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I Heard this message on the radio, and since I can’t find the audio online I am sharing my notes instead.


Living Truth – Charles Price

Philippians 4:6-7 ‘Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. 7 And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.’

Think of the boy with the bread and fish – he asked the disciple to bring him to Jesus.  For him, Jesus was ALL IMPORTANT so the vastness of the need and the scarcity of the supply became UNIMPORTANT. The disciples, they were the reverse, skeptical: the vastness of the need became ALL IMPORTANT, so Jesus was UNIMPORTANT.

So often we want to say, oh if only I was better spoken God could use me etc… It’s all about me, and my resources. Then the FATHER becomes unimportant! It’s just excuses!
Jesus didn’t depend on his own strengths and resources no, He was focused on His Father’s strength, His Father’s will and His Father’s resources.

Jesus would always pass the buck to the Father. It’s all God.

Thank you expresses appreciation for dependence on another person. We are called to live in dependence on Him.

You know Jesus never said please to his Father, not once. But he said thank you many many times. Please is the cry of a beggar, it’s filled with uncertainty. Thank you expresses confidence.

When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, He didn’t say, ‘please father do this for me’, no, He said, thank You Father that You hear me’

Jesus never said please to His Father, but he said thank you, all the time. Paul in all His letters, he never said please, but he was always saying thank you. And in the psalms, no one ever says please, but they say thank you again and again.

It’s confidence in God, it’s dependence on Him.

What happens when we don’t?

Romans 1:21 ‘for although they knew God they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking and their senseless minds were darkened.’

If we are not looking to God then our faith grows weak. Such people are professing belief but practicing atheism! (they are not relying on Him)

Our gratitude expresses two things: 1st, that we depend on Him, and 2ndly, that He is enough, because we can depend on someone and they can let us down…

Giving thanks to God means that we depend on Him and that we know He is SUFFICIENT for all our needs.


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Preliminary words on Perfection

What stood out to me

(The spiritual life) It actually consists in knowing the infinite greatness and goodness of God, together with a true sense of our weakness and tendency to evil, in loving God and hating ourselves, in humbling ourselves not only before Him, but for His sake, before all men, in renouncing entirely our own will in order to follow His. It consist, finally, in doing all of this solely for the glory of His Holy Name, for only one purpose—–to please Him, for only one motive—–that He should be loved and served by all His creatures.

Since, therefore, you seek the highest degree of perfection, you must wage continual warfare against yourself and employ your entire strength in demolishing each vicious inclination, however trivial. Consequently, in preparing for the combat you must summon up all your resolution and courage. No one shall be rewarded with a crown who has not fought courageously.


We’re ALL fallen and we NEED a Savior.

Without Him we have nothing.

Also, not just fallen short of the Glory of God but also short of the glory of man! (we don’t even treat each other very well a lot of the time).

I like to think that at least deep down I have a good pure heart etc, that I am thankful that I have a good will that responds to Him etc – but even that I can’t take credit for: I realize the only reason I am willing to choose the hard road etc, is because of who God is.

Also, it’s not going to get any easier…


Updated to add: It’s like something I heard on Focus on the Family: it’s impossible for us to truly love God, simply BECAUSE He loved us first:

Whoever’s the recipient of God’s love, the very fact that we’re recipients of God’s love is what makes us valuable. Once we realize what makes me valuable is the exact same thing that makes the worst sinner valuable, then we can no longer look down on anybody else. And I mean the worst sinner. Think of the most horrific acts ever been done by humans, brother humans … Even that person is a recipient of the agape love of God. Once we realize that, we are suddenly on an even playing field.

We tend to say, ‘oh, I love God ‘ John said that but Paul writes in a different way: He says, ‘Agape love is so pure, so compelling, it’s so unmotivated by what it sees in the person it sends it to – that you can’t love God.’ Because you’re loving God because you’re motivated to love God because you can get something pretty good out of it –we don’t have the capacity to fully express that agape love back to God, that’s the purity of His love for us, and it comes without any motivation on God’s part of what He can get out of us. That’s why He can love Hitler, as much as he loves Mother Theresa. That’s jolting, it’s hard for a human being to understand that, but that’s the nature of who God is. It doesn’t mean judgment doesn’t come for wrongdoing, but at the same time, the love that God has is for ALL his creative order, especially for the highest aspect, humans.

Once we realize what makes me valuable is not something I did, it’s something I am the passive recipient of – I was able to respond to it , praise God – but I didn’t determine that God was going to love me, then I cannot be as judgmental to those who are hostile to biblical values.

Thinking about when we see a good person, a fellow catholic etc, or even just a good person in society, where does that come from? God tells us that He is the source of ALL goodness. We’re not really seeing a good person, we’re seeing God in them, and the better they are, the more of God we see.


Update May 25:
Also, I think to actually start living the spiritual combat – fight even littlest inclination of my will, I need to first learn to recognize when my will has an inclination… When my will decides it wants to do something that is of it’s own volition and not God’s – I think I need to start verbalizing my thoughts… Not ‘I’m going to sit here at the pc for a minute but – I want to sit here for a minute. Then I can run it past what God might want…


If you want to read the book yourself the entire text is available online, just search for Spiritual Combat. This is the version I’ve been quoting from: http://www.catholictradition.org/Classics/combat.htm

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-1- Ooof, I feel so behind and then some. This week has flown by! I did finish putting the pictures into last week’s post, but I think there’s still a little more content I want to add..

-2- Oh boy, here we go! This is a busy weekend with Mother’s Day etc, but the biggest thing will be tomorrow. I’ve known it was coming for a while, but it’s hard to believe that it’s actually here! My little brother is getting married tomorrow. I have mixed feelings about it, namely because my brother, a solid Catholic since grade 4 and long before I joined the faith, is not getting married in the church.

That said, I like his fiance very much and I am hopeful that they will have a lifetime of memories together.

-3- Recent experience has prompted me to delve a bit more into spiritual warfare. One of the things that I found particularly helpful:

After you have made a decision that is pleasing to God, the devil may try to make you have second thoughts. Intensify your prayer time, meditation, and good deeds. For if satan’s temptations merely cause you to increase your efforts to grow in holiness, he’ll have an incentive to leave you alone. – St. Ignatius of Loyola

As a result I’ve decided to pray a daily rosary with my cd as well as everything else I’m already doing. I’ve put it right into my routine so it won’t get missed! 🙂 I am praying it WHILE tidying the kitchen and making breakfast, but I’m sure that that is better than not praying it at all.

Saying Grace– Lord thank you for all the blessings, You give us far too much! But, abundance is Your character, so we’ll gladly accept!

FOF – Improving your life through small changes – The Power of 1 thing – by Randy Carlson

Boy could I relate to this one. If you want to change your life, the basic idea is to do one right thing every day, until it becomes a habit:

“Every day we either face a problem, or have an opportunity to reach a goal. If you start there, you can start the process.

Think of the trinity: God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit. Isn’t it intriguing that God the Father speaks to our heart. The beginning of Wisdom is the fear of God. The Holy Spirit was sent as our comforter. Jesus came to show us how to live our lives. What I have experienced, when the fall occurred, when sin occurred, all that was shattered and this perfect balance of being able to think, feel and do got shattered. When you think a head person a heart person or a hand person, which are you? 85% I’m a head person. Do you miss the heart of your wife? YES!
God wired us to be a heart, as well as a head. We need to understand that we connect with people around who THEY are. The reason a husband and wife will miss each other, many times, you have a man who’s a planner, a strategist, married to a woman who’s sensitive and caring and has a heart, and the man may value thinking more than the emotions, and in the process completely miss the heart of his wife.

If you’re a thinking person as you described, how do you stop and hear your heart?
You have to think your feelings. We as men often lump everything into anger and frustration and control etc… For a thinker, the one thing we can do is stop and think, what am I REALLY feeling right now.

My ADD thinking is going to freeze me up, every procrastinator listening knows what that experience is like, we talk ourselves into a corner, and then we don’t act. If we can start, if we can break that inertia by doing the next one thing, that is the beginning of that intentional life.

I’m a head person, a thinker a planner, but head people sometimes don’t execute, we get so many good ideas, our minds run in so many directions that we freeze. So, I think, what one thing will I do today, that will bring pleasure to Christ? This allows me to get focused! Then, if I do that one thing today, my day has been successful.

Why is it so hard to change? We get into old patterns. we have patterns that develop over a lifetime we have certain ways of thinking.. and those thinking patterns affect how we respond emotionally. Then along with the patterns we have habits and they’re usually not so good habits. We are prone to falling into those old unhealthy patterns and Satan loves that. So, I pick one thing to do one thing spiritually every day. If I do that for a month, it becomes a habit. Now, I miss it if I don’t do it.

I think all of us have one area in all of our lives that if we were to say I can focus on that one thing it would make the biggest difference in my life. If we make just bump along in this life it’s very unintentional.

Procrastinators relate to this, people who have cluttered desks and minds and hearts understand they feel overwhelmed.. Practical example, cluttered desk, cluttered room, people freeze. Go in and clean one drawer. Feel encouraged that you cleaned that one drawer! – That one act allows youto feel more in control.

The power of one thing really comes down to people who are overwhelmed. People hear this topic and think this is really simplistic. But we’ve got a lot of people today who are actually stuck. They have procrastinated, they have problems that have not been resolved, they have goals that have not been reached for, they have emotions that are run away in their life. They’ve got a mess around them, and they need encouragement. And the power of one thing is really written as a book of encouragement, that you can intentionally do one thing today, no matter how small it may seem, that will get you tarted in the right direction. Does it solve all your problems? no. But if we begin the process, then we can eventually get to the goal.

And so the power of one thing is really not trying to say, ‘just do one thing’ our life is full of a lot of things, it’s not going to stop doing other things I need to do, but there may be one thing that’s got such a high payoff, such a big problem, that I’ve been putting off for so long, I better start doing that one thing: if I don’t start walking to take care of my health, if I don’t get out of debt, stop using my credit cards, if I don’t start speaking into the life of my teenager some words of encouragement, if I don’t step up and start being the parent and discipline my kids and hold them accountable, then down the road I’m going to have a nightmare on my hands, so the idea is let’s do ONE thing for the next 30 days to begin that process.”

2 inspiring truths: ‘Our past may be broken, but our future is His!’ ‘Grace runs downhill. It seems our lives are almost tilted towards failure so we can find God.’ – Focus on the Family Broadacast : God’s Loving Care for Single Moms

-4- The baby is rolling all over and even grabbing things now. He’s gotten VERY mobile despite not being able to crawl – yet. I live in fear of this child developing that skill. However, he’s not quite 5 months and already he can get into the crawl position and even the plank position for a push up! I expect he’s going to learn to sit up just by wiggling around on his tummy! One day he will get into a sitting position, and he’ll just be able to stay there!

He’s not even 5 months old!

-5- I remembered an important thing with nursing, that when I remember has helped baby to be more full. I knew it was important to keep my fluids up (which I’m bad at when I’m not nursing) but I forgot that you’re supposed to have a drink EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU NURSE. When I did this I found had a lot more milk. Now to work on the habit! 🙂

-6- This week we had a sort of princess party with our movie night. We’ll call it a prince party.

We watched Tangled and I made spaghetti for supper. I also set up a tower scene with a prince and princess and made crowns for us.


I think this is a rather princely expression 🙂 :

I also made cinnamon braids for dessert, yum!

The whole family watching the movie on the couch:

While googling food ideas I clicked on a picture of a cake and discovered this site with food and craft ideas for several kids movies: http://family.go.com/disney/disney-tangled-crafts-recipes-photo-gallery-pg/view-all/

-7- Tuesday is the big photo project to capture the world in a day. Once the weekend is over I’ll think more about it. If you want to learn more visit, http://www.aday.org/


From the website: Why Participate?
“Because you love photography. Because you have something to say. Because your life matters. Because the idea of doing something together worldwide is thrilling. Because you like the thought of saving a little something of yourself for generations to come. Because your take on daily life is part of a much bigger picture.”

Here’s another article: http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/327424/20120413/adayorg-day-world-photo-expressions-humankind.htm

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April 24

On Friday Focus on the Family had a special broadcast remembering Chuck Colson. The link can be found here: http://www.focusonthefamily.com/popups/media_player.aspx?MediaId={4DAE1E47-D541-47C5-A2A6-B75C3EA46273}.

I’ve been thinking more about pride since my walk in the woods and also how it relates to enaging the culture, but I was just scratching the surface. It was just what I needed to hear. Lord make me little.

Chuck: “Watergate, I was able to rationalize what I did because –I was able to think, well I’m doing it for the greater good of the country – looking back I realize you can do wrong without even realizing it, you can slide into it so easily.The Apostle Paul writes: ‘Why is it I know what is right but do what is wrong?’ Because we’ve got a stubborn fallen will inside of us and the whole process of civilizing people as children is to bend that back to neutral and be at least able to to understand right and wrong. And then have the capacity because you love God and want to obey him, you learn to do what is right, you discipline yourself and have accountability and learn to do what is right.”

Pride is the total-anti-God state of mind because if you’re self-righteous, you don’t need someone who makes you rightous. The perfect self-made man has a tyrant for a boss.”

“In his book, ‘Merry Christianity’? CS Lewis said this: ‘A proud man is always going through life looking down on other people and other things and cannot see something above himself that is immeasurably superior, God.’ It was all about me. Until we get ourselves out of the way, we can’t really know God fully. So , I think the biggest task for us as Christians is to get out of the way – let God control your life and don’t try to think you’re doing it.”

‘The thing that I found the hardest to live with, is that as an idealistic kid growing up, the grandson of immigrants, I wanted to get to the top, I wanted to succeed, I wanted to be in politics , I wanted to make the world a better place. I thought, Now I’m a convict in prison, I’ll never amount to anything. I wasn’t worried about making a living, I was worried I’d never be able to do anything significant. And the most significant thing in my life is not anything I did in the first 41 years, getting to the office next to the president, it was what God chose to do through me in my brokenness so I’d know His sovereignty. And I know how he takes the broken things of the world and uses them to confound the wise as the Paul wrote in Corinthians. I saw it, it happened to me. So never give up, never give up, because at your lowest moment God may be preparing you for the greatest thing you’ll ever do!”

FOF: ‘For that person that’s so desperate, you would say, ‘Just look up’. It sounds like, ‘keep going and look to God.’

Chuck: “I think you have to understand the Christian life isn’t easy. If somebody tells you can become a Christian and all your problems will go away, run away from them, because it’s a lie, it’s straight from the pit of hell.”

“When you feel most desperate, God is perhaps even closer to you then than when things are going well. He will be there and He will comfort you. And your suffering will be used for His glory. You won’t see it at the time…believe me, in prison I got letters form Christian friends, saying one day you’ll look back and see this was a great thing, I thought, ‘that’s ok for them, they’re not doing the time, I’m doing the time!’ But now, I’m the most blessed guy! One of the greatest things that ever happened to me: I went to prison- because I’ve seen how God’s used that now for 36 years!”

Fof: ‘If you wonder what it will be like to be at the end of your life and have questions, listen to Chuck’s heart on family especially for his autistic grandson Max’:

Chuck: “What I’ve learned, it’s amazing, you have to learn things the hard way, on the scale of priorities, the most important things in the world, are our relationship with Christ and our relationship with our family. I had never really appreciated that. Getting down on the floor with Max to help him things and seeing him give his love and seeing my daughter give her love, and seeing our whole family pull together, everybody in the family was affected by it. It was life changing.”

That’s what life is all about, giving and receiving love! When I look at my family, I see it, even in my kids, we all have such love to give!

Chuck: “I’m a crusader on this because I was so determined the mornings, I was gone all the time, I was consumed with politics, and I got caught up in the great cause of changing the world. That all came crashing down on me and I realized how much I had missed in my life, and that’s why I’m a crusader to other fathers, don’t miss what I missed.”

FOF: ‘We talk about gaining wisdom and here is a man who’s now departed from this earth with the Lord, who is sharing something very deep and honest with us, his regrets and what he wished he had done better and how he felt he was making up for lost time. For all of us dads, and moms, this is something we need to grab a hold of, let’s do a better job and take the advice of our friend Chuck Colson, and let’s live out the rest of our days with that kind of purpose and meaning.’

Another thing that was big for him etc, was his ‘admonishment to Christians, to know what it is we believe and to express it in a way that draws other people unto the Lord Jesus Christ – that passion BURNED in Chuck Colson’ :

Chuck: “What has bothered me most as a Christian is to find people who really DON’T know what they believe, can’t defend it in public and don’t live it out because they’ve got this very reduced idea of the gospel -being simply- ‘I’m going to go to church and I’m going to feel really good on Sunday mornings and this is going to be good for me, this is good therapy.’ This experience is all about me. I once was lost and now I’m found, and boy I can live a wonderful fulfilled life – that’s not what the gospel teaches. The gospel teaches go into all the world and make DISCIPLES, not converts.

That acceptance of Christ into your life, that moment of belief, That’s the beginning of a journey in which we begin to learn, it’s been now 37 years for me, and I learn knew things every day, I read the bible I see things I hadn’t seen before, it’ a wonderful exciting thing, it’s an exciting life!”

Fof: ‘When I look back on Chuck’s life, I’m reminded of that passage, ‘He who is forgiven little, loves little.’ Chuck Colson was forgiven much, and as a result,, he loved much.’

‘He who is forgiven little, loves little.’ Lord, humble me!

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So this ‘write a sentence or two on thurs even if you have to go back later’- thing is really working ! Behold, this week’s Quick Takes, on time again!

1. Actually, I’ve decided I prefer the Dance Central 2 game for my morning exercise.
I’m not one for popular club music, but the two songs in the demo are not that bad, and in addition, the dance moves in this game are both more challenging and the game is more strict that you do them right. The grease game usually doesn’t seem to care when I’m on the wrong foot, or slightly off tempo, but Dance Central picks up on it right away. As a long-time dancer I much prefer the game play in the 2nd one.

2. Last weekend I finally listened to the 2nd Focus on the Family Broadcast on thriving in a spiritually unequal marriage. I had several articles, and the forum chat etc, I felt I almost had too many resources to really absorb the information, so I didn’t rush to listen to it right away. That and I wanted peace and quiet time to myself to really listen to it the first time.

The first broadcast was very good and I had taken a page of helpful notes, and the 2nd did not disappoint either. Yet, even though I had listened to part 1, it wasn’t until I heard part 2 starting up that it really hit me – as they re-introduced the speakers for the continuing discussion on the topic, my heart just melted completely, I was so touched to finally hear these radio personnel that I’ve grown to love speak directly on my subject. And to hear these women share how they are going through the exact same thing as me and the discussion and the questions from Focus – it was just so validating to hear them talking about MY story. I’ve never heard it addressed anywhere before, I don’t know anyone else in the same situation (besides my mom) and it felt like something that was only me and God. So it was so good to hear about it from other human beings, out loud, with voices and emotions. My heart mirrored theirs as they talked. It was a beautiful experience.

Here is the link to part 2 : Thriving in an Unequally Yoked Marriage

3. There was another Focus on the Family broadcast that I listened to, that really stood out for me. Jim Garlow was speaking about impacting the culture but what he said has stuck with me: it’s impossible for us to truly love God, simply BECAUSE He loved us first.

We tend to say, ‘oh, I love God ‘ John said that but Paul writes in a different way: He says, ‘Agape love is so pure, so compelling, it’s so unmotivated by what it sees in the person it sends it to – that you can’t love God.’ Because you’re loving God because you’re motivated to love God because you can get something pretty good out of it –we don’t have the capacity to fully express that agape love back to God, that’s the purity of His love for us, and it comes without any motivation on God’s part of what He can get out of us. That’s why He can love Hitler, as much as he loves Mother Theresa. That’s jolting, it’s hard for a human being to understand that, but that’s the nature of who God is. It doesn’t mean judgment doesn’t come for wrongdoing, but at the same time , the love that God has is for ALL his created order, especially for the highest aspect, humans.

-The local priest gave another excellent homily recently:

Think of 2 prominent people died close together… Princess Diana and Mother Theresa. One lived a beautiful life, and the other lived life beautifully.
We’re afraid to live! The mess and the tough stuff, the aging. Vitality-life short??
Now I’m changing roles, mentoring the priest to lead the mission, I’m no longer the quarterback, now I’m the coach.
Look around, you don’t see very many big guys in nursing homes. I’ve only got 20, maybe 30 years left. He’s living it for his family, working for his son’s education etc…

It’s not about preserving life, it’s to LIVE!
Wrinkled shriveled and bent.
Loved and loved till there was nothing left
Mother Theresa, she gave it all, she left it all on the field.
She wore herself out taking care of others, every drop of love squeezed out…
At the end of my life, I want to be shriveled and bent, I want to be able to say that I wore myself out taking care of the people I love!

Me too, Father, me too.

4. As I was taking pictures of my kids lately, I remembered a neat trick I’d read to get a more natural grin: Ask the children to laugh, instead of smiling.


It really worked. I hadn’t tried it on my kids when I first read it because I didn’t think they’d be able to, but when I tried it on a whim my almost 4 year old really got it. I probably could have been using the trick for a while now. And he remembers that this is what makes mummy happy, and doesn’t even have to be asked sometimes!

Best of all, as I’ve gotten quicker with my manual shooting I’ve noticed the kids have gotten much more cooperative when mummy wants a pciture! They try to sit/stand still and look at the camera, they don’t run away and it lets me grab a photo or two quickly, and then move on. I was able to get several cute shots of the 3 of them all in their Easter best 🙂

And, thanks to the photographer interviews I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of reading, I discovered an online community for Mummy photographers, mentored by real professionals complete with a wealth of blog posts, workshops and even forums for questions etc.

If you haven’t seen it before, check out ClickinMoms, you’re bound to learn something new!

5. Also on the topic of photography, there is a really neat movement/project etc going on this May to capture the world in one day of pictures. It’s open to anyone, old and young, professional or cell phone, everyone is encouraged to take pictures to document their life and their little perspective on the world and the photos will become a big collaboration to show future gennerations what our life was like!

Here is an article that explains it a little better: Photo Project Aims to Capture the World in a Day

6. The awesome thing about Easter, From Catholic Icing:

“There was no pressure to “get it all in” before Easter day. You can still make Resurrection Rolls, Easter crafts, or fun jelly bean recipes. It’s not “over”…. it just started!”
This is really encouraging. I brought home supplies to finish holiday crafts for both valentine’s and St Patrick’s Day, and never had the time to do anything with them until it was too late. With Easter, not so! We can keep bringing out the resurrection eggs, and I won’t feel bad making my easter tissue paper cross sometime soon (I got them made with the kids, but never made the big one for the middle of the window). I might even try this awesome empty tomb craft! And we could always do a remake of easter cookies-the weather was bad and they didn’t rise very well leaving me with less than hollow tombs, but they were delicious, and I’d happily eat more!


7. Saturday is the DefendLife conference. It’s put on by Life Coalition Nova Scotia and it’s the first event of it’s kind here. I’m quite excited to learn more that I can do to help, espeically the women who are facing these unplanned pregnancies, as well as to have my stirred heart up again over this issue. Babies are losing out as women put their own desires above their unborn children, and I never want to be ok with this.

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Here are my quick takes, short and quick and up early. They will be expanded upon, hopefully later today.

1- This week I had a bit of routine revival but it’s proving so difficult to stick to it. There are a number of challenges but I think one of the biggest is getting time away from the kids each morning to do my quick prayer time. I think through things in order, so if that’s not done, noting else is getting done either. I think I need to accept imperfection. If I don’t get to pray first thing my whole day tends to be off so it’s probably better if I have my quick praise/bible time WITH the kids early, than putting it off to be with the kids and then repeatedly forgetting about it when I actually have a few free minutes. Some other things that could help me to do better would be getting up more promptly, trying to make myself stick to the routine when the kids are sick even if they don’t and setting a timer especially for computer tasks.

I did finally add exercise to my routine on Monday, as we now have some neat dance game demos that get me moving, but it lasted all of one day because I got sick and run down again. I did manage a half-effort to exercise this morning though, but I was still feeling tired.

I’d been thinking more about having more energy and how exercise as part of my routine was still a bit of a pie in the sky dream, and I discussed my desire to start exercising with a lady who used to be a personal trainer and she said that to get rid of my tummy would require both strength training AND cardio (so sit ups just don’t cut it, which is good because I have zero interest in doing them.) For me, exercise has to be fun or I’m not going to do it. I have no interest in going to the gym etc, but I would happily play a game or dance, or both. But given my schedule it pretty much has to be something I can do from home (because there is not really time to go for a walk in the morning before DH leaves for work, so a game I can play in my living room would be perfect. She said that given my dislike for normal exercise a dance game would be good for me. The dance games look like fun but most of them have the popular club music that I really don’t care for, so I was really pleased to see the Grease Dance game. The music is much more my style and the demo dance was pretty fun, and it definitely got me moving.

I also loved the winter sports games that were on the wii fit, and I found they actually worked my core as well because there was a lot of balance involved. I went hunting for something similar for the kinect, and found this:

Of course it would be discontinued, but the local game store is ordering in the copy from Truro 🙂


With these 2 games combined I should be all set to get in better shape 🙂 I haven’t ordered the Grease one yet but having seen the other dances on youtube I think I will in another week or two, but it costs a bit more than the sports one.

2- When it comes to living in an unequally yoked marriage, I’ve now got a wealth of resources! 2 weeks ago when I sent the email to Focus I had none, and now I have 7 books on my wishlist, several articles, 2 radio broadcasts (and more should I choose to order them), a forum Q and A session with the guests from the broadcast, a spiritually unequal marriage blog with a whole community of followers devoted to this very subject and even a forum of unequally yoked people, mostly women. All of a sudden there is more wisdom than I can actively absorb and apply right away!

The first thing I found was an excellent article, Mismatched Marriage . This paragrpah really spoke to me because it explains so well how it feels:

To Leslie, Christianity wasn’t a crutch, it was a source of wisdom, comfort and joy unlike anything she’d every experienced. And she couldn’t share these experiences with the man she loved the most! Every time she tried to help me understand, I would ridicule her or ignore her pleas. Leslie later said this experience was like visiting some beautiful and romantic city, drinking in its wonderful sights and sounds, but knowing I was neither interested in going with her nor hearing about it when she got back.


I wrote an extended post on this topic, Life with an Unequal Yoke, in which I included some more of the wisdom I’ve been reading as well as some wonderful prayers, but this one really stuck out for me because it’s so short yet it’s complete and powerful:

Lord, let ________ love me like Christ loves the church and Father, help me to love him/her as Christ loves the church.

I also decided for my morning prayer to offer my day etc ‘for the following intentions’, and then make a real prayer about each person/group instead of just listing their names.

3- On Wednesday night I went to a second Lenten Mission. CCO was putting on the mission at our church down the road. There was also a mission at the church where we used to go to playgroup that my mom was going to, and it was the last night for both of them. She had mentioned it tentatively on Sunday because her spiritual director thought she would like to attend, and I expressed interest if she chose to go back another night. But when she surprised me by calling to ask if I would like to go with her that night I could tell instantly from her enthusiasm that it was very good. So, despite the big difference in driving time and my attachment to all things CCO, I drove out to the mission with my mom instead.


It WAS good, really good! I wrote 8 pages of my notebook in 45 minutes good. Here’s some of what stood out for me:

-All our journeying towards heaven is meant to bring us to the realization that we can’t get to Jerusalem, not by way of Herring cove or any oter way, unless God Himself picks us up.

– There’s something inside each human being that is deeply wounded.

-When we were baptised, God came to us. He entered our being. He changed us.

-Into the water goes a baby, out of the water comes an icon of Christ. -still looks like a baby… still ACTS like a baby!

-Because we’re baptised, we can NEVER say, in the face of what God is asking of us, ‘I can’t do it. I’m only human.’ No. You’re human, sure, but you’re not ONLY human. You’re a human being full of God’s grace! You can’t, but God can! When everything in my says I can’t trust God with this, I can’t love him/her, I can’t forgive him! – you don’t have to, Jesus in you, will.

-Faith is a way of knowing. Everybody has faith. The most hardened athesits has faith. They’ll die before they’ll admit it, but they do. Faith is simpl knowig something, based on the words/testimony of somebody else. -Someone tells you’ I love you, ‘, can you prove it? No! You can’t see into another person’s heart. Hey, you can barely see into your own heart! Still, you conclude that they’re not lying. That’s faith. We can’t ride in an airplane w/o faith-in the pilot. -If we acted only on the things we KNOW, we’d hardly be able to get out of bed in the morning!

-Faith-that what God/Jesus has revealed is TRUE.

-Faith in the mind gives birth to hope and love-we live the truth of God.

-Love is the perfection of hope. God isn’t just going to make me happy; God IS my happiness!!!!

We’e given faith, hope and love at Baptism, but we need to exercise them. And, just like our muscles, they are strengthened by resistance, aka by lifting something that doesn’t want to get lifted.

We’re going along and then all of a sudden the lights go out. ‘I thought I had faith!, what’s wrong?’ This is right. We need this to grow. We have our knowledge and our trust etc, but all of that stuff can get knocked out of us. When the things we thought would happen, don’t happen. Then still, we say ‘Lord, I believe.’ This time of darkness and doubt, THIS will make your faith stronger!

When we are so burdened, so full of sorrow, so dependent, that God is our only hope, it is THEN that our hope grows strong.

Witness to hope-book about a priest who was imprisoned for years, only celebrate mass with a tiny crumb of bread and few drops of wine. His chalice was the palm of his hand.

When we run out of gas, when we’re too tired we just say, ‘more love please!’. We can do so much more than we ever thought possible. Think of the martyrs. Did you know there were actually more martyrs in the 20th century, than all the previous 19 centuries combined? The martyrs poured out their love for God to the very last drop of blood!

In the Eucharist, God gives us everything He is. What a gift! He changes bread and wine into His body an blood. Our body becomes His body. Our blood becomes His blood. Our love becomes His love!

When we take everything that He has given us, and give it in charity and love to every person we meet, THAT is Jerusalem.

4- This is so powerful:

If you haven’t seen the spoken word videos circling the internet they are basically poems with a definite flow and a powerful message. This one is on abortion, surprise surprise, but more focused on how the industry is specifically targeting blacks and other minorities. A very good listen.

5- My oldest is showing a real interest in reading. For a few days he had been reading out the letters on the side of the VHS case: L. I. O. N. K. I. N. G.
Then on Friday, he was looking at the colors glitter book and pointing to one of the words I think… He was asking about the word brown, so we went through the book reading letters and words with help. Then we tackled the simple ‘Clifford barks’ book. I thought he would have become bored with the exercise long ago, but he loved it 😀

6- My 2 year old was being lazy with the pull ups and thereby costing us uneccessary extra money by going through them faster the necessary, so I decided to put a a stop to it-and put him back in underpants during the day. That was over a week ago and except once when it was somewhat my fault, he hasn’t had ANY accidents!!!! 😀

And to round out the achievements, the baby rolled over this week! – He’s been getting closer and closer to the edge of the couch – time to put him on the floor instead.

7- I discovered Crave’s Photoshop Friday where she posts the raw image from the camera and then her edited version. Then to see where I was lacking, I attempted to edit her raw image with my editing tools to see how close I could get it and after a few minutes my edit of her image looked much like many of my photos now. So her raw images are about the same quality as my good ones, though maybe a little crisper because her models sit still and she’s had a lot more practice! It seems the quality really lies in the editing. This is good because my actual photographs are a lot closer to professional grade than I thought. This is bad because my editing is not! However, that too would improve with time and Photoshop (I don’t have it, it costs a lot). I guess besides a little more practice with the aperture I will have improved about as far as I can, without upgrading my editing.

Here is her original raw photo:

And here is her edit on the left, and mine on the right. I didn’t like it quite so washed out but her edit has much sharper eyes than I could attain in picasa, as well as more depth.

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When it comes to living in an unequally yoked marriage, I’ve now got a wealth of resources! 2 weeks ago when I sent the email to Focus I had none, and now I have 7 books on my wishlist, several articles, 2 radio broadcasts (and more should I choose to order them), a forum Q and A session with the guests from the broadcast, a spiritually unequal marriage blog with a whole community of followers devoted to this very subject and even a forum of unequally yoked people, mostly women. All of a sudden there is more wisdom than I can actively absorb and apply right away!

The first was an excellent article, Mismatched Marriage . This paragrpah really spoke to me because it explains so well how it feels:

To Leslie, Christianity wasn’t a crutch, it was a source of wisdom, comfort and joy unlike anything she’d every experienced. And she couldn’t share these experiences with the man she loved the most! Every time she tried to help me understand, I would ridicule her or ignore her pleas. Leslie later said this experience was like visiting some beautiful and romantic city, drinking in its wonderful sights and sounds, but knowing I was neither interested in going with her nor hearing about it when she got back.

Some wisdom from the Q and A:

“Within these marriages, we want to honor our covenant to God for our marriage and we want to honor our husband. So, we determine that we love God more than we love ourselves and commit to pray the dangerous prayer, Lord do whatever it takes to save my spouse. We then set out to live a life that honors God even in the midst of two different world views. ”

“For my husband’s unbelief has been the cradle to grow my faith and for that I am truly thankful. We, the unequally yoked, may struggle, hurt deeply, but we will experience God in such profound and life-altering ways. Today, I wouldn’t trade my journey for any other road. God knows what He’s doing. He knew it would take a mismatched marriage to breakthrough all my stubborn pride.”

“Pray for wisdom and discernment each day on how to handle situations. Remember as Christ stood before Pontius Pilate, accused and condemned to death, he spoke not a word to defend himself. Sometimes our silence speaks louder than our words.”

“Every Sunday my husband and I would get into a giant fight either before or after church. I started to pray on Saturday night to bind the enemy from our home, from my husband. I would pray that God’s spirit of peace would surround us with such power that Sundays would be calm. Praying the night before, preparing for the spiritual warfare BEFORE it pounced on me was crucial.”

“In the early years of my marriage, my husband went with me to church a few times. I became convinced that any Sunday he would become a believer. Now 20 years later, I’m kinda puzzled why he lingers.
I think I have complained, cried, questioned and even been angry at him and at God. Why must I wait this long, long time to have harmony in my marriage over faith? And for some of us, maybe even you, it is a long journey.
What I have come to discover after all of these years is that a lot of this long time was not about my husband but about me. God wanted to do a work in my heart, character and soul.

But, it’s also about God’s timing and after all of these years I know one thing for certain about God. He NEVER moves fast. He rarely moves in ways we are expect but usually in ways we would never expect. When He does make changes in us or our spouse, He surprises us so that we KNOW it’s Him at work. It’s so cool to discover after years exactly what God was working up. It’s worth the wait.
Let me assure you of something. God wants the salvation of your husband so much more than you do. He will use everything in His power to gain your husband’s attention. Being married to you is the best thing God did for him. God is a gentleman however, He won’t push himself on your man but will wait patiently, more patiently than we can conceive.
Your part in this is to trust God. NEVER stop praying for protection from evil for your spouse, yourself and children. Do your part. And trust God to do His. Cling to the scriptures of truth. Love with wild hope and laughter. The love of Christ alive in your life becomes irresistible. It’s compelling to your husband and your children. The seeds are already planted. They take time. Rest and let it all unfold my sister because it’s the best front row seat you will ever have.

On their website I also found some great prayers to say for my husband. Of course I want to pray for him, but most husband prayers relate to beleiving husbands and I really didn’t know how , except to pray that he would come to know and follow the Lord. This gave me a lot more to work with, here are a few of my favourites:

Awaken a yearning for eternity in my husband’s heart.

Lord Jesus, as you prayed for your disciples’ protection from the evil one, I ask for your protection for____________ from the enemy and his plans to hurt my husband or hinder his desire to know you in any way. And in your name, Lord, place your hedge of protection around ___________ and keep him safe in your presence.

Lord Jesus, help __________ to love me as you call all husbands to love their wives. Help him to see that we are better together, working in unity, under Christ, to care for each other and our children.

Lord, guide _________ in managing his family and inspiring his children with a daily role model that will instill respect for him. Bring Godly men into his life at work or in the sports and other activities in which he participates. Show him what a Godly man looks like and put a deep desire in his heart to be that kind of man.

Lord, I pray that You would help _________ to be a wise steward of our money. Don’t let him become so driven and consumed with money that he forgets who and what he is working for. Help him keep his priorities straight and remind him continuously that his true treasure is at home with his family. And prepare his heart for You, Jesus, for You are our greatest treasure of all.

Lord, let ________ love me like Christ loves the church and Father, help me to love him/her as Christ loves the church.

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