kind enough to come out to the hallway and offer some comfort, bless him. I went out to the car, put the baby in, turned the car on and, I couldn’t get the emergency brake down! DH always pulls it tight but I couldn’t get it to budge this time.

I’d had a few minutes to calm down and I wondered if maybe I should just give up and go back inside. It was snowing hard and I realized I didn’t NEED to go in town (but I would be spending the rest of the evening upstairs because I still needed a break from my in-laws). Maybe the brake was God’s way of telling me I should just stay home tonight. Jen’s When God Locks Doors came to mind. I climbed out of the car, got the baby out and was standing in the driveway trying to decide when DMIL appeared at the door and asked what was wrong. Rather than telling her what I was thinking I said simply that I couldn’t get the E-brake down. She said she’d come out and help and reappeared a minute later with her coat on. She was able to force it down so I guess all that was left was to leave. I didn’t want to try to explain that I’d changed my mind and though God had stuck the E-brake he had also sent DMIL to check on me so maybe I really was still meant to go.

So, I got back in the car and started driving. I felt awful though. I felt so confused, I didn’t know what I was doing, but I just kept driving because I felt I didn’t know what else to do. I was starting to regret yelling, I was still full of emotion and I couldn’t help but still wonder if I should have just stayed. Maybe I had passed up an opportunity to spend the evening with my husband, who had said he was tired enough he’d probably be content to lay in bed to watch the game instead of while playing computer downstairs. I nearly turned back several times but I didn’t know how I would explain myself if I did.

In the end I believe I made the right choice. The e-brake did cause me to think, but then God sent DMIL to let me know that He cared for me and still wanted me to go and enjoy myself. Once again I had the feeling of coming home after a hard day (There were delicious cookies with chocolate and butter scotch chips and lemonade.) We were only there to socialize and watch hockey, but these people see the world the way I do, and believe what I believe. There is such a comfort in that. I got to be with friends when I felt like I needed support, even though they didn’t know that. I had another good conversation, this time with someone new. Every time I’m there it doesn’t matter who I’m sitting with, we get to talking. These people are wonderful to be around and I truly feel accepted. Tonight we even discussed the Liturgy of the Hours, after shared my sense of accomplishment at having just squeezed Vespers into the 10 minute intermission (while she held the baby). She even agreed to let me borrow her Team Canada jersey, so now I actually have one to wear for Sunday’s game! And we won this time, against our biggest rivals. All these things I would have missed out on if I had stayed home and refused to let the Lord bless me.

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Today I went to Mass at St Mike’s instead of my usual parish. It’s a bit complicated, but the main reason I went there is because Mass was 30 min earlier so there would be just enough time to squeeze in lunch at mom’s before the hockey game at 2pm.

The priest there is an excellent speaker and he made some excellent points today so I bring you my interpretation/what I can remember from his homily:

First as a way of illustrating the important difference between what we think we need and what we actually do, he brought in a plastic barrel case. He said this is what they used to transport their gear on canoe trips. It didn’t matter if you dropped it, it even went through the rapids and came out the bottom: and the clothes and sleeping gear were all dry.

He explained that when you had all your gear (tent, sleeping bag, blankets, clothes etc) there was very little space to bring any personal items. Each person had about 6 inches of space. So event he personal stuff you brought was a trade off. He listed possible choices like a book, a camera and fishing gear – and said if you were lucky you could maybe gift 2 of the items in. He then went on to say that after about a week of getting adjusted to the different lifestyle, he started to wonder why he really thought he needed half of the stuff that he was lugging in and out of the canoe each day. Jesus spent 40 days in the desert without even food or water, and he was fine.

On the topic of the desert, he commented that people who have a religious conversion are always going to the desert. They don’t go to the mall, they don’t go watch curling, they go to the desert. What’s so great about it? What’s in the desert? Well, nothing. That’s the whole point. It’s a way of simplifying their life. When you strip away all the daily distractions you have a lot more time to really think about life etc, and what’s important. What’s left? : food, water, shelter, God. It’s the opposite of a resort, it’s a spiritual retreat.

This is what Lent is all about: Giving up something of this world, to focus more on the next. The most important question we ask is, “why are we here? aka what is our purpose here on earth?” The answer (at least from Sunday school) is this: to know, love and serve the Lord, in this life and the next.

The problem is there is so much stuff in this world that it’s easy to get distracted and forget about everything else. We have to remember that we are dust. We’re very nice dust, we’re creative dust, but when we’re honest we can’t escape the fact that we have a limited shelf-life. On Ash Wednesday we are reminded of this, ‘remember you are dust, and to dust you shall return.’ Still, it doesn’t take us long to forget.

On that note, when did anything less than a gold medal become a failure?!? (I think it has something to do with something called the ‘own the podium’ programme but I don’t know much about it). Just to be part of the Olympics is a huge accomplishment. We get so fixated on the Gold, that we lose sight of the treasure in heaven (and even the treasure in Vancouver).

We want the best, but God isn’t always to be found in ‘the best.’ When we experience God, it is usually subtle, a small new insight, a little moment of joy. We want to experience God on our terms. We want a big pivotal mind-blowing experience, complete with fireworks and shooting stars. “I’d love it if an angel appeared to me each morning with a list of things to do for the day.”

God doesn’t work that way, but that doesn’t mean He isn’t working. God is working in your life, right now. He is preparing you for eternal life. We get distracted by bright shiny things, but Jesus doesn’t.

Father also only eats bread and butter on Fridays for Lent. Someday that would be a really good thing for me to do, because I develop a need for something fancy any time I’m in charge of getting myself food and there’s no leftovers in the fridge, but bread and butter alone wouldn’t be fair to the baby so it won’t be this year.

It was interesting, almost ironic how I sat listening to Father preaching about distractions, from within the noisy crying room playroom. I spent most of the Mass distracted by having to keep an eye on my toddler, who kept running off there. Finally I decided he might as well say in there, I wasn’t going to be able to keep him out now he knew about it. Despite the speakers and a big window open to the rest of the church it was hard to pay attention and get much out of it. I tried my best to focus but it was difficult with kids playing all around me, and watching my toddler and other kids learning to share with each other. That appears to be the problem with crying rooms. It makes sense to have a place where parents can take unhappy babies out of earshot, and still hear the service. That’s all it should be! Why do we have to put toys in there too?

It was not my preferred experience. Our church doesn’t have a crying room. As a result sometimes you hear kids talking or whining in church, but the parents can still enjoy the service from the back of the church, and the kids don’t have any toys to play with, and instead learn to sit quietly and listen, an important skill they will have to use for more than just Sunday morning services.

It was also ironic hearing the Priest talking about too much ‘stuff’ in our lives, given my schedule for that day. Church 11-12, straight to my mom’s for a quick lunch, from there straight to the Moosheads game till 4:30. Then if it worked out I would run my mom home, and maybe let DH take his friend home, then back in town for 5 or 6, then possibly a party to watch the hockey game, if I found out there would be one (the slight difficulty being that if I didn’t go to the 6 o’clock thing I might not know if there would be a party for the game or not. )

I let the spirit guide me. The priest reminded me that sometimes it’s better to let go of some stuff. After all, Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, and so far my Sunday had been anything but restful. I decided after the game that I was just too tired and ready to call it a night. Although I would have liked to go to the gathering and hear the talk on Lent, I just couldn’t see myself lugging 2 kids to even one more place.

By the time I got home I was exhausted and let DH watch the kids while I had some down time on my pc (after all I’d had the kids all day and he’d spent the day playing video games with his friend). When I opened up my email I found out there was in fact a hockey party tonight. I knew I was tired, but I wanted to go anyway. I’d missed the last 2 gatherings as well as tonight’s due to car complications (except Valentine’s Day) and I missed the hockey game party the other night because dh was too tired and I ended up falling asleep after giving up and watching it at home. That’s part of WHY I wanted to go because in that kind of atmosphere it’s more exciting and I’m less likely to fall asleep and miss the rest of the game.

I got some gruff over it because I had said I was really tired etc – I was, but after actually taking a break from being constantly on the go I felt much better. I felt like I needed to unwind, and staying at home just didn’t feel like an option. Watching the game with a few friends is how I wanted to do it.

I’m glad I went. We lost to the US, but I had some good conversations so the night was not a waste. I even found out one of the girls is really into photography and I get to look at some of her stuff next time I’m in to CCO headquarters 🙂

Homily Continuation the Following Week:

One time a man got lost in the desert-it had to be a man because a woman wouldn’t get lost, she’d ask for directions. Anyway, the man is wandering through the desert dying of thirst. He comes to a little cabin with a water pump. So he tries out the pump, but nothing happens, a little air and a bit of dust comes out and that’s all. So he’s about to give up but instead he goes to check for anything in the cabin. Inside it’s pretty empty, but there is a brown water jar. Inside is some brownish water, it’s not very appetizing but it is some sort of liquid and the guy is absolutely parched. There is also a note that says there is enough water in this jar to prime the pump, but you have it use it all on the pump, if you drink some you won’t have enough. But if you prime the pump you will have plenty of water, enough to drink, wash your face, even splash in it if you want. Also, if you empty the jar please fill it up for the next person. So you have a choice to make, either drink the water o prime the pump. You can go for the instant gratification, or put in a bit of effort and greater pleasure in the end.

We live in a materialistic world, we’re all comparing water jars. Who has the biggest one or the purest water. Why do we suddenly need a thermal-powered, nuclear, battery operated water bottle?

Also: Discussing our showing at the Olympics and the ‘own the podium’ program etc: “We’re Canadians, we’re polite. Maybe we might borrow the podium if no one else wants to use it, but we’ll bring it right back we swear! ” AND “Since when did anything less than a Gold medal become a failure?”

Something to smile about and something to think about.

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Happy 3rd day of Lent everyone, I had an assignment I had put off just a little in favor of other things and I was finishing that up earlier today, so I’m a little later getting this Quick Takes post up. Photos etc to come later, my toddler has been down here for 5 minutes!


1. Like many of my friends I’ve been following the Olympics a little more closely this year as they are on home turf. I’ve always liked to pop in on them because it’s neat to watch, but it’s more exciting this year, and they’re all over the news. I saw the announcement of our first gold metal and a couple other athletes win a medal in their events. I usually seem to tune in to an event that we are leading…
I watched a bit of the skeleton last night (crazy!) but my favorite has to be the snowboard cross. Snowboarders go down a course with lots of jumps and drops, 4 at a time! It’s neat to watch as one starts their jump just after the boarder ahead of them… It’s reminds me of popcorn popping if that makes any sense.

(and as I go to the website to pick a photo I see we have another Gold Medal!!! :D)
Go Canada!

2. Last week DMIL was looking through the Sears catalog for some proper attire for their upcoming Caribbean cruise. As usually happens when she browses through catalogs or stores, I ended up buying a something that I didn’t realize I needed, in this case a swimsuit. That said, 1. After 2 kids I actually could really use a swimsuit that fits comfortably and covers me a little more than any of my two-pieces, 2. She said it’s not ridiculous to pay $75 for a good quality swimsuit and 3. It’s really pretty.

It came today and though I took a couple measurements to figure out my size it’s actually a little too tight (I thought size 8 would be too big, especially with the sizing chart). So, I guess I’ll call them tomorrow to get the next size up. I hope someday to have 2 more kids so it’s better if it has a little more room to grow into.

See? Pretty!

3. This week I finally got an email from WiTS (Women in Technology Society) proving that the society is still alive. The email was announcing a board game and chocolate night but at the bottom there was a postscript announcing that Barbie’s newest career was a computer engineer.The email said they weren’t sure what to think about it, but I think she’s kind of cute. I like the colors in her shirt and the fact that she has a pretty pink laptop. Of course it will be interesting to see what Barbie’s new career path will do for getting girls interested in computers.

Cute, no?

4. Since my friend gave me a good link, I’ve been signing up for lots of psyc research studies. They are paid, usually at least $10 for an hour of my time. The few times I’ve done the computer science ones it has been some simple task done at a computer in a very non-threatening environment. The psyc ones seem to be a little different. When did my friend’s study it wasn’t unpleasant, but the black and white hurt my eyes after a while, and doing trial after trial can be tiring. The study I participated in today took place in a pitch black room, and for one part I had little vibrating devices hooked up to my hands.It was a little out of the usual. Normally I would be a little uncomfortable with something like this, but the little part of me that was nervous put my trsut in God and of course I came out just fine 🙂

5. I’m wondering if the baby might be somewhat lactose intolerant. For the longest time he’s been having 1 dirty diaper every 4 or 5 days, but a few days ago I just stopped drinking milk and since then he’s had a dirty diaper every day. I suppose the next logical step would be to start drinking it again and see what happens, but I prefer a little poop each day, instead of massive blowouts that I can’t predict!

6. Some recent photos:

Our church is having a makeover. They’re taking the carpet up and restoring the original hard wood floor. It’s looking really good.

Another delicious Sunday brunch

My toddler really likes rice cakes, I haven’t had him turn one down yet.


My toddlers new rain boots for spring

7. On Tuesday after Mass they told us about World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid, Spain. When I first heard about World Youth Day I knew I wasn’t ready, or even all that interested, but that was before I even started going to church. Now I think I would really like to go, especially to this one. I would love LOVE to go to Spain! The kids will be a lot older then, 3 and 21 months, and hopefully better ages should I need a babysitter (other than Daddy). It is expensive but most people fund-raise a good portion. It sounds like the trip of a lifetime, a 15 day retreat! And the CCO program also includes a few days of visiting with the locals, staying with host families and eating authentic food, oh, my heart soars just thinking about it.

I have no idea yet whether I’m being called to this or not but I am definitely interested! Obviously if it’s meant to happen then it will, but I can’t help being really excited by the prospect. I really want to go!

In honor of our Canadian athletes I have updated the banner. I really like the image, it’s from Hockey Canada’s Website.

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