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Fri Jul 19
– a much needed good night’s sleep
– an egg spaceship
– rosary on nanny’s couch
– all my guys big and small working on a puzzle

– money to do things for our house!
-droplets with blue on beige brown and droplets with brown on dark blue

– boy’s in their new makeshift hangout space in the basement
– finding the right spot for dishes, glasses and silverware
– a cross now standing high over my kitchen sink
– my oldest excitedly bringing me his plant

– a chorus of shouts of ‘yes!’ to God in the back seat
– an adventure of discovery
– Horton!
– giant lobsters and hippos swimming under water
-2 floating heads!
– kids multiplying in the mirror
– buckets and buckets of Lego
-Baby with the display headphones
– building and engineering session for mummy

– Finally learning the secret to Guacamole, soft avocados!
-fresh fish on ice, gifts from the sea
– free samples!
– Mexican fiesta for dinner, this time with guacamole!
-The bridge in the fog

Sat Jul 20
– our new green bathroom
– baby surrounded by dollar bills
– baby helping daddy w the bunk beds and green tape
– a very green room
– boy’s sitting on the front porch
– a lamp left in our hallway just like the one from Pixar
– this house has the cross doors!!

– a way of surrender for him not to be late
– mattresses in the basement, we’ll sleep our first night in this house, in the basement
– grace I didn’t expect, God brought him back to me one last time – for a sleeping bag

– The tremendous gift of my SUMite sister to lift Me, my husband up in prayer and encouragement…
– an airplane in the basement
-middle son sitting quiet and sad for timeout ( unlike his brother at that moment)

– looking up from our new back deck to see a clear feather cloud
– Surrendering to His plan, whatever the outcome, everything, laid down for The Lord and for my husband.
– trust in Him and Him alone

– clouds like doves in the sky
– a great feather quill scrawling clouds across the sky
– a GREAT dove with one huge wing, wrapped over me
-my middle son when I told him to look up at the clouds looking up, exclaiming, ‘wow, they look like feathers!

– meeting the neighbours, she was just delighted that we moved in there, with the littles
– a contractor who worked on our house come by to personally offer his services

– super bike boy
– 3 boys w a mattress in the basement of our new house!
-grace on grace tonight.. DH and the other work party
– bedtime story snuggles w baby
– bible readings, keeping vigil through the night
– middle son saying the psalm response while drifting off to sleep, eyes closed: ‘God’s love is everlasting’
– gospel- conspired against him, when aware of this he departed…
– the bright white light, shining down the street
– th for walking with DH, and for walking with me through my SUM sister and the clouds.

Sun Jul 21

– smiley baby in a very good mood after a good night’s sleep
– baby trying to play with his sleeping big brother
– middle son, holding super bunny by the ears
– cloud rays of hope coming from behind the neighbours’ house
– kids eating cereal at the tiny superhero house table
– superman saying his prayers to Jesus in my kitchen
– boy’s sitting together eating breakfast in the driveway
– doves overhead
– lemon topped English muffin
– family chalk session
– chalking out the beauty from the night before
– a dove for a friend
-Great sweeping dove-like clouds
– great hope and joy in HIM
– an open door to sunshine at the end of the hall
-boys running a business, behind a great desk

– discovering my beautiful crucifix is special, and old
– a great dove over the church parking lot

– a tough opening for tough love
– the HS to guide me when I felt completely lost
– Mumford and sons, loud music to get me through, and Jesus to hold me
– hope in my pain, this is part of something greater/bigger

– a place to come home to
– the big crucifix, still with me in my purse, God, still with me.
– my newest little nephew to brighten my day
– baby didn’t kick me, that was a feet high 5 on the cheek! Aww!
– savoury devilled eggs
– my little guy in the tiny baby seat
– my brother’s childhood friend all grown up, holding the baby
– fun w sookies!
– a tiny baby to cuddle during my hour of mercy prayer time
– a garden sanctuary
–story time w Anthony, a gift of laughter when I needed it most
– strawberry mouse and sunken dinosaurs
– little sleeping baby, all wrapped up

– Mass, again, a source of great comfort and strength
– the hard gift of resembling Jesus, who willingly entered into his Passion.
– a scribble page on which my son wrote his name
– The blue cross, still with me, mom able to open it up and show it off

– apology on my phone
– boy’s tucked in on a mattress in the basement, one at each end
– the perfect bedtime story for this night, I’ll love you forever
– middle son, in dreamland already
– clear guidance from the HS, ‘he descended into hell, on the third day he rose again’

Mon Jul 22

-Fan of feathers in the sky
– a great cross in the clouds
– the beauty of trust
– baby on the toddler scooter
– my oldest w a buddy playing in the splash pad

– songs on the radio that gave hope and voice to my soul
– a tangible sign of commitment and love, a trip to the hardware store for green painting tape
– juice packs and pitas, God’s provision, food to grab and go
– dropping Jesus off at home

– a moment so surreal, the kids and I walking into a hotel
– God’s extravagant provision
– boy’s jumping on the beds
– my oldest, looking out the window and shouting excitedly, we’re in Canada!!!
– my intentional life shirt, along for this soul journey

-authenticity- a broken soul at a hotel window
– the beauty of pure sacrificial love
– boy’s tearing down the hall in search of the pool
– the perfect, single depth kiddie pool for them to play in
-a moment beginning to teach my oldest to swim
– a vast open air patio
– baby with his doggie friend
– being blessed to the point where I forgot I was sad
– little toddler wrapped in towels
– a great angel in the clouds
– bright photographic scenes in the elevator
– my best friend there at the desk, paying for our room, and my oldest, hanging from it

– playground evening picnic from my childhood, my best friend, unknowingly planning and recreating a favorite childhood memory for me
– my oldest and I catching up our rosary on the picnic table
– raw testimony, walking through my own passion before my best friend

– the moon full and round outside our window
– my oldest asleep with his feet tucked behind his head
– reading the last few chapters of winning him- I need all the wisdom I can get..
– and what should I have tucked in my book, but a Christmas card of the 3 boys and a photo of hubby, still there from when I brought them to share in Texas!
– how God prepares us ahead of time, to walk through all storms that we will face…
-words of hope from a friend, it’s all going to be okay.

Tues Jul 23

– awake and unable to sleep, time to pray and just to be alone with God
– bible intros, God’s love story
– words leaping of the pages of scripture, a message, for HIM.
– time alone, to grieve and pray in the quiet of night
– a blanket to wrap up in, Your arms around me
– all my prayer stuff spread on the windowsill before me like an altar of my love

– sunrise over the city
– a weathered feather scrawling in the sky
– Mary sweetness

– morning brother snuggles
– 3 boys looking out the window
– the perfect place to go
– complete abandonment to God, right by the main city roundabout
-all of us taking in the view from the 15th floor- people like ants and cars like dinkies

– little girl baby come to visit
– mommy and baby, both so beautiful
– little baby and my best friend joining us in the pool
– baby girl splashing
– no pool toys, no problem, we’ll use our croc shoes!
– croc shoes riding on flutter board boats
– indoor pool oasis
– the panels in the studio window framed a perfect cross

– praying by the ocean in the driving rain
– the final drive in
– spotting him a ways off, and running to him with open arms
– being ‘home’ again
– reaching out to show him love
– a shed that can be built in a day
– hardware samplers, shingles and tiny stone blocks
– Quiznos!
– boy’s eating subs in the back seat,
– holding hands

– time to really talk
– finding out the truth; that he wanted nothing to do with temptation because he loves ME.
-walking through it all with DH, on the way to healing
– forgiveness, reconciliation followed by an unexpected surprise
– amazing grace, God has used this to transform our marriage, we’ve never been more in love
– sharing with him how God was behind it all, and that none of this would have happened if I hadn’t been following God’s directions!
– wonder and awe at how God chose to bless my husband, and in a way he really could not ignore God’s role in it.

Wed Jul 24

-Grace upon grace- this time for BOTH of us!! What a resurrection!
– green and pink bathroom
– pikachu suspended from the swiffer
– morning prayer together w Jesus on the back deck
– harmony of alleluias
– baby reverently kneeling down before Jesus in the monstrance
-praising my heart out to the kid cd!
– my FIL calling to me excitedly the second I came in the door, and our old appliances free for the taking on kijiji 😉
– superman perched way up in the back of the seat

– a long chat with my heArt sister from church about everything God has been doing in our lives!
– the two of us, on our knees praying the divine mercy together in our living room!

– God’s NOT DEAD!!!
– an abundance of socks all matched up
– middle son tucked up in my bed
– the desks we were promised, still available now that I finally reached the lady who has them
-‘ Jesus just called you’ – DH. Good, because I couldn’t find him anywhere ( my phone)

Thurs Jul 25

-“as you listen to the birds”, JC opening as the birds were singing around me, God moment!
-my oldest counting to 300 to mark 5 min… ( made it to 112 slowly…)
– a strange creature emerged from the depths of our basement
– an article in flourish on woman, the glory of man

– 3 o’clock praise and worship before the blue cross
-A soul at my front door, during the hour of mercy. Instead of singing and praying this day I had put on music.
Right as I signed the papers, the words, ‘what can wash away my sin, nothing but the blood of Jesus!!!’ were echoing out of our home!

– hubby bracing the door open for groceries, letting my music be heard in the front yard 😉

– a big puddle in our driveway
– the kitchen garbage from right out of my thoughts- when we were looking at the house I had a vision of garbage and recycling bins side by side. Little did I know at the time that they could be found in the same container!!!
– starter prayer shelf in the kitchen cupboard

– sharing the blessing of our new house w my friend’s parents, and a little of how God was behind it all
– guacamole on my own, w cilantro, garlic and more lime mine was even better!
– boy’s saying bedtime prayers in our Mary blue living room to Jesus on the blue cross, on the mantle


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I am the Light of the world. Men crawl through their lives cursing the darkness, but all the while I am shining brightly. I desire each of My followers to be a Light-bearer. The Holy Spirit who lives in you can shine from your face, making Me visible to people around you. Ask My Spirit to live through you, as you wind your way through this day. Hold My hand in joyful trust, for I never leave your side. The Light of My Presence is shining upon you. Brighten up the world by reflecting who I am.

Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young

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Fri May 17
Quiet and being much more on schedule! (Baby sleep)

Scissor tree
Cut and paste lesson, and getting through 2 pages of the workbook!

Cd tray drink holder

Baby’s little worship hands

-New Grace to change-Consoling P 309 ‘sinners have taken everything from me, but that is all right; I have given everything away for their sake that they might know that You are good and merciful.’
-A deep stir, a moving and a shaking, these words I’m reflecting on are earth-shaking huge for our marriage and my role in God’s plan for him… (Sum, 3days, be ready, listen for His voice)

-straw bracelet
a phone call with a friend, at last

Sat May 18
Ty for bringing this community together (moving…)
Cold baby feet come to snuggle
A bed full of laughter/giggles
My appetite finally returning
A fancy weekend family breakfast

Our First real family rosary meditations

Middle son struggling to open the door for daddy because his hands were covered in lotion

Watching Baby push a chair over to the kitchen counter and then proudly climb up on it

Kids singing hosanna

Hearts to represent the spirit of God’s love
Fire Tongue in the back, that hovers over a head bowed in prayer
How the paper flame shine so bright when the light hit just right (+metaphor)

-Pretty -sprout flower
-mummy’s littlest helper (on a chair) in the kitchen

Hope clouds
Christ the King praie and worship sign on the car parked next to ours

Sun May 19 – Pentecost
-New Pentecost in the back yard
-my little crucifix on my windowsill, the Easter ribbon completely undone; mercy overflowing, spilling grace

– croissant empty tomb
-praying our trusty agent into the prayer jar

– 2 boys in the car for church w Pentecost hats

The altar and sacristy covered (overshadowed) in deep red fire of God’s love

A sea of red among the congregation for Pentecost

Asian sesame stir fry
Spinach salad with creamy dill dressing

Little boys using chopsticks
An red onion ring bracelet

-Singing my love for The Lord while He sings all around, hand in hand
-New boldness to continue singing praises to Him when the neighbours were out
-baby’s head laying in my lap for comfort, a pillow pure white as he got changed

Mon May 20
Superman wresting showdown on the bed
Spider baby- again

My oldest putting a sticker on his chart

Working on the computer, with God’s blessing, and how much I was able to get caught up!
2 old posts, complete with pictures!

-Middle son, sound asleep in the back seat in Jammie’s and boots.
-Driving through the rain into light and hope
– my best friend’s house at last
-great big pictures of art
-Fresh herbs on the window sill
– mushroom soup from a can bursting w flavour (she’s a great cook)
-chicken and basil pesto panini
– a supper my 3 year old ate up
-Her baby covered in cereal
-dessert bowls of fruit with whipped cream and chocolate
-middle son, grinning from war to ear w his dessert

– jungle bedroom, sea bathroom sunny yellow kitchen, she decorates just like me! But she’s really good at it!
-the first house that really looked a possibility, and it had detail after detail of what I wanted…
Sharing Baby girl’s first step together
Watching baby cling to mummy as she vacuumed
-seeing how my best friend and her man have made a lovely home, together
-and how she is just flourishing

– a walk in the garden
-tulips showered with raindrops
-the paper she thrust in my hand, directions for an 8 min prayer walk she felt compelled to give me
-the rainbow glow of the store signs and the reflection
-new buds and leaves lit by streetlights
– google’s confusing directions, leading to the church
-a little prayer garden across the st
-Streetlights through the mist
-A great tree completely lit from behind in the mist
-being snuggled close on the chilly walk back
-Store lights reflected in wet pavement

-The happiest little boy, snuggled in blankets on the computer chair surrounded by transformers and watching the show on the laptop

-chatting with her at her kitchen table over late night coffee
– baby with the butterfly

-new shoes
– my best friend and her little girl, waving in the light of the doorway

-Driving through Patch after patch of heavy mist and headlights
Laughter crinkle in Jesus’ eyes

Tues May 21
Insight from the focus parenting magazine, and from a friend

Frustration, that is moving me to action, to seek out a solution

Wed May 22
-Kids reading books in a row in chairs on the couch

-Forgiven beloved art

-The song for my heart – Carry me

Baby tickling brother’s bare tummy
Daddy and baby’s slap high 5 game

-Fellowship, community and love in a circle of women
-A new and deeper unity, all of us holding hands in prayer

-Being Called hon and sweetheart at store and hearing these words of love from God Himself

Thurs May 23
JC: It’s a treasure hunt, look for God!!
Little robin hopping along on the grass

Story time lessons on God’s ways and rules and purity and challenging ourselves all to do better
Our paper hands all together

Singing praise music karaoke with the neighbour

Boys in the peekaboo window

The neighbour joining in, all of us dancing to rise rise up

-Gold mine- a broadcast on specific parenting techniques for the strong willed child

-A peaceful evening (no power struggles!)

-Indian pancakes

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Fri Apr 5 – Texas Day 4

 photo a.jpg
 photo b.jpg
 photo IMG_2222-.jpg photo IMG_2286.jpg
 photo bc.jpg

Blue skies and sunshine
The shadow from a crucifix
Watching their 2 year old caring for a 2 month old baby
Watching my little guy lay his head down to look at the baby
House full of babies 🙂
Funky bottle rack
My ‘Baby’ snuggled in the doll playpen

Summer in April
Wearing my summer dress without leggings!!!
A catholic book on temperament
Playtime w girl toys
Ham sandwiches and chips

 photo bcc.jpg
 photo bccccccc.jpg
 photo bccc.jpg
 photo bcc-.jpg
 photo bcccc1.jpg
 photo bcccc2.jpg
 photo bccccc.jpg
 photo bccccccccccc.jpg
 photo c.jpg

A beautiful sunny afternoon in the back yard
Baby in his US shirt
Circles of light like coins shining on the deck
Watching baby run free w glee from one activity to another
Peekaboo in the playhouse windows
Boots by the front door
Spying baby through the open window washing dishes at his kitchen sink
Baby talking to me on the air phone
Star leaves
Real Palm trees just over the fence
Real geckos on the fence
Jumping on a trampoline again, even if only for 5 minutes

 photo IMG_2383.jpg
 photo 8b9b33fca61411e2b28822000a9f1468_7.jpg
 photo cc.jpg
 photo ccc.jpg
 photo cccc1.jpg

Baby bananas
Hydro car – one of the Cars cars that drives on water
An army of power towers
Storefront signs in different fonts but all in white
A lot full of outdoor play centers w rainbow roofs
Ramps like something out of the Jetsons, over under around and through
Looking back to see baby had opened the car toy package
A line of excavators, yellow, red and blue
Learning all sorts of interesting things about Texas on the drive over to the conference
A Texas specialty, dinner at Whataburger
Baby playing w all the plastic order number markers
BBQ chicken strip sandwich on Texas toast mmmmmm
My little Texas adventurer w BBQ sauce on his face

 photo DSC_0898.jpg
 photo cccc2.jpg
 photo 4d597e96a62811e2a07e22000a1f9a28_73.jpg
 photo cccc3.jpg
 photo 05d0c518a62b11e2896422000a1fb003_7.jpg
Christ the King at last
Walking in and Seeing Lynn and Dineen for the first time
Stacks of flourish magazines
Heart stickers to distinguish the SUMites
Welcome and a prayer
Lynn coming over to find me
Meeting other SUM members
Lynn and I chatting like old friends
My celebrity, my heart sister, carrying my bags out to the car!
Driving through some of the city center lit up at night
Praying through my penance before an almost lifesized painting of the divine mercy image

Sat Apr 6 – Texas Day 5 – Intentional Life Conference!

 photo d1.jpg
 photo d2.jpg

Starting my day off the right way this time, by Giving all the control back to God
Stepping out into a summer morning
Birds singing and that fresh early morning smell
Baby walking free in the (quiet) street
Driving out w fresh perspective and trust in God and wild hope for the day ahead

 photo d3.jpg
 photo IMG_4362-.jpg
 photo d4.jpg
 photo DSC_0804.jpg
 photo d5.jpg
 photo DSC_0774.jpg
 photo DSC_0788.jpg
 photo DSC_0814.jpg
 photo DSC_0840--.jpg

Intentional Life!

Custom notebooks!
The altar, palm trees, and crowns of Christ lit up with golden morning sun in the sanctuary
-Power like light from the cross
with my Eyes closed it’s a crucifix
Baby w only 1 shoe
Listening to Lynn LIVE!
some great iPhone captures
Dineen, on a God centred marriage and the basics of Trust
A Secluded room with speakers to listen to the talks while baby ran free
A Daycare room when baby just got too chatty
Hope and FREEDOM like I have never known

 photo DSC_0889.jpg
 photo DSC_0862.jpg
 photo DSC_0873.jpg
 photo DSC_0858.jpg

 photo DSC_0887.jpg
 photo DSC_0884.jpg

The guy who I’ve been staying with and who’s car I left the carseat in when he dropped me off in the morning, right there in the parking lot w/o being asked, the minute I realized I needed him… (Carseat)
A holy water font with still water, black tile and an unique and decorative cross
Beautiful stained glass; the trinity of Love
Jesus on the crucifix a silhouette in front of the trinity stained glass, this is God!
Stepping into the chapel and His very presence, even if just for a moment.
Statues in behind the altar (sacristy?)
The leaf from last night still following me
Baby falling asleep so I could prepare for confession
Jesus; God’s gift of mercy
A beautiful painting of Jesus calling to us in the divine mercy
A gift for mummy – a flower petal from my toddler

 photo DSC_0905.jpg
 photo DSC_0908.jpg
 photo DSC_0914.jpg

Special celebration dinner
Purple and glass centrepiece
Southern hospitality: a bag full of meals for the trip home
1 on 1 time to chat w Lynn
God granting my every desire for this day and more, as I surrendered it entirely to Him

A chance to really put my trust in God – no passport, seriously?
Practically applying what I have been learning to adjust my attitude and go with it
The caretaker of the catholic church driving up there to search for my missing passport after midnight when I called him
Time and spirit to write the letter

Sun Apr 7 – Texas Day 6 – Trip Home

 photo e.jpg
 photo ee.jpg
 photo eee.jpg

Airplane taxing driving on on the bridge overhead of us
Curb side baggage check in
Bypass security line
A ride to the gate- hop on
Golden sun lighting up the wing
Apple juice for the road
A new calling to contribute to the online community in a bigger way
Baby curled up on the seat after i put him down, determined to keep sleeping even though our flight was over and everyone was off the plane

 photo eeeee.jpg
 photo eeeeeee.jpg
 photo eeeeeeeee.jpg
 photo eeeeeeeeee.jpg
 photo eeeeeeeeeee.jpg
Looking in the mirror – I am a changed woman!
Sky train to our terminal
A great big window to watch the planes
Baby climbing the stairs
Wifi !!
frozen water molecules on the airplane window
Clouds like scoops of ice cream
Pillars of fluffy clouds right outside my window
Despite feeling incredibly nauseous during a rough landing, not actually being sick .

 photo eeeeeeeeeeeee.jpg
 photo eeeeeeeeeeeeeee.jpg
 photo f.jpg

-That bungee cord that made lugging everything plus the baby possible
-The kind man who made sure I was looked after, to get where I needed to be, plus getting something to eat and a coffee…

-My first divine appt- we could help each other out 🙂 The brand new mobility assistant who not only drove baby and our stuff around but watched pour things when I had to change him and dropped everything to help me find a way to get something printed- which should have been straight forward once we found the machine, but really wasn’t!
-Smoothie and iced coffee so refreshing
-Breaking through the clouds bursting into golden sunset/light
-Spying the city lights, Home sweet home, home sweet hubby!!!

-Holding hands w my man again
-Aw, Thank You Lord that You sent dmil to clean my house while I was gone. You didn’t have to do that…

Mon Apr 8

 photo f-.jpg

Both of us Sleeping in till 10:30
Little hand and wrist and forearm resting in slumber
One of my prayer cards, on display on my stove shelf
A miracle, The Lord has freed me from the heavy iron chains of negativity and the need for control.
Jesus arms wide open to me in welcome on my windowsill
Realizing I can actually see my bedroom floor!
Divine inspiration, to finally change a long-time bad habit
Jesus with my toothbrush

 photo ff.jpg
 photo fff.jpg
 photo ffff.jpg
 photo fffff.jpg
 photo fffffff.jpg

My big boys, standing on the other side of the front door!
-I missed you Mommy! – Tyler
Baby reaching his arms to hug his big brothers
Brother reunion
3 boys playing cars in the hallway
Nothing like going away for a week to make your kids start listening to you again!
Sharing my Texas testimony with my boys
Noticing a profound change in my oldest
Finding out my son prayed for me while I was away! He prayed I would come back home safe.
(even after he’d stomped his feet a little when I said we were going to do the rosary) – afterwards he was pleasant, agreeable and praying form the heart he said and I noticed… He seemed so different I asked him if he met Jesus while I was away! … and he said yes. ! )
-breaking the bread and sharing blessing with my boys
-finn-mcmissile-races down the ramp
A proper master bed, now up off the floor and complete with a headboard and footboard!

Tues Apr 9
 photo g.jpg
 photo gg.jpg
 photo ggg2.jpg
 photo gggg.jpg

My oldest w his pope hat
Cars set up like a movie poster
Bungee cord Bridge
Our daily schedule, completed with pictures at last!
Styrofoam block tower
hubby went shopping, and brought home oj- for himself to drink

Wed Apr 10

A dime stuck to my leg when I got up
oj in the fridge, a small miracle
W god’s help getting everyone out the door in time for mass, and even having time to get juice for the kids!
that same sweet aroma for a moment when I walk into the chapel for adoration
kids praying good morning prayers before blessed sacrament
Sharing about my trip w church friends
Coffee and cake after mass

 photo ggggg1.jpg
 photo ggggg2.jpg

The kids w the church pamphlets spread out eagerly looking through them
Holy giggles-Don’t eat Jesus, unless it’s at Holy Communion!
Just having fun w my boys again!
Baby sitting in his brother’s lap

Thurs Apr 11

 photo h.jpg
 photo hh.jpg photo hhh.jpg
 photo IMG_3738.jpg

Baby noah: – pointed to the rosary page and said, ‘Je-susssss 🙂
Middle son, helping me pray people into the prayer jar
Our Father enthusiasm screaming the words!
My brother’s Lego great escape shirt
Baby trying to bless himself for the gospel
The boys arranging their snacks
3 kids around a plastic BBQ
The stains in my shirt that won’t come out, that remind me of deeper truths (sin)
The dust spilling like confetti from the fan blades..
Sonic free rider surfing in the living room

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Dec 23, 2011

42. Three kids in the back seat.

43. Holding hands with hubby, hearts united – as we head home with our newest baby for the first time.

44. Home, all lit with Christmas lights.

45. Snow orbs aglow with color

46. New baby, home in his swing.

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We’re staying with my in-laws over the holidays because DH’s sister will be coming back for a visit. As a result my day is a little out of whack and I forgot about Quick Takes until now. (and I also forgot to watch the 2nd episode of Minor Revisions 😦 )

Friday Dec 14

Little one laying beside me soundly sleeping
my 3 yr old cooperating for me to get a special photo of him when he says his prayers
running fast clearing obstacles in my house and feeling like I was flying
grace for the first time to immediately recognize and correct when I have wronged my children
watching at a distance (through the window) as my oldest asked for God’s help to behave better

Evergreen wreath and pomegranates deep red
tiny arils bursting with sweet juice
Marveling as the kids cleaned up their entire room in about 3 minutes all because I counted to 30
Extras hands making light work
Regaining order and cleanliness
All 3 of us together blessing a clean house

All three of the boys watching tv on the couch together
Hands to fold, a heart to care and lips to lift the hurting up to God in prayer
A bunker for the Holy family and their animals, to hide them from the bad soldiers
Thank You Lord that tragedies like that have not come near to us, that unlike so many mothers, I still have with me all 3 of the children that I birthed.
That all my children are healthy, only suffering injuries that can be made all better by a kiss from mummy
DH’s kindness and generosity towards a friend.

-the church turned into a theatre, an alternative to the media
-a deeply insightful movie that truly enriches my life for having watched it
-an empty chapel, Jesus there now, just for me
-being so near to the source of all love

The porch and yard lit up with coloured lights
Little one gazing up at me, great big eyes full round
Utter fascination and wonder at just one little element of God’s creation
A sleepy baby being very silly (falling over upside down etc on the couch)
Floppy joe – little baby walking with pjs too long
A new thing, something is changing, I can feel new grace in me, birthed out of the colds and my willingness to praise and stay close to God even in the suffering

Saturday Dec 15
A packed theatre full of excited kids
The boys waiting patiently for their first movie in theatres
A heartwarming Christmas classic
Stepping out again to a fluffy snowfall

finding the fireplace both DH and I liked – on sale (now just to wait for more to come in)

A crafty girls’ night
Flower angels
Fancy glass mugs
Creamy hot chocolate with marshmallows
A sweet assortment of Christmas cookies
spending that last part of my baby’s birthday with him and his godmother and friends.

Sunday Dec 16
A warm bowl of spicy chili full of flavor
green cabage leaf bowls
Creamy sweet chocolate pudding

Monday Dec 17
A fireplace flickering on my kitchen counter
One last google search and finally finding another adorable camera bag for a fraction of the price of the real leather ones.
Children singing arms raised in praise
All of us here together

Tuesday Dec 18
My oldest and the baby hiding under a table while my middle son takes their picture!
A piston cup race to Bethlehem – ‘We have to race to Bethlehem’
Boys watching as a truck tow the old trailer away
Watching them recreate the scene with a truck and a toy house
The sweetest words of faith – My oldest Tyler stomping around the livingroom, ‘I’m making footsteps so baby Jesus can find me.’
My soul/will waking up at last to cooperate with grace and finally get things done

Wednesday Dec 19
Surprise of Familiar faces at mass
My oldest’s hands together like an angel, in imitation of one of our friends at church a few rows back
Knowing I was right where I belonged at Mass this morning, despite the freezing rain and snow.
Baby staring intently at Jesus in the monstrance through the glass door
A quiet morning visit with friends
Warm tea and falling snow
Sparkly pinecones
The kids with blankets on their heads imitating the characters from the nativity story
Baby hugging the baby doll close
Baby Jesus peeking out of the pocket
Mary and joseph receiving baby Jesus from the advent calendar
Adorable confusion about the true Christmas story (7: And she gave birth to her first-born son and wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger because there was no room for them… ‘ in the upper room!’ – Tyler)
Baby jesus in the exersaucer

The boys heads glued to the Christmas tree at the end of their bed, faces of wonder lit by the tiny lights
My oldest telling a story to the baby as we both waited for him to fall asleep
a special box with our name on it
A deep brown wood mantle with the perfect curves
Our family photo finally in its place of honor
flickering ‘firelight’
DH and I seeing our vision for a new living room come to life



Thursday Dec 20


Snow cross out my window
My living room tidy and organized
Watching baby discovering his prayer shelf

Mary, joseph and the animals walking on a cross to jesus
My 3 yr old joseph with a towel on his head watching the Nativity movie
Re-enacting the nativity story


helping the kids decorate their own little tree
A quiet moment alone by the fireplace with Christmas hymns
Getting out the door for 2 weeks with EVERYTHING.
The sound of an old familiar voice, after a long absence

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Whoops, I’m little late getting up today. Not like I was up late watching Minor Revisions or anything…

Here’s my week of gifts, 7 quick takes = 7 days of the week :).

Fri Dec 7
Grace on the phone – my best friend giving the gift of faith back to me
My 3 yr old’s determination to have the new bottle of juice – to himself: ‘ it’s heafy, I haf to be vewy cahful’ bawwww

Sat Dec 8
Big kid tenderly holding daddy’s face nose to nose during the rosary
Nativity figures doing the conga while waiting for baby Jesus
Middle son and a mr potato head mustache, only a week too late
A nativity curtain call at the edge of the table
Big kid underneath the couch cushions while the world goes on around him
Baby’s joy at finding him there
Nativity figures on their look out posts
Twilight blue and the wet glow of headlights in the side mirror
Green and red reflections, on the pavement
A night out
Finally understanding why I have not been very good at shooting pool, and learning how to do better
laughter and Goofing around
2 more games at the end of the night since we had only gotten to play once

Sun Dec 9
Baby blueberry smiles
2 boys in a chair sharing a book
Sink plug suspended in time
My little penguin reading
Unity of mind — DH and I discovering we were both ready to change up the livingroom

Surprise blessings – that we are actually going to have a fireplace in the next few weeks, a blessing I hoped for someday, but never thought I’d have any time soon
God’s perfect timing, all of this happening just as my brother is moving to a bigger apartment
baby peeking out from his snowsuit, only his eyes visible
Jet trail beams radiating out from a cloud
The sweetest penguin, the silliest monkey and the cutest little turtle
-little stars singing into the mics
Irony on a sock

Family dinner by advent candelight
Going to help my brother move some furniture
Walking into a cozy living room with – an electric fireplace.
The fulfillment of a little personal whim, a loved one’s priceless reaction when he saw the red van instead of our car
DH sitting on the couch watching one of our praise videos on youtube
All 3 kids and I singing bedtime praises to God, arms and voices raised
The littlest one walking all around the room waving his hands and squeaking with delight
My littlest’s clear exclamation of recognition as he reached for the crucifix, ‘thas Jesus!’


Mon Dec 10
My big kid hair tousled still trying to sleep in
My oldest content to read for a while today, out of the book of his choosing
Assorted tiny letters spelling out words
A gift from my 3 yr old- a winter rosary decoration for my dishwasher
My oldest in the next room with his big heart, singing through his entire repertoire of songs to help his baby bother go to sleep
Being a pillow for someone you love, even when it’s horribly uncomfortable

Tues Dec 11

Raindrops twinkling in the sun like stars on the sunroom windows
My oldest fairly competently reading through several pages more of the more more more book.
Walrus baby
Little feet crossing the wood floor
Baby clapping two mismatched car shoes
Little one in peaceful slumber
A surprise extended chat with my mom on the phone
-a beautiful image of Mary, womb round with God
-encouragement in my spiritual walk
-a clean slate
Cloud patches in starry sky

Wed Dec 12
Morning sun on the wall in the ktichen
Confession and the grace I received last night, since I am too sick to go to mass today
DH staying home to help out
Today feeling crummy I’m thankful for the gift of faith, to provide both purpose and comfort in my suffering
A much needed morning nap
Prayer over the phone – the amazing things God is doing in my best friend’s life through our friendship
Thank you for opportunities to bring healing and wholeness to the lives of my friends
baby sleeping peacefully next to his sleeping brother’s feet

Thurs Dec 13
-waking up the first morning after being sick when you start to feel better
-my oldest leading rosary with his younger brother on the couch when my throat was too sore to read
-a card to bless others and practice mailing things
-thank you for new resolution and a symbol of that commitment
Real change, the grace to remember to stop and speak respectfully
Baby pointing excitedly at babies on my computer monitor
An entertaining and soul-nourishing reality show
Getting a glimpse into the life of a blogger I’ve been reading since I started being interested in faith
Seeing the complete picture too, complete with scorpions, conversion history, her life today and even a few surprises
Informative and interesting Christmas facts during commercials

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