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A story of grace and redemption brought to you by the Meisner’s Family Fun Time.

Once upon a time there was a pig who lived on a farm. One day he was playing video games w his friend duckie. Then mom said “lunch!” So they ate their vanilla mud pie and then they went out to play, in the woods.

They were playing Iron Man, when … All of a sudden the big bad Duckie came out of the woods. He grabbed the little Duckie by the feet and said, no dancing!
The little Duckie was very sad because he loved to dance! Then the big bad ducky grabbed the pig by the feet and said, “no playing video games!” The pig was sad because he loved video games. So he asked the big bad ducky, “why?”

“Because I don’t have a video game machine”, said big bad ducky sadly. Piggy said, then you can come and play with us!

So they all went back to the barn and played Smash Brothers! The End!


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Fri Aug 16

– happy little lightning bug holding a diaper

– beauty in the sky, God in the clouds overhead
– little lightning bug trapped in a car
– the power of sock monster
– singing cat chat songs softly to stop baby from crying till we were at the rest stop

– finally being able to delete photos to fix my phone

– rosary on the grass by Timmy’s, and two feathers!
– baby drinking from the empty beer can

– cozy evening by the fire
– one last visit w friends

Sat aug 17

– Blandford’s newest campground
– tiny feather on the picnic table
– baby playing w 4 different balls
– feather 🙂
– seeing the visitors off

– time to REST, while baby napped beside me, I caught up: type a day of gifts, read a day of Word Among Us..
– one on one time to hear from God

-butter pecan ice cream sweet like pineapple
– the coolest toy cell phone
– putting back the periwinkles
– stinky skuuunnnnk !!
– golden hills and wide open sky

Sun Aug 18

– a visit tot he neighbor’s yard
– heart happy-church w my whole family 🙂
– kids being little angels there
– all of us talking w other parishioners, part of the community

– feather!
– a teeny tiny white feather in the grass
-time alone to put together the cloud album
-clean counters

– a feather w blue tip
– baby hugging and kissing the Jesus statue, they’re the same height!!

– laundry and prophecy- cloud is moving
– a window visit to Derek’s apt and w his parents
– baby making the glory oh Lord cross on his lips before the gospel

Mon Aug 19

– God sent a kitty to delight all of us this morning 🙂
– 3 boys w books/materials around the school table
– I’m iron man, cause that’s how I am so irony!
– that Spyro came for a visit (t and j)
– and that I’m in my iron man shirt
– him w his little eyes closed in prayer for the psalm
– baby sound asleep clutching Mary

– God blessing me with a house full of sleeping children so that I had time to
pray along w my fasting
– a delicious meal
– out alone w God
– feathers!
– 4 special keys by the side of the road
– one last candy left, sweet like a vanilla cupcake
– Smurfs on Derek’s big tv

Tues Aug 20

– BBQ doodles
– tomato cucumber sandwich, mmmm
– being well on schedule for lunch etc, despite starting the day an hour late!
– now I’m making home cooked meals every night: the fun of getting to cook and try new delicious recipes

– kids declaring an apple party
-at last, a playroom layout that works!
-and a space for the play kitchen next to the real one
-at last, the red and blue matching school desks we were promised, delivered and in our house!

-baby with his own feather
-apple soccer
-the feather game, not 3 but FOUR – and how he would bat the light one with the big one and watch it float down
– the cutest little wooden aderondak chair by the side of the road
-An airplane grocery cart with FLAMES on it!

Wed Aug 21

– an encounter and an awesome opportunity
-little brothers holding hands walking up to the church
– being overcome before Jesus on the altar
– baby kneeling before the blessed sacrament
– a plethora of unopened toys to trade for smurfs
– smurfs!
-tiny ice cream cones w our happy meals!

– more treasures by the side of the road, knex, a nice blanket, a photo board and a kiddie pool!
– “hey party planner, plan my birthday!”

– sweetly broken at the foot of the cross, what He did for me
– a jet trail spanning the length of the open sky- My love for you, no beginning and no end

– my oldest took it upon himself and changed the toilet paper roll, and he put it the right way 😀
– 3 boys w a few centimetres of water
– someone took a drive all the way over to Jesus 🙂

– words of great wisdom as God continues to lead me through more of the Old Testament
– the best made up bedtime bible story ( condensed)

Thurs Aug 22

wisdom and realization regarding the negative impact of entitlement
– Dinos at the ready in my school cupboard

– baby w the flag for O Canada
– Dino activity pad w puzzles to solve
– the set of Dino books I bought last spring at the bookstore, I’m so glad I went ahead and picked them up 🙂
– Dino tail to guide my little reader through the words
– 3 boys all standing on the couch in anticipation of their Dino show

-thanks to letting go of expectations; though I am really tired, we are having a great day!
-scribbles all over my beautiful dining room cabinet: THANKFUL, that it’s pencil.
– easy leftovers and power for lunchtime
– chalk drawings of the trees

– cheese, a knife, construction paper strips and a straw: Making Babybel poke balls for movie night 🙂

– news on fb, PRAISE God! A Protestant speaker who has an amazing story and who has become very interested in Catholicism, is going to convert, AND become a PRIEST!! What a redemption!!
– diaper Cheerios

– prayer walk, my favourite time of the day, this time walking up the hill w You just makes me giddy w happiness!
– a feather dove!
– the clouds, Lord, you make me weak in the knees
– Pokemon movie night 🙂
– critters on a plate

– HARD grace. Hard to be grateful, but, every crucifixion means a resurrection.

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A beautiful blog post for us Mothers of little ones 🙂 Boy can I relate…

From MomHeart Online, http://www.momheart.org/2013/04/he-gently-leads-those-with-young/ , April 18, 2013 by Misty Krasawski

William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Rest

Being a mom can be exhausting. However bucolic this picture may be, it depicts a sad truth, I assure you–the child is the one sleeping, but it’s the mama who’s the tired-est!

Waking up means it’s time to make breakfast. Then we have to make sure chores get done, teeth get brushed, beds are made. Math to guide little ones through. Soccer games to play chauffer for. Groceries don’t magically appear in the cabinets (would someone please work on that??) and laundry doesn’t disappear from baskets. And so a mom works … from son up to son down, as I’ve read (and it’s the same for mamas of girls!)

But that’s just the practical “stuff.” Then there are the nebulous things that keep us aflutter … worries over a pregnancy, an infant’s delayed development, rising teenage angst. There’s the sleepless nights worrying over the young adult gone astray, the friendship that seems to sour too easily, the bills mounting on our desks. Add a bit of social pressure, a few ministry “opportunities,” and one more news report to worry over and the pile can crush a tender heart.

Do you ever feel like you’ve got to pile up some bricks of your own? Steel your heart against possible calamity? Toughen up so that friend can’t hurt you again? Stop expecting so much and start being more realistic? Ever want to just pile the blankets over your head and not face another day?

Me, too.

And God?? He knows.

The One who wept at His friend’s grave, even though He knew He would raise him from the dead moments later; the One who was “a Man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief,” He understands the pain of a sin-infested world. Came to live here in it, to breathe the air of it, to feel betrayal and disappointment and hunger and to lay down His life over it all.

And I am grateful He understands even the tenderness of a mom’s heart, and makes provision for us …

Like a shepherd He will tend His flock, in His arm He will gather the lambs and carry them in His bosom; He will gently lead the nursing ewes.” ~Isaiah 40:11

He gently leads you, mama. His intention is to carry you, to tend to you and your children.

If the worries are mounting and your strength is ebbing, look to your Shepherd. He will cause you to lie down in green pastures. He leads beside still waters and restores your soul (Psalm 23). He longs to be your strength and your shield, and if you trust in Him your heart will be helped (Psalm 28:7). If you wait on Him, your strength will be renewed and you will not faint (Isaiah 40:31).

Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 1:8 that at times in the ministry, he and his group were ”burdened excessively, beyond our strength, so that we despaired even of life.” So if you ever feel like that, mama? You’re in good company. What you’re walking through? It’s not because you’re doing something wrong. It’s because this is the broken place, and things are not as they were meant to be. Jesus assured us we would have tribulation … and heaven is not yet.

But it is coming.

And I heard a loud voice from the throne, saying, “Behold, the tabernacle of God is among men, and He will dwell among them, and they shall be His people, and God Himself will be among them, and He will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and there will no longer be any death; there will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain; the first things have passed away.” And He who sits on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” And He said, “Write, for these words are faithful and true.” Then He said to me, “It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give to the one who thirsts from the spring of the water of life without cost. ”He who overcomes will inherit these things, and I will be his God and he will be My son.” Revelation 21:4-7

Hangeth thou in there, sweet mama. Overcome by your faith. Rest in the Lord. And let Him gently lead.

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Dec 23, 2011

42. Three kids in the back seat.

43. Holding hands with hubby, hearts united – as we head home with our newest baby for the first time.

44. Home, all lit with Christmas lights.

45. Snow orbs aglow with color

46. New baby, home in his swing.

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(Jan 23 2013) Over a year ago I listed these gifts, and now I finally have the last photo I needed to share it.

Dec 23 2011

32. Snow falling behind window decals

33. My Christmas baby, sleeping by the tree

34. Flour patches stuck to the glass bowl.

35. Sweet buttery cookie dough licked off fingers

36. Fluffy white mittens and a dusting of white snowflakes against the cozy deep red backdrop of my favorite coat

37. Perfect falling snow and snow-covered evergreens, 2 days before Christmas

38. Festive front porch scene; red and green furnitire and falling snow

39. big white smiles; boys laughing in the snow

40. Playmates for my son

41. Arms full of love (sleeping kids)

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We’re staying with my in-laws over the holidays because DH’s sister will be coming back for a visit. As a result my day is a little out of whack and I forgot about Quick Takes until now. (and I also forgot to watch the 2nd episode of Minor Revisions 😦 )

Friday Dec 14

Little one laying beside me soundly sleeping
my 3 yr old cooperating for me to get a special photo of him when he says his prayers
running fast clearing obstacles in my house and feeling like I was flying
grace for the first time to immediately recognize and correct when I have wronged my children
watching at a distance (through the window) as my oldest asked for God’s help to behave better

Evergreen wreath and pomegranates deep red
tiny arils bursting with sweet juice
Marveling as the kids cleaned up their entire room in about 3 minutes all because I counted to 30
Extras hands making light work
Regaining order and cleanliness
All 3 of us together blessing a clean house

All three of the boys watching tv on the couch together
Hands to fold, a heart to care and lips to lift the hurting up to God in prayer
A bunker for the Holy family and their animals, to hide them from the bad soldiers
Thank You Lord that tragedies like that have not come near to us, that unlike so many mothers, I still have with me all 3 of the children that I birthed.
That all my children are healthy, only suffering injuries that can be made all better by a kiss from mummy
DH’s kindness and generosity towards a friend.

-the church turned into a theatre, an alternative to the media
-a deeply insightful movie that truly enriches my life for having watched it
-an empty chapel, Jesus there now, just for me
-being so near to the source of all love

The porch and yard lit up with coloured lights
Little one gazing up at me, great big eyes full round
Utter fascination and wonder at just one little element of God’s creation
A sleepy baby being very silly (falling over upside down etc on the couch)
Floppy joe – little baby walking with pjs too long
A new thing, something is changing, I can feel new grace in me, birthed out of the colds and my willingness to praise and stay close to God even in the suffering

Saturday Dec 15
A packed theatre full of excited kids
The boys waiting patiently for their first movie in theatres
A heartwarming Christmas classic
Stepping out again to a fluffy snowfall

finding the fireplace both DH and I liked – on sale (now just to wait for more to come in)

A crafty girls’ night
Flower angels
Fancy glass mugs
Creamy hot chocolate with marshmallows
A sweet assortment of Christmas cookies
spending that last part of my baby’s birthday with him and his godmother and friends.

Sunday Dec 16
A warm bowl of spicy chili full of flavor
green cabage leaf bowls
Creamy sweet chocolate pudding

Monday Dec 17
A fireplace flickering on my kitchen counter
One last google search and finally finding another adorable camera bag for a fraction of the price of the real leather ones.
Children singing arms raised in praise
All of us here together

Tuesday Dec 18
My oldest and the baby hiding under a table while my middle son takes their picture!
A piston cup race to Bethlehem – ‘We have to race to Bethlehem’
Boys watching as a truck tow the old trailer away
Watching them recreate the scene with a truck and a toy house
The sweetest words of faith – My oldest Tyler stomping around the livingroom, ‘I’m making footsteps so baby Jesus can find me.’
My soul/will waking up at last to cooperate with grace and finally get things done

Wednesday Dec 19
Surprise of Familiar faces at mass
My oldest’s hands together like an angel, in imitation of one of our friends at church a few rows back
Knowing I was right where I belonged at Mass this morning, despite the freezing rain and snow.
Baby staring intently at Jesus in the monstrance through the glass door
A quiet morning visit with friends
Warm tea and falling snow
Sparkly pinecones
The kids with blankets on their heads imitating the characters from the nativity story
Baby hugging the baby doll close
Baby Jesus peeking out of the pocket
Mary and joseph receiving baby Jesus from the advent calendar
Adorable confusion about the true Christmas story (7: And she gave birth to her first-born son and wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger because there was no room for them… ‘ in the upper room!’ – Tyler)
Baby jesus in the exersaucer

The boys heads glued to the Christmas tree at the end of their bed, faces of wonder lit by the tiny lights
My oldest telling a story to the baby as we both waited for him to fall asleep
a special box with our name on it
A deep brown wood mantle with the perfect curves
Our family photo finally in its place of honor
flickering ‘firelight’
DH and I seeing our vision for a new living room come to life



Thursday Dec 20


Snow cross out my window
My living room tidy and organized
Watching baby discovering his prayer shelf

Mary, joseph and the animals walking on a cross to jesus
My 3 yr old joseph with a towel on his head watching the Nativity movie
Re-enacting the nativity story


helping the kids decorate their own little tree
A quiet moment alone by the fireplace with Christmas hymns
Getting out the door for 2 weeks with EVERYTHING.
The sound of an old familiar voice, after a long absence

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Whoops, I’m little late getting up today. Not like I was up late watching Minor Revisions or anything…

Here’s my week of gifts, 7 quick takes = 7 days of the week :).

Fri Dec 7
Grace on the phone – my best friend giving the gift of faith back to me
My 3 yr old’s determination to have the new bottle of juice – to himself: ‘ it’s heafy, I haf to be vewy cahful’ bawwww

Sat Dec 8
Big kid tenderly holding daddy’s face nose to nose during the rosary
Nativity figures doing the conga while waiting for baby Jesus
Middle son and a mr potato head mustache, only a week too late
A nativity curtain call at the edge of the table
Big kid underneath the couch cushions while the world goes on around him
Baby’s joy at finding him there
Nativity figures on their look out posts
Twilight blue and the wet glow of headlights in the side mirror
Green and red reflections, on the pavement
A night out
Finally understanding why I have not been very good at shooting pool, and learning how to do better
laughter and Goofing around
2 more games at the end of the night since we had only gotten to play once

Sun Dec 9
Baby blueberry smiles
2 boys in a chair sharing a book
Sink plug suspended in time
My little penguin reading
Unity of mind — DH and I discovering we were both ready to change up the livingroom

Surprise blessings – that we are actually going to have a fireplace in the next few weeks, a blessing I hoped for someday, but never thought I’d have any time soon
God’s perfect timing, all of this happening just as my brother is moving to a bigger apartment
baby peeking out from his snowsuit, only his eyes visible
Jet trail beams radiating out from a cloud
The sweetest penguin, the silliest monkey and the cutest little turtle
-little stars singing into the mics
Irony on a sock

Family dinner by advent candelight
Going to help my brother move some furniture
Walking into a cozy living room with – an electric fireplace.
The fulfillment of a little personal whim, a loved one’s priceless reaction when he saw the red van instead of our car
DH sitting on the couch watching one of our praise videos on youtube
All 3 kids and I singing bedtime praises to God, arms and voices raised
The littlest one walking all around the room waving his hands and squeaking with delight
My littlest’s clear exclamation of recognition as he reached for the crucifix, ‘thas Jesus!’


Mon Dec 10
My big kid hair tousled still trying to sleep in
My oldest content to read for a while today, out of the book of his choosing
Assorted tiny letters spelling out words
A gift from my 3 yr old- a winter rosary decoration for my dishwasher
My oldest in the next room with his big heart, singing through his entire repertoire of songs to help his baby bother go to sleep
Being a pillow for someone you love, even when it’s horribly uncomfortable

Tues Dec 11

Raindrops twinkling in the sun like stars on the sunroom windows
My oldest fairly competently reading through several pages more of the more more more book.
Walrus baby
Little feet crossing the wood floor
Baby clapping two mismatched car shoes
Little one in peaceful slumber
A surprise extended chat with my mom on the phone
-a beautiful image of Mary, womb round with God
-encouragement in my spiritual walk
-a clean slate
Cloud patches in starry sky

Wed Dec 12
Morning sun on the wall in the ktichen
Confession and the grace I received last night, since I am too sick to go to mass today
DH staying home to help out
Today feeling crummy I’m thankful for the gift of faith, to provide both purpose and comfort in my suffering
A much needed morning nap
Prayer over the phone – the amazing things God is doing in my best friend’s life through our friendship
Thank you for opportunities to bring healing and wholeness to the lives of my friends
baby sleeping peacefully next to his sleeping brother’s feet

Thurs Dec 13
-waking up the first morning after being sick when you start to feel better
-my oldest leading rosary with his younger brother on the couch when my throat was too sore to read
-a card to bless others and practice mailing things
-thank you for new resolution and a symbol of that commitment
Real change, the grace to remember to stop and speak respectfully
Baby pointing excitedly at babies on my computer monitor
An entertaining and soul-nourishing reality show
Getting a glimpse into the life of a blogger I’ve been reading since I started being interested in faith
Seeing the complete picture too, complete with scorpions, conversion history, her life today and even a few surprises
Informative and interesting Christmas facts during commercials

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