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Fri Aug 16

– happy little lightning bug holding a diaper

– beauty in the sky, God in the clouds overhead
– little lightning bug trapped in a car
– the power of sock monster
– singing cat chat songs softly to stop baby from crying till we were at the rest stop

– finally being able to delete photos to fix my phone

– rosary on the grass by Timmy’s, and two feathers!
– baby drinking from the empty beer can

– cozy evening by the fire
– one last visit w friends

Sat aug 17

– Blandford’s newest campground
– tiny feather on the picnic table
– baby playing w 4 different balls
– feather 🙂
– seeing the visitors off

– time to REST, while baby napped beside me, I caught up: type a day of gifts, read a day of Word Among Us..
– one on one time to hear from God

-butter pecan ice cream sweet like pineapple
– the coolest toy cell phone
– putting back the periwinkles
– stinky skuuunnnnk !!
– golden hills and wide open sky

Sun Aug 18

– a visit tot he neighbor’s yard
– heart happy-church w my whole family 🙂
– kids being little angels there
– all of us talking w other parishioners, part of the community

– feather!
– a teeny tiny white feather in the grass
-time alone to put together the cloud album
-clean counters

– a feather w blue tip
– baby hugging and kissing the Jesus statue, they’re the same height!!

– laundry and prophecy- cloud is moving
– a window visit to Derek’s apt and w his parents
– baby making the glory oh Lord cross on his lips before the gospel

Mon Aug 19

– God sent a kitty to delight all of us this morning 🙂
– 3 boys w books/materials around the school table
– I’m iron man, cause that’s how I am so irony!
– that Spyro came for a visit (t and j)
– and that I’m in my iron man shirt
– him w his little eyes closed in prayer for the psalm
– baby sound asleep clutching Mary

– God blessing me with a house full of sleeping children so that I had time to
pray along w my fasting
– a delicious meal
– out alone w God
– feathers!
– 4 special keys by the side of the road
– one last candy left, sweet like a vanilla cupcake
– Smurfs on Derek’s big tv

Tues Aug 20

– BBQ doodles
– tomato cucumber sandwich, mmmm
– being well on schedule for lunch etc, despite starting the day an hour late!
– now I’m making home cooked meals every night: the fun of getting to cook and try new delicious recipes

– kids declaring an apple party
-at last, a playroom layout that works!
-and a space for the play kitchen next to the real one
-at last, the red and blue matching school desks we were promised, delivered and in our house!

-baby with his own feather
-apple soccer
-the feather game, not 3 but FOUR – and how he would bat the light one with the big one and watch it float down
– the cutest little wooden aderondak chair by the side of the road
-An airplane grocery cart with FLAMES on it!

Wed Aug 21

– an encounter and an awesome opportunity
-little brothers holding hands walking up to the church
– being overcome before Jesus on the altar
– baby kneeling before the blessed sacrament
– a plethora of unopened toys to trade for smurfs
– smurfs!
-tiny ice cream cones w our happy meals!

– more treasures by the side of the road, knex, a nice blanket, a photo board and a kiddie pool!
– “hey party planner, plan my birthday!”

– sweetly broken at the foot of the cross, what He did for me
– a jet trail spanning the length of the open sky- My love for you, no beginning and no end

– my oldest took it upon himself and changed the toilet paper roll, and he put it the right way 😀
– 3 boys w a few centimetres of water
– someone took a drive all the way over to Jesus 🙂

– words of great wisdom as God continues to lead me through more of the Old Testament
– the best made up bedtime bible story ( condensed)

Thurs Aug 22

wisdom and realization regarding the negative impact of entitlement
– Dinos at the ready in my school cupboard

– baby w the flag for O Canada
– Dino activity pad w puzzles to solve
– the set of Dino books I bought last spring at the bookstore, I’m so glad I went ahead and picked them up 🙂
– Dino tail to guide my little reader through the words
– 3 boys all standing on the couch in anticipation of their Dino show

-thanks to letting go of expectations; though I am really tired, we are having a great day!
-scribbles all over my beautiful dining room cabinet: THANKFUL, that it’s pencil.
– easy leftovers and power for lunchtime
– chalk drawings of the trees

– cheese, a knife, construction paper strips and a straw: Making Babybel poke balls for movie night 🙂

– news on fb, PRAISE God! A Protestant speaker who has an amazing story and who has become very interested in Catholicism, is going to convert, AND become a PRIEST!! What a redemption!!
– diaper Cheerios

– prayer walk, my favourite time of the day, this time walking up the hill w You just makes me giddy w happiness!
– a feather dove!
– the clouds, Lord, you make me weak in the knees
– Pokemon movie night 🙂
– critters on a plate

– HARD grace. Hard to be grateful, but, every crucifixion means a resurrection.


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 photo three-thirtyam_zpsa5696687.jpg

I saw this photo on my instagram a few days ago, and this morning when I woke up tired I remembered what I had read:

joyprouty: 3:30am. stopped working to go to sleep and at that same moment the baby woke up to feed. i’ve learned a lot in the last three months of living on the road. the biggest perhaps is that the thing that creates the most bitterness in my heart is my feelings of entitlement towards things… such as a full night’s rest, or a bed/room/space/time of my own. somewhere in the back of my mind I harbor bitterness for the lack of sleep/neediness of children/the daily grind but it is just because I somewhere along the line decided I was entitled to the nature of my life as it was previously and then I grow bitter because the two lives don’t match up. trying to learn to be more grateful these days. choosing continually to let the expectations go. even if it means I don’t sleep. because that just means I have a baby in my arms healthy enough to cry to express her needs. I trust God will give me the strength to serve my family tomorrow because he trusted me enough to make me a mother. I choose to see His gifts instead of my useless bitterness. that is all for my wee morning hours deep thoughts. ;). hugs to the night mamas out there in the dark illuminated by the glow of their iPhones alongside me. 😉

Usually, when I don’t get the sleep I needed and it’s out of my control, even without being resentful of anyone, I get imbued w this great sense that some sort of compensation is expected, required, that I be given extra time to rest, without kids and to let myself slack off a bit around the house etc, because I’m so tired. Then of course when reality and my ideal don’t line up,
I get even more frustrated and angry.
It’s the tired days that almost always leave me frustrated and further from God because then it’s all about me.

Just because I’m tired from being up in the night, doesn’t give me any right to special treatment… ( during that day)

This has been my single biggest hang up that makes for what feels like a bad day. Joy, thank you so much for articulating this so clearly, so I can recognize it and start to change my ways!

There are many days when I start to feel so frazzled from the constant barrage of kid requests and complaints, and I hear it in my voice, that I am not being so patient or kind anymore, and I know I NEED a break, but still I don’t always get it- and yes that leads to more frustration and anger as well.

So, today, any day, maybe God will grant me rest or maybe not, not today, maybe He’ll provide in other ways. Either way, I will give thanks.

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Fri Jul 19
– a much needed good night’s sleep
– an egg spaceship
– rosary on nanny’s couch
– all my guys big and small working on a puzzle

– money to do things for our house!
-droplets with blue on beige brown and droplets with brown on dark blue

– boy’s in their new makeshift hangout space in the basement
– finding the right spot for dishes, glasses and silverware
– a cross now standing high over my kitchen sink
– my oldest excitedly bringing me his plant

– a chorus of shouts of ‘yes!’ to God in the back seat
– an adventure of discovery
– Horton!
– giant lobsters and hippos swimming under water
-2 floating heads!
– kids multiplying in the mirror
– buckets and buckets of Lego
-Baby with the display headphones
– building and engineering session for mummy

– Finally learning the secret to Guacamole, soft avocados!
-fresh fish on ice, gifts from the sea
– free samples!
– Mexican fiesta for dinner, this time with guacamole!
-The bridge in the fog

Sat Jul 20
– our new green bathroom
– baby surrounded by dollar bills
– baby helping daddy w the bunk beds and green tape
– a very green room
– boy’s sitting on the front porch
– a lamp left in our hallway just like the one from Pixar
– this house has the cross doors!!

– a way of surrender for him not to be late
– mattresses in the basement, we’ll sleep our first night in this house, in the basement
– grace I didn’t expect, God brought him back to me one last time – for a sleeping bag

– The tremendous gift of my SUMite sister to lift Me, my husband up in prayer and encouragement…
– an airplane in the basement
-middle son sitting quiet and sad for timeout ( unlike his brother at that moment)

– looking up from our new back deck to see a clear feather cloud
– Surrendering to His plan, whatever the outcome, everything, laid down for The Lord and for my husband.
– trust in Him and Him alone

– clouds like doves in the sky
– a great feather quill scrawling clouds across the sky
– a GREAT dove with one huge wing, wrapped over me
-my middle son when I told him to look up at the clouds looking up, exclaiming, ‘wow, they look like feathers!

– meeting the neighbours, she was just delighted that we moved in there, with the littles
– a contractor who worked on our house come by to personally offer his services

– super bike boy
– 3 boys w a mattress in the basement of our new house!
-grace on grace tonight.. DH and the other work party
– bedtime story snuggles w baby
– bible readings, keeping vigil through the night
– middle son saying the psalm response while drifting off to sleep, eyes closed: ‘God’s love is everlasting’
– gospel- conspired against him, when aware of this he departed…
– the bright white light, shining down the street
– th for walking with DH, and for walking with me through my SUM sister and the clouds.

Sun Jul 21

– smiley baby in a very good mood after a good night’s sleep
– baby trying to play with his sleeping big brother
– middle son, holding super bunny by the ears
– cloud rays of hope coming from behind the neighbours’ house
– kids eating cereal at the tiny superhero house table
– superman saying his prayers to Jesus in my kitchen
– boy’s sitting together eating breakfast in the driveway
– doves overhead
– lemon topped English muffin
– family chalk session
– chalking out the beauty from the night before
– a dove for a friend
-Great sweeping dove-like clouds
– great hope and joy in HIM
– an open door to sunshine at the end of the hall
-boys running a business, behind a great desk

– discovering my beautiful crucifix is special, and old
– a great dove over the church parking lot

– a tough opening for tough love
– the HS to guide me when I felt completely lost
– Mumford and sons, loud music to get me through, and Jesus to hold me
– hope in my pain, this is part of something greater/bigger

– a place to come home to
– the big crucifix, still with me in my purse, God, still with me.
– my newest little nephew to brighten my day
– baby didn’t kick me, that was a feet high 5 on the cheek! Aww!
– savoury devilled eggs
– my little guy in the tiny baby seat
– my brother’s childhood friend all grown up, holding the baby
– fun w sookies!
– a tiny baby to cuddle during my hour of mercy prayer time
– a garden sanctuary
–story time w Anthony, a gift of laughter when I needed it most
– strawberry mouse and sunken dinosaurs
– little sleeping baby, all wrapped up

– Mass, again, a source of great comfort and strength
– the hard gift of resembling Jesus, who willingly entered into his Passion.
– a scribble page on which my son wrote his name
– The blue cross, still with me, mom able to open it up and show it off

– apology on my phone
– boy’s tucked in on a mattress in the basement, one at each end
– the perfect bedtime story for this night, I’ll love you forever
– middle son, in dreamland already
– clear guidance from the HS, ‘he descended into hell, on the third day he rose again’

Mon Jul 22

-Fan of feathers in the sky
– a great cross in the clouds
– the beauty of trust
– baby on the toddler scooter
– my oldest w a buddy playing in the splash pad

– songs on the radio that gave hope and voice to my soul
– a tangible sign of commitment and love, a trip to the hardware store for green painting tape
– juice packs and pitas, God’s provision, food to grab and go
– dropping Jesus off at home

– a moment so surreal, the kids and I walking into a hotel
– God’s extravagant provision
– boy’s jumping on the beds
– my oldest, looking out the window and shouting excitedly, we’re in Canada!!!
– my intentional life shirt, along for this soul journey

-authenticity- a broken soul at a hotel window
– the beauty of pure sacrificial love
– boy’s tearing down the hall in search of the pool
– the perfect, single depth kiddie pool for them to play in
-a moment beginning to teach my oldest to swim
– a vast open air patio
– baby with his doggie friend
– being blessed to the point where I forgot I was sad
– little toddler wrapped in towels
– a great angel in the clouds
– bright photographic scenes in the elevator
– my best friend there at the desk, paying for our room, and my oldest, hanging from it

– playground evening picnic from my childhood, my best friend, unknowingly planning and recreating a favorite childhood memory for me
– my oldest and I catching up our rosary on the picnic table
– raw testimony, walking through my own passion before my best friend

– the moon full and round outside our window
– my oldest asleep with his feet tucked behind his head
– reading the last few chapters of winning him- I need all the wisdom I can get..
– and what should I have tucked in my book, but a Christmas card of the 3 boys and a photo of hubby, still there from when I brought them to share in Texas!
– how God prepares us ahead of time, to walk through all storms that we will face…
-words of hope from a friend, it’s all going to be okay.

Tues Jul 23

– awake and unable to sleep, time to pray and just to be alone with God
– bible intros, God’s love story
– words leaping of the pages of scripture, a message, for HIM.
– time alone, to grieve and pray in the quiet of night
– a blanket to wrap up in, Your arms around me
– all my prayer stuff spread on the windowsill before me like an altar of my love

– sunrise over the city
– a weathered feather scrawling in the sky
– Mary sweetness

– morning brother snuggles
– 3 boys looking out the window
– the perfect place to go
– complete abandonment to God, right by the main city roundabout
-all of us taking in the view from the 15th floor- people like ants and cars like dinkies

– little girl baby come to visit
– mommy and baby, both so beautiful
– little baby and my best friend joining us in the pool
– baby girl splashing
– no pool toys, no problem, we’ll use our croc shoes!
– croc shoes riding on flutter board boats
– indoor pool oasis
– the panels in the studio window framed a perfect cross

– praying by the ocean in the driving rain
– the final drive in
– spotting him a ways off, and running to him with open arms
– being ‘home’ again
– reaching out to show him love
– a shed that can be built in a day
– hardware samplers, shingles and tiny stone blocks
– Quiznos!
– boy’s eating subs in the back seat,
– holding hands

– time to really talk
– finding out the truth; that he wanted nothing to do with temptation because he loves ME.
-walking through it all with DH, on the way to healing
– forgiveness, reconciliation followed by an unexpected surprise
– amazing grace, God has used this to transform our marriage, we’ve never been more in love
– sharing with him how God was behind it all, and that none of this would have happened if I hadn’t been following God’s directions!
– wonder and awe at how God chose to bless my husband, and in a way he really could not ignore God’s role in it.

Wed Jul 24

-Grace upon grace- this time for BOTH of us!! What a resurrection!
– green and pink bathroom
– pikachu suspended from the swiffer
– morning prayer together w Jesus on the back deck
– harmony of alleluias
– baby reverently kneeling down before Jesus in the monstrance
-praising my heart out to the kid cd!
– my FIL calling to me excitedly the second I came in the door, and our old appliances free for the taking on kijiji 😉
– superman perched way up in the back of the seat

– a long chat with my heArt sister from church about everything God has been doing in our lives!
– the two of us, on our knees praying the divine mercy together in our living room!

– God’s NOT DEAD!!!
– an abundance of socks all matched up
– middle son tucked up in my bed
– the desks we were promised, still available now that I finally reached the lady who has them
-‘ Jesus just called you’ – DH. Good, because I couldn’t find him anywhere ( my phone)

Thurs Jul 25

-“as you listen to the birds”, JC opening as the birds were singing around me, God moment!
-my oldest counting to 300 to mark 5 min… ( made it to 112 slowly…)
– a strange creature emerged from the depths of our basement
– an article in flourish on woman, the glory of man

– 3 o’clock praise and worship before the blue cross
-A soul at my front door, during the hour of mercy. Instead of singing and praying this day I had put on music.
Right as I signed the papers, the words, ‘what can wash away my sin, nothing but the blood of Jesus!!!’ were echoing out of our home!

– hubby bracing the door open for groceries, letting my music be heard in the front yard 😉

– a big puddle in our driveway
– the kitchen garbage from right out of my thoughts- when we were looking at the house I had a vision of garbage and recycling bins side by side. Little did I know at the time that they could be found in the same container!!!
– starter prayer shelf in the kitchen cupboard

– sharing the blessing of our new house w my friend’s parents, and a little of how God was behind it all
– guacamole on my own, w cilantro, garlic and more lime mine was even better!
– boy’s saying bedtime prayers in our Mary blue living room to Jesus on the blue cross, on the mantle

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Up on time this morning for the 2nd time this week, and I was able to spend close to an hour taking beautiful photographs of my lent and Easter windowsill in the early morning light.

But, now I need to start going with the schedule, before it gets to be just as late as every other morning…

Fri April 26
I’m thankful for Your patience!
Rock Paper Scissors -t, j
My oldest’s reading, he’s pretty quick with even some bigger words now, like in the stations cards
The sweetest brother high chair embrace
Rows of water droplets on the front door
Spider-Man at the front door looking out
A moment of peace as my middle son slowly sings his thanks to God, A gentle reminder, I’m doing something right!
Alfredo pepper pasta

Hubby our agent and I around a table discussing real estate again
Baby talking into the lock box key code pad like a phone
The kids hiding toys in the agent’s bag
Baby with the oven mitts trying to get supper
Tuna casserole topped with potato chips

Sat Apr 27
The lock box on our door, it’s official
-Easter baby
-My long lost I resign bracelet, at the bottom of my shirt drawer
-Making a bigger mess in order /while to clean up
-headlights through the mist of a car wash
-a little baseball complete with the playing of the national anthem on saxophone
Rows of clouds lit by the sun reflected on the entire side of the car
– taking a step of faith and sorting through clothes in preparation to move, while re-living listening to Intentional life
-a single daffodil in bloom
– the best gift jammies, ready to go on top of the winter box
-feeling full of Him, hands raised and with the light shining reflected in the window

Sun Apr 28
-Inspiration to help share a beautiful video with the young ladies from last week
-She replied, I wasn’t too late
– baby pizza slices

Pants hat Sunday
Baby wide eyed reaching for the lock box
My middle son suddenly w giant feet

Little girls all in white
Blessed to witness firsthand one little girl’s reverence as she received Jesus for the first time

Mummy, there’s a rainbow on you!
Finding out the leader did share the video I sent, today
Well received, you could have heard a pin drop 🙂

My oldest looking distinguished like a mini uncle
My middle son letting himself out of the car all by himself when he woke up from his nap
Tarp car parachute

Dishwasher lined with little glasses

Mushrooms in cheese sauce; oh how I had missed you!
My brother’s War cry and charge with a stick

Boldly and authentically sharing the story of my odyssey with God around our Sunday brunch table with my brother and his wife
Light and dark, His and her tea mugs

Just sitting by the house w Jesus
Baby stretching his sock above his head in an attempt to pull it off
Battleship with hubby at opposite ends of the couch
The ship keel visible under the plastic water

Mon Apr 29
-my middle son w the rosary book in his little lap, to pray through on his own since he didn’t join in with the rest of us
*Ty for warm sun,birds singing and one crocus open in my front yard
*Sweet buttery caramel

*The little patch of sand washed into our driveway, perfect for little boys to play in

My oldest just lounging in the middle of the back yard

Grace wall revisited- with/in the spirit

*Falling suddenly to my knees in awe before My suffering Lord- the price of Love.

*Two more finished flowers!!!
The smell of charcoal!
A welcome home Daddy hug
Baby and middle son w a big cardboard box

The kids all buckled themselves in the back seat!
All 3 boys rocking out in the back seat, on their way to get haircuts
My oldest exclaiming ‘I look like a man!’
Boys w their coats backwards
My middle son, getting through his haircut w no whining and no tears!!! Hooray for being 3!
It’s making my hair bumpy!-j
Ciao Italian photo
A cute new ‘do
A long conversation on homeschooling and faith and life my daily appointment 🙂

Tues Apr 30

*- fog and light through my Easter window
*-4 seasons of CDs
– a box full of trains and cars
-a dancing cactus of BBQ sauce in the middle of Mexican plate
* – Flash Gordon in a sticky situation; caught by T-Rex
Baby reaching for the fridge
My helper on his toilet paper for a footstool
*-instant calm when I gave cranky baby the box of kitchen toys
*- a good big lunch, sandwiches and stir fry
-Kisses and snuggles from my 16 month old/toddler
-quiet time w Faustina
*-a way to actually get through a book with baby- holding him and walking
– 3 boys w juice

Rows and rows of shadows down the street
* Shadow groups on the roof across the street

A slightly different pants hat on Tuesday
Baby with the stack cups
All the cars lined up on the shelf
The coolest dance move capture -my 3 ye old really makes us laugh!
*Little Brother sword fight
Family fun w/o even trying
Everybody dance now- all 3 boys busting a move at the first few beats of daddy’s song (fashionable people)

Wed May 1

-joy blog post from Ann
– that we’re here at all (church)

-my oldest, latching onto our parish priest all of a sudden

Oh saving victim ‘opening wide, the gates of heaven to us below’ as we all filed onto chapel, the kids running wild and a little unruly, wow, all of us, are so unworthy, what generosity He shows us!!! What amazing grace!!!

-let the little children come to me- my kids around the chapel altar looking up at Jesus in the blessed sacrament
*-2 more of the fuzzy chairs free by the side of the road

-3 boys w their chairs in a circle to chat
-that the sun came out

-the sleeping baby slump
– boy’s performing praise songs
– remembering The heart that loves so much
-Jesus looking up to heaven in the clouds out the window

Assembling a last-minute cookie tray from my freezer 🙂

-all of us, chatting w some other ladies from church for almost an hour after everyone left
-grace, wisdom, to see us all as equals, weak but beloved children of God!

Gentle reminder from the hs, to buy a bday card for mom!
– my favourite yoghurt now in full size and even individual packages, and a wealth of new flavours!
The kitchen floor covered with Sobeys bags, we have been so BLESSED!

-Shimmers of silver shining in the mirror
-Finding, holding, my first silvery white strand of hair!! A sign of age and wisdom

Thurs May 2

that I’m not alone, You are always with me

-my son at the door w a flower from my garden 😦
-grace to be gentle

-a great burst of tiny bubbles from the dish soap bottle

-that at least I have my kids to love and be loved by, when I am lonely

*-That You are the one building my puzzle
-That you let me also see how the pieces fit and even To help put it together
-that you have an infinite supply of love stored up for us, that Your love really is ENOUGH!

Deep red Spring buds on the trees

-my oldest discovering Joan of arc in 2 different books

-getting lost w Faustina in a sea of Mercy, that mystical force of love I have only had the tiniest glimpses of

-watching my little superheroes run around the back yard

-delicious pork chops

-tree branches shadow against the light in the sky

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A middle of the week challenge from Ann, that I extend to you:

When Monday gets caught in your teeth like a piece of spinach, the crazy thing is you could dare to laugh — it gets things unstuck.

You could — you could dare not to take yourself so seriously; dare to take yourself as Beloved.

Dare to not to give yourself a lecture, but dare to give yourself grace. His Grace is always the most amazing of all.

So go ahead — Dare to be brilliant — just seek the light in everything. Dare to believe joy is revolutionary: it goes straight against the way this dark world spins. Light is always a radical thing in a dark world.

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Mar 13

Things have been moving along here and I have much more to share about my whole journey to Texas now. God has made it so clear He wants me to go there, I don’t know why yet, but I know it will be good and I am starting to get excited at times.

First thing I did was I went to my husband and asked him if he thought I could go and to my surprise he didn’t mind me taking off for Texas for several days, and being gone away with the baby – but he didn’t want to pay for any of it.
So, I prayed about it, and God put on my heart to ask the ladies in my faith study group at church, especially the one I have so connected with, the one who I’ve been leading the studies with. She told me that while I was talking someone came to mind that I should ask. So, when I got the chance I did, and about a week later that person told me they would cover all my flights! Just like that. I was blown away by God’s care, His kindness, but He wasn’t finished yet.

More Fundraising:
The Holy Spirit had also put on my heart to ask these ladies, and so, not knowing what other expenses I would still incur, I made a short announcement at the end of our lesson: that God had called me to go to this conference in Texas, and my husband had agreed I could go but didn’t want to pay for it. I told them praise the Lord my flights were already covered now, but there would still be other expenses such as passports and cabs, perhaps a place to stay as well, and it would really honor my husband if I didn’t have to use our money to pay for it. These ladies were extremely generous, and I felt so loved when the following week one after another people were bringing me envelopes. ❤

A place to stay:
The 2nd weekend in March the SMU chaplaincy had a retreat. I knew about it ahead of time, it was called BUILD and it was all about the New Evangelization. I was especially intrigued because Evangelization is one of my passions. However, I was also thinking about this trip to Texas and I had taken note, the speaker to our little corner of the world for the retreat, was form Texas, Houston Texas. I knew this was only further confirmation that I was meant to be at this conference somehow.

So, there we were, baby and I, in the front row at the retreat and as the speaker was about to finish up his first talk he looked over and asked the baby’s name. I told him it was Noah, and his jaw dropped. Then he asked what his middle name was, and when I told him his jaw dropped even further. Noah is the name they have picked out for when they have a boy and his middle name is the middle name they have chosen for all of their future boys. He commented that it was ‘like a sign’.

After the talk I went up to him and said ‘ it is kind of like a sign, see I’m going to be in Houston, Texas for a conference at the beginning of April! And he just said it, ‘ you are welcome to stay with us if you need a place to stay’ . !!!! So now, I have my flights covered, extra money for other expenses AND a free place to stay!!!! God is soo good!

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Fri Mar 22

 photo e92d328a92f611e2a8b922000a1f8ac2_7.jpg
 photo f1.jpg
 photo f2.jpg
 photo g8--.jpg
 photo f3.jpg

Snow designs on my front porch
Light bulbs on the railing, made of snow
-the flood of God’s riches poured on the earth
Community at church
Baby sitting with his feet through the armrest swaying back and forth

Fri lunch at my mom’s house
My 3 year old with his collection of toys and lunch
Baby Helping himself to his brother’s abandoned lunch. Going………going……..gone!

I’m frustrated and a little discouraged because the trip is going to cost quite a bit more than I planned, and especially because I feel like it is somehow my fault given how late I was booking.. and the flights are looking pretty intimidating… but thank You:
-for getting me flights to and from Houston on the donation funds I did have so it doesn’t cost MORE!
-for giving us the opportunity to take the train again
-sleeping car???

Just a boy and his trains
-relief, reconciliation and reconnection with a close friend

Sat Mar 23

 photo sat1.jpg
 photo sat2.jpg

 photo sat6.jpg
 photo sat3.jpg
 photo sat9--.jpg
 photo sat10.jpg

Baby spinning the dishwasher sprayer
Back pocket pikachu
Lively theological discussion on salvation
Mexican fiesta skillet, it’s so colorful!
Daddy’s silly little gamer 🙂
A fiesta in my bowl
Cheerio nose

Ty help to get things done today and use the time well.. being productive in multiple areas
Support and fellowship on the phone

Palm Sun Mar 24

 photo sat70.jpg
 photo sat65.jpg
 photo sat66.jpg
 photo sat67.jpg
 photo sat69.jpg
 photo sat71.jpg
 photo sat72.jpg

Sweet vanilla coffee
My family all in their Sunday best, in Passion red
Lenten purple cloths, green palms and Passion red vestments
Middle son reaching over with his palm to overlap his brother’s, ‘Jesus die on the cross!’
Baby and his brother snuggled close in Daddy’s lap, again all in red
God providing the exact amount of additional funding for my trip

Mar 24: THAT MESS with the bil-c-269??? God used it for GOOD. Reconciliation and unconditional love form my best friend and an opportunity for me to show true love and humility to both her and my sil…
Superheroes around our Sunday brunch table
My 3 yr old’s game with his placemat and the cutlery
A delicious German brunch
my old faithful castle
tropical fruit salad
a rainbow of fruit
What I wore on Sunday – black dress, purple shirt and a red sweater, with my green palm
Palm Sunday faith lesson with grandma
Car tower
Scuba driver

 photo sat74.jpg
 photo sat73.jpg
 photo sat75.jpg
 photo sat76.jpg
 photo sat77.jpg

My mantle all decked out for palm sunday
My oldest playing through all the levels of smash brothers (on easy)
The big cross backlit by a streetlight
Holy haunting beauty
– tears and sniffles from the man beside me

Mon Mar 25 **

 photo sat78.jpg
 photo sat79.jpg
 photo sat80.jpg
 photo sat81.jpg

Thank you for our memory match game (t)
Thank you that I can have a pokemon birthday (j)
Holy week scrambled egg
Jesus’ hands and feet – my 3 yr old wanted me to put Jesus on his plain paper cross so I drew only what he told me to..
My Big boy cutting his own tissue paper for our craft
New paper crosses for our window, pretty like stained glass

 photo sat82.jpg
 photo sat83.jpg
 photo sat86.jpg

My 3 yr old’s setup to play smash brothers
My big kid making lunch
Baby holding the wood cross up in front of the tv for praise and worship
Baby with a green bag on his head
Baby with the open red cup – He saw me get out some juice for myself and ran off down the hallway. It seemed an odd response until he came back a minute later with the red cup he last drank some juice out of. He was also very smiley with his purple smoothie moustache 🙂

**Music blasting while – All of us doing chores after supper, with music blasting
Haunting moon lighting the clouds into a giant orb
The full round moon disappearing as it’s tucked in behind a blanket of clouds
Time to type notes – drs office
Good counsel and a plan of action

Tues Mar 26

 photo sat87.jpg
 photo sat88.jpg
 photo IMG_0978.jpg

 photo sat91.jpg
 photo t3.jpg

My 3 yr old with a Cheerio stuck to the top of his head
Ty for that I have winch froggie ( t)
Baby and the red jumping monkey
Pikachu (j)
Excellent faith lesson on Jesus and Holy Week
The events from the Passion brought to life on our school table / come to life on our dining room table
Hand drawn house rules

 photo y2.jpg
 photo y1.jpg
 photo y3.jpg
 photo y4.jpg
 photo y6.jpg
 photo y7.jpg

Vegetable tip medallion coins
Ty that we are going to have supper tonight ( j )
My little helper in the kitchen
Beet flower
My oldest w my best friend on his head
Jesus in my naan bread
Shamrock trinity cilantro
Carrots and other veggies aglow and pink w beet juice
Orange twilight crosses on the sunroom window
3 kids NOT cleaning up
Soft creak of a tree branch in the wind
Tree shadows moving with car headlights
Ty I felt Your strength to be patient when I couldn’t, and I felt Your love -‘deep’ ..
Ty I feel You bringing me on this journey, even w the chaos…

Wed Mar 27

 photo y11.jpg
 photo y9.jpg
 photo y12.jpg
 photo z3.jpg
 photo z4.jpg

Another colourful stir fry full of flavor
Oil bubbles on the surface of the dishwater
Baby on my head
2 silly monkeys
The dashboard with all the lights lit up
My little goof with ‘his’ apple juice
Bedtime snack cereal party w my 3 yr old
Ty for Your help , strength, leading me, new call etched as things unfold- and then reeling me back…

Thurs Mar 28

 photo z5.jpg
 photo z7.jpg
 photo z8.jpg
 photo z9.jpg
 photo z14.jpg
 photo z15.jpg

Baby laying his head down on me to look up when I lifted the iPhone up out of reach
My son’s superhero show- Link the superhero super car and the black snapper
A cute easter table
Our first outdoor egg hunt 🙂
2 chilly little egg hunters
My 3 yr old picking eggs form the garden
My littlest holding the egg he found
A little boy opening his treats
Candy filled eggs
Cute spring cupcakes
A real bunny treat, a carrot egg
A bright spring party table
Baby driving cars on the back door
More spring cupcakes
A cute yellow spring shirt
Hiding eggs for the bigger kids with her son

 photo z16.jpg
 photo z17.jpg
 photo z18.jpg
 photo Untitled-.jpg
 photo z19.jpg
 photo z20.jpg

Holy week post – holy thurs you just have to read it for yourself..
Words of deepest love spoken from God to me
The aroma of pure love – sweet
Holy sniffles

How You have loved us
The altar in the garden
Waiting in the garden w Jesus
The perfect posts and prayers for reflection
Thank. You. For. Your. Love.
Ty for Tour presence with me walking to church and for everything You’re doing in my heart now, in this time of emptiness

The moon full and round, a symbol and memorial of – the glorious body hung in the sky for all the world

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