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Fri Jul 25












– bible, so true, so beautiful
– 3 boys ready for an adventure of epic proportions: Star Wars at the library
– the Jedi code- should sum up most of my required house rules πŸ™‚
– science demonstrations- they would be really cool if they had worked properly
– at least they had a craft table too
– Yoda!
– a book full of cool intergalactic experiments

– my toddler giggling w his little bug
– bye bye little octopus
– another good chat w my doula, then watching her play Star Wars w my boys
– Darth Vader giving General Grievous a high 5

– perfect little droplets in the grass
– the clouds are calling, a multitude of angels dispatched
– little plant shadow on a leaf
– and another night when God wasn’t silent. I’m so thankful He tells me things beforehand

– ‘the vegetable flies are in this room now’ πŸ˜€
– Star Wars episode 1 and 2, Lego style!

Sat Jul 26














– quiet morning prayer outside
– deep surrender
– first fruits of love and devotion for my Mother Mary.

– a focus broadcast that is solid marriage gold

– Jesus in the cloud again
– 3 o’clock prayer today, out in the field

– a pool for all of us to cool off
– toddler flinging floaties
– we all had a turn in the water, even superman – and discovered he could be in a floaty without anyone holding him πŸ™‚
– piggy back rides

– funky bright clouds overhead
-Nanny steak dinner, w the addition of chimichurri πŸ˜€
– toddler feeding daddy
– a wagon ride adventure

– the showers area in the bathrooms was like being in a house
– Cookie Monster camping
– the saggy diaper marshmallow
– my toddler hopped on the merry go round w daddy
– and then when it stopped he ran to each bar in circles, swinging like a monkey

– boys w books winding down for bed
– Christmas in the campground, a night walk w just DH and my toddler
– DH pointed out that one of the poles was a cross
– thank you for a day just to rest and get away. I know we needed it

Sun Jul 27









– morning prayer and the warmth of the sun
– an angel in the clouds
-rays of divine love coming out from the sun
– baby belly in the toaster

– 3 little boys in a new church today
-such a fun priest
– my big kid, w his arms out like the priest as I held his mass book for him
– timbits and fellowship w the locals

– 3 boys on McDonalds stools
– mmmm lunch, hot and tired, it was what we all needed before we drive back home again
– mini looking nuggets

– really interesting clouds
– the boys gathered around Daddy to play the sims ( they were making themselves)

Mon Jul 28










– WAU yeah, that’s the attitude I need to keep before me!
– superman carrying all the toys- especially the bird moustache

-discovering bible bookmarks on my phone!
– slow and steady- only way to get through the day and the overdue to-do list
– surprise on the top of the bookshelf: my son’s missing dragon!
– 3 o’clock, out in the backyard to be w Jesus, calm before the storm
– and as the rain gets heavier, a dove sits overhead

– The Story part 2: Abraham. And some solid truths about holding on and waiting for a promise from God

– on my walk, a full Barbie outfit, pink shirt if course and 2 matching boots. No doll, just left there
– and as I’m working on surrendering to His faithfulness alone, a feather
– and then another, pink this time!
– and He spoke to my heart, “See, I am faithful! You can trust Me.
I am faithful, and you will have your little girl- leave it in My hands”

– pork roast dinner waiting in the crockpot
– more secrets to a happy marriage
; I’m discovering these ideals are things people can actually learn to do! Awesome πŸ™‚

Tues Jul 29









– whee, baby on the way! ( not mine)
– praying a full rosary w the novena for her today while she’s in labor
– boys in the backyard w water guns

– texts at last from my friend, that gave me a burst of fresh energy πŸ™‚
– I’m thankful for water guns! (J)
– I’m thankful for my airplane πŸ™‚ (t)
– the blessing of really lifting her up in prayer

– story time in the bed, w books about babies!
– wow, sharing hospital pics w the kids, I forgot how tiny they are when they come out!
– sharing and discussing another great Ann post w my oldest

– baby is here and he’s a girl, lol!
-Ty for bringing my friend safely through labor and delivery and blessing them w a beautiful baby girl! And the night to sleep instead of being up all night πŸ™‚
– WAU, eyes on your own journey: the perfect reflection for me tonight

Wed Jul 30
















– wonder at a video of a cloud formation of Christ on the cross
– 2 little boys running up to the church hand in hand
– a few special faith items passed to me to help my children to settle down πŸ™‚
– the most beautiful rosary I’ve ever seen
– then she asked if I wanted to keep it until the baby comes! Saying it would keep me safe etc πŸ™‚ God said there was a battle coming- I love how He takes care of us πŸ™‚

– perfect parking spot
– the wagon to help me transport all 3 kids to and from my friend’s room
– sweet little baby girl
– pink for the new little princess
– cuddle time for each of us
– my oldest wanted to bring his blankie incase the baby was cold ❀
– just enough time to chat w her before the kids got too crazy lol

– finger puppet fingers
– then suddenly all the toys got new faces…
– mmm marshmallow squares!
– trinity shamrocks growing at the foot of the cross

– Dr's office crazy: shirt monsters

Thurs Jul 31








– finger puppet octopus

– my little one sitting up in the chair watching tv, w the baby doll cradled in his lap
– my toddler bringing daddy his yummy snack

– finding everything I was looking for quickly at the store
– a feather on the ground by my car

– my toddler put all his apple skins in a neat little pile
– bright white evening sun on the water
– “how much longer?”- 40 km- “that’s ok because the King of Relish can wait that long.” πŸ™‚

– rose petals scattered on the path
– kids w flashlights, “woah, big circles!”
– and on a hard day, looking back and seeing the tremendous growth, tremendous grace, I was frustrated, I struggled, I cried, but I never lost my peace.


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Fri Jun 20




– waking up to feel more rested and less miserable
– preparing a garlic feast- I will do everything in my power to kick this nasty cold!
-BBQ portabello mushroom burgers and fries fresh out of the fryer. A bright spot in an otherwise dull day

Sat Jun 21














– kids cuddled around daddy and his phone
– boys all singing veggie tales grace together

– DH took the 2 little ones to see Nanny but I stayed home because I’m still sick, now I have a day to spend w just my big kid πŸ™‚
– and his friend was out at the yard sales too
– a whole bunch of neat Cars cars, especially more that will work in the launcher
– counting money w my big kid to buy the things that he wanted

– a green palm branch in the street
– a biking adventure around the neighbourhood w my oldest, to check out the rest of the sales
– A working toaster oven at a great price, God has provided me one at last πŸ™‚

– happy oatmeal spoon
– a beautiful psalm on the depths of God’s mercy
– Pokemon movie w my big kid
– our awesome new Lego Star Wars encyclopedia
– finally getting started on our Mass workbook from church
– little Tyler w mummy and daddy, all wrapped up in his favourite blankie

– launcher ready
– and now little cars are sprinkled all over the living room floor πŸ˜‰
– words that express the heart of every believer in a mismatched marriage

– chicken enchiladas
– daddy and son iron man in the pod car
– him racing up and down our street in his bike
– Look Mom, I’m Santa!

– and then when I played the symphony version of Imagine my son was asking about or heaters and the musical mole book and then about his grandfather who was also a composer
– a wonderful evening teaching my son about his family tree and God’s love
– grace upon grace, a day that was not the usual, but was exactly what all 3 of us needed

Sun Jun 22







– the most quiet peaceful Sunday morning
– devo/ meditation # 2 over breakfast- talking about the ways we know God is with us

– my big kid riding all the way up our street to the big playground
– and down the grassy trail like Daddy ( w help)

– mom’s pancakes and fruit salad, yum yum
– my toddler didn’t seem to want fruit till I promised him yellow!

– first mass w one of our old seminarians, now a brand new priest
– and when they announced it at the beginning my big son decided he wanted to get a blessing too
– a reception feast, who needs supper? πŸ™‚
– and then after a long wait we took daddy and the others home and just the two of us came back ( the line still there but notice my shorter)
– and he knelt down there to receive whatever God wanted to give him
– and then so did I, and it was perfect.

Mon Jun 23













– beautiful sunny day for a play date
– leftover pancakes and lemon sauce
– my big kid mounted the grater above the sink

– our playmates are here, first thing they did was play w the cars launcher
– but soon the girls found our play kitchen more interesting
– ‘the hot dog is the winner!’
– we all had some outside playtime in the yard till everyone just got too hot
– catering lunch for 9 today! Good thing most of them are little πŸ™‚

– all the kids running down the st to the playground
– since there was no slide and they couldn’t do the swings w out help they made castles in the gravel instead
– and then went on an adventure in the woods
– and my toddler kept saying goodbye to the baby to make sure she heard lol

– superman just laying on the front porch
– that Edward brought back my gengar! (J)
– adventuring in the woods ( t)
– all the boys w the new Lego book

– feathers and flowers and Mary on my windowsill all bathed in evening sun
– little flower orb shadows on the road
-‘pray that my cold doesn’t get worse, right now it’s just a tickle’

Tues Jun 24













-my toddler pointing at Jesus – ‘hurt, sad’
-WAU today

– and all the families gathered in the pavilion and prayed a full rosary together
-happy homeschoolers all gathered on the grass for a picnic
our two little ones oggling a little crawling bug together
-then our kids all pretended the pavilion was a big spaceship
Beautiful rainbow of Flowers in the box
– then a bunch of them played down by the water and found all sorts of fun creatures
– grace clouds overhead

– God makes a way, I was way too tired to be driving much so we got DH from work – and he drove home
– angels accompanying us home

-a real and beautiful homeschool article http://jenniferlmcdonald.com/2014/06/23/dear-new-homeschool-mom/
– prayer walk to confession, fresh start before our trip
– purple ball on my travels
– grace at the cross, his mercy is eternal

Wed Jun 25











– 3 boys walking in to church together- almost didn’t happen
– superman lying on the floor w his prayers open for consecration

– another trike by the side of the road, but this one is yellow!
– and then I came around the corner of the house and he was down the side of the house, trying to figure out what to do w the pedal that came off 😦

– the table piled w food, we’re really doing this trip!
– all the kids piled in around all our stuff
– my little toddler w his nose in a book behind me
– some company for DH on the drive
– I ‘m going to pass a Ferrar-‘ vrrroom, I don’t think so’
– superman now happily snuggled under daddy’s sweater

– story and song along time w superman while we waited in the WalMart parking lot
– mmmm Wendy’s chili and a fresh salad
– there was a tiny rainbow bubble in my chili
– and a little leftover frosty kept my toddler quiet for the last 20 min of driving πŸ™‚

– they let us choose our own campsite πŸ™‚
– boys running everywhere
– wifi throughout the campground, too awesome!
– the playground has a digger
– and teeter totters
– and a jungle gym

– DH has rigged us all up to stay dry in the rain tomorrow πŸ™‚
– hehe, the Mosquitos are all flying overhead – but they can’t get in πŸ˜‰
– a gorgeous stunning sunset as God lights up the sky πŸ™‚
-sunset silhouettes lighting trailer windows
– a little modern help for our stubborn campfire πŸ™‚
– let there be LIGHT! Campfire torch πŸ™‚

Thurs Jun 26

















– the rain pouring hard on the roof above. It means we are all snug and dry πŸ™‚
– well, I was a little chilly and sore overnight, but I slept! πŸ™‚
– tent peekaboo
– even camping, potty training must continue. (Just with pull ups ) πŸ™‚

– happy toddler on his first morning camping
– hot chocolate πŸ˜‰
– the string of the tarp channels all the water off, neat
– superman made a corn pop castle on his spoon
– Ditto’s first camping trip, #dittoadventures

– coffee! Campground cafe mocha πŸ™‚
– and then because DH was gone and the car was locked the kids helped me rinse the dishes w the water running off the tarps
– and I washed the pot w hot water from the kettle and leaves as dishcloths πŸ˜‰
– droplets on the tarp like bubbles

– that book was one of the best dollars I ever spent, it’s kept my oldest quiet and happy for every long car ride
– wow, I had no idea Parrsborough was so cool
– Fundy Geological Museum – #dittoadventures
– little triceratops wranglers
– prehistoric Dino mega Lego
– ditto just couldn’t resist a bowl of soup #dittoadventures
– fossil digging exhibit
– they had a glass floor w fossilized giant millipede tracks, like on our Dino documentaries
– none of the kids wanted to walk on it, it was too funny
– breathtaking agate rock specimen- all the colors and layers, one of the Creator’s masterpieces
– and they had a real dinosaur skeleton replica-
-ditto had to have a closer look #dittoadventures
– and a time machine simulator shows we used to be right next to Morocco! Crazy lol!
– sweet dinosaur book along the lines of tiki and taj
– puppets and a rock stage, so much for kids to do πŸ™‚

– w a giant millipede- #dittoadventures
– and ditto actually stood up on top of Celiophysis! #dittoadventures
– journeying through time through the Cambrian periods and on to the dinosaurs, touching in many of the creatures from our BBC walking w monsters and dinosaurs shows, including the great sea scorpions, giant dragon flies and little theradonts, as well as the dinosaurs πŸ™‚
– my toddler started training all the snakes
– and even the bathrooms were crawling w dinosaurs!

– how listening to DH’s music can give me profound insights
– mini soccer fields on all the Mcds tables

– family movie in our tent
– Gulliver’s travels, Hollywood edition
– journeying w Gulliver-#dittoadventures

– BBQ chicken sizzling in the pan, perfect supper for a rainy night
– grace, grace and more grace

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Fri Jun 13











– fresh spring flowers
– angry bird banana rice cakes
– the kids found themselves a trampoline

– having all the superhero toys out- (both boys )
– rediscovering the wonder of the secret garden

– silly little angel
– kids run across the street to play w the little boy who was just out on the front steps πŸ™‚ my big kid was technically still under punishment having not finished his chore, but there’s always time to be a good friend πŸ™‚
– I am so blessed to be part of such an amazing online family! http://www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.com/my_weblog/2014/06/walmart-prayer-day.html
– big kid learning to fold laundry as a chore to get back out of his room

– God only has good gifts for us πŸ™‚ my friend got these free from her work and passed them on to us πŸ™‚
– feather πŸ™‚
– kids running circles in the tent- amazing how they burn off all kinda of energy when you enclose them in a small space!
– mmmm fresh California style salad, perfect way to celebrate my online California family

– DH fixing up my new chairs
– and he put the plywood on top like I used to put a table on mom’s chairs to make myself a boat
– superman standing looking up into the fridge- still twice his size he looked so small and sweet
– hockey night, and they’re all piled on the couch πŸ™‚
– and then DH told me they fell asleep, and it sounded so cute how that I had to make it happen

Sat Jun 14












– hockey recap, black won!
– cake and ice cream for breakfast
– thank you that we had chocolate this morning! (J)
– yummy meals for the week
– shadow heroes in the lamp
– tadaa, new chairs πŸ™‚

– New adventures on a rainy day
– woke my toddler from his nap by just saying ‘bike?’ a few times…
– finger puppets at the bike place
– a trip to the army store
– and finally to the sports section of Canadian tire, for some hockey sticks and one more helmet
– boys playing in the aisles
– little yellow bike
– my oldest rising a bike easily around the store!

-The house gone blissfully quiet while I have a much needed quick cat nap

– superman w the the cutest sheepish smile on his face- no I am NOT going to have a nap!
– here we are at the circus!
– and my oldest got called into the ring as a volunteer !
– the hoop dancing acrobat, such beauty and grace
– also really neat to watch someone dance in a giant hoop live

– and the kids, LOVED the bouncy slide. Even my toddler who was quite apprehensive at first but after I went with him he took right off w all the big kids
– and we sat there in awe at the magic quick changes!
– and by the end if it it was clear my oldest was bitten by the circus bug- and then they all ran into the centre ring making their own sort of show

Sun jun 15








– banana chocolate muffins- 4 ways

– and I came into the bedroom to find all the kids had climbed in w daddy, along w their Pokemon sheet, and ALL their superhero toys

– mmm no brother for lunch means my favourites that he doesn’t like : D yummy minestrone soup πŸ™‚
– my toddler batting the little baby penguin toy all around the living room

– ants building tunnels in my garden
-Father’s day bbq supper w the In-laws at our house, and the weather even turned nice for it πŸ™‚

– my 6 ye old following after his remote control car
– His signature hidden in creation- happy Trinity Sunday πŸ™‚

– a little voice from the living room: ‘Wall-E no! Don’t follow it!’

Mon jun 16











– this morning my toddler said his prayers from under a big net
– a breezy morning, gusts of wind blowing everything
– after bible didn’t make a lot of sense even to me, I got out the word among us and it gave us a wonderful reflection on that reading- that was very relevant to my kids too

– I’m thankful that Nanny brought back my red party smartie (j)
– I’m thankful for my new transformer car (t)
– and we sat and read another Ann post- all about running through the dark (http://www.aholyexperience.com/2014/01/how-to-get-through-the-dark-places-thejesusproject-2/)
– after outside free play and a story to warm up, an excellent ‘work’ session, where superman started to let me help him w his writing, and both kids finished their tasks in record time – and got stickers for a job well done

– novena at my patio table
– table for two- lunch for my toddler and I
– and then because I was well rested and our morning tasks had not been a fight I felt I had the energy to do our scheduled activity πŸ™‚
– today we’re making our sacrifice beads
– tiny crosses and medals
– my oldest figured out how to thread them all by himself
– and after my toddler dumped all the wooden beads on the floor, he slap-shotted the beads in the kitchen to mummy and we all worked together to clean up, and then the big kids each pulled a bead πŸ™‚

– sunny prayer walk
– fresh basil for my pizza- because my best friend is so awesome πŸ˜€
– a special blueberry yogurt parfait cup for superman’s dinner because he never got one w lunch

– clouds like a chorus of angels
– superman all wrapped up in his green bathrobe, pedalling away on his trike
– and my toddler just zooms down the road now, they all seem to have this pedalling thing down!
– how w Christ, our messy day was organized beautifully, even though we were nowhere near our schedule there was time and energy for everything that was really important today, and an abundance of grace

Tues Jun 17











– kids lounging in the deck chairs
– breakfast outside, poo in the potty and even time to go over the word among us w my oldest while he finished his breakfast
– it seems I am not so tired all the time since I started sleeping in till 9! πŸ˜€

– these words captured me this morning, how often I have felt I have known and been glad to know at least somewhat what God was up to… Not now lol
– mummy drawing Lugia and Zapdos
– having our superhero toys outside (t)
– silly sentences- they’re getting more creative
– boys all excitedly stirring their Dino sponges
– Dino clouds πŸ™‚
– recent awesome Pokemon sketches: Onyx, Lugia and Zapdos!

– got through the last part of Texas w the big boys today πŸ™‚
– backyard play date, wet Dino toss!
– and their mom having way too much fun w our garden hose πŸ™‚

– street hockey in the driveway- we all get into this game, even superman πŸ™‚
– a great flying cloud
-I sent my oldest to the penalty box for hitting the ball into the street and told him the players go in there when they get in trouble and sit there all grumpy like. He nailed it lol!
– a whale kite in the sky tonight

Wed jun 18








– well, no time for breakfast today till after Mass, but thankful DH left the kitchen clean and tidy
– an opportunity for a RAK πŸ™‚
– a delicious fancy breakfast, French toast and yougurt parfaits w fruit and granola

– it was rainy so the kids brought their hockey inside today
– meanwhile- after a 2 hour nap- making lasagna again finally- it’s been bumming around on my calendars every week but today it was grey and crockpot comfort food seemed perfect

– and then when I put on praise music to go do work, the kids started singing along at the top of their lungs, an impromptu praise session- something that had been on my list each day this week but hadn’t happened
– my toddler up on the stool at the sink
– I feel like I have this extra boost of energy this week- to run good days w the kids and schedule, cook meals and even sort all the laundry! Wonder if it’s some sort of manifestation of nesting?

– mmm a delicious home cooked dinner- everyone loved, and w the extra layer we had just a little leftover this time πŸ™‚
– since this afternoon my toddler has been scooting around w a sheet on his bike like a tail :s

Thurs Jun 19










– my toddler climbed up in my bed and said, ‘I got dea, Nanny! Nanny house!’ πŸ™‚
– peace and quiet w my coffee and a new Canyon ridge sermon, while the kids play out the window
– I knew this series was something very relevant to me, all about seasons God has us in. So glad I finally got to listen!

– that I can read Thomas big storybook ( t)
– wow, just this week since he let me start helping his writing has gotten so much better! He did the last full sentence all by himself : D
– my toddler saying grace w be at the table, he is too sweet right now!
– fresh blueberries w sugar and cream, brings me back to my grandmother’s house πŸ™‚
– Pokemon puppets while the toddler was napping

– Elephants all over the place in the sky tonight
– and a blue heart and even a doggie too- they were all clouds for my friend

– Philly cheesesteak pitas tonight, something different πŸ™‚
– pikachu’s first bike rides. #pikachuadventures
-another good biking session: “I did it! I didn’t break down!”

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Fri Feb 21


– amazing news from DH
– “Daddy, we need to go to Mcds! Because we need more toys and I’m hungry right now!”
– Ty that we have the car if we just need to get out of the house

– pikachu eye surgery
– my toddler hiding guiltily by the fireplace, so I wouldn’t see the sucker he’d helped himself to

– old cheese!
– snack lunch w pattern blocks and Odyssey
– now they’re starting to build up!
– pattern block pizza
– a moment of grace w my son thanks to rend collective – strike 7, but I love you no matter what πŸ™‚

– after watching potty training videos for parents in my lap, my little toddler was happy to pick out some big boy underpants from our collection
– my big boy playing w the unit cubes

– spontaneous happy Friday present
– their cars magic marker pictures fit perfectly in the cars photo album! Thanks Holy Spirit!
– baby taking self-portraits
– beautiful chaos as the guys got out some crazy energy w daddy
– impromptu reading practice w Daddy

– grace from God as He carried me gently through a difficult day until DH was home, and even after. Awesome πŸ™‚

Sat Feb 22


– Ty that we have some time w just the big kids today while our 2 yr old goes on a play date πŸ™‚

– the ascension of Christ from this world into eternity, played out on the boys green wall
– an exclusive chocolate chip muffin party
– baby in hat and mits, already ready to go on his special outing

– a play date for two, aww they’re so cute πŸ™‚
– toddler’s gone, break out the k-nex!
– getting superman to read his books as the star in my videos- so I could have that sweet voice- I paid him in chocolate and we got them all done πŸ™‚
-big kid’s clock flower creation

-big kid’s steering wheel
– granola and fruit yougurt topped w honey
– boys working together, to count fingers and toes

– pikachu on his jet ski
– my robot, not bad lol
– still making contraptions!
– introducing the kids to robot and junkyard wars πŸ™‚

– mmm italian beef and pepperoni soup!
– my toddler hugging his Jesus all the way to bed, and then w the juice cup too, bawwww!
– singing their favourite song for bedtime πŸ™‚

Sun Feb 23


– Ty for hockey today
– Ty for a day for just rest and family

– hockey baby!
– patriotic breakfast πŸ™‚
– all of us piled on the bed to watch the game
-making Canada flags so the kids could all have their own
– gold!
– a big thick jet trail straight up from the house across the st

– baby carrying Jesus out of church
– a feather across the sky
– a beautiful mild day, 6 degrees!

– mmm Greek today
– pikachu joining us in the circle dr grace

– another great talk on the light
– church again, w the big kids
– teachable moment, my big kid didn’t pick up his blankie from church, he was really upset so I said a prayer and sat w him, and helped him to pray and learn from the experience- God’s grace to carry us both through
– and then all of a sudden he was giggling, happy

– extra grace for this week from receiving holy communion twice
– Ty for lovely time this afternoon and the grace of this miracle starting to come to light- it’s what I know You want- the world- needs this. And You chose me!
– Ty for all the good things You give !

Mon Feb 24


– Ty for a new week and flexibility to shift around school for the doctor’s tomorrow
– Ty that maybe DH is feeling better
– Ty for another day w these wonderful kids, even if they’re driving me crazy

– pikachu swaying singing the alleluia
– religion lesson on the couch, look mummy can turn a pencil to rubber! It’s a miracle! ( not)

– big kid is customizing the k-nex creations, he made a battleship like in junkyard wars
– easy meal for later
– sweetest little face bouncing around my kitchen w a backpack

– my fish dish was a delicious success, yum!
– squeals of success for Canada as the boys play hockey w daddy in the living room!
– our house is suddenly getting brighter πŸ™‚
– my toddler fell asleep w an unusual cuddle buddy πŸ™‚

Tues Feb 25


– Ty that I get to see the Dr today πŸ™‚
– Ty that nanny is coming too, and we’re going to get some things taken care of
– Ty that You walk with me every step of the way

– superman reading his book 4 to grandad
– school at Nanny’s and done by 10:30!

– Thy will be done, I had an intern do my check up first!
– heartbeat!
– boys all being brave for their needles
– kids meal reward for my big boys πŸ™‚
– and playtime in the playground
– meaningful figures there in lawtons
– there by Nanny’s driveway- a feather!

– just maybe an answer to Tyler’s prayer to see the Newsboys – God, it’s in Your hands
– my kitchen is just in utter chaos, but what should I expect w a miracle on the horizon! Everything can’t be that easy in this life, lol πŸ˜‰

– Jesus has a wound? I never noticed before….

Wed Feb 26


– big kid built a woman out of k-nex!

– look what came to me on the side of my toddler’s head, a white feather!
– a really good phone chat w a Mommy friend
– renewed energy after a nap!

– potty books for my toddler πŸ™‚
– phone chats w family and friends

Thurs Feb 27


– Ty for a day w structure- to test out what alarms I do and don’t need.

– baby, dry all night, sitting up on the potty first thing this morning πŸ™‚
– perfect crystal puff balls on everything
– mmm cinnamon oatmeal
– a new catchy faster version of our favourite rend collective song
– two little boys finger drumming on the blue desk
-yeah, 11 weeks is way too tiny!
– explaining to my 4 year old what a pun is
– storytime, reading through the life of St John Vianney

– potty party, w the big kids to keep him company

– a pretty paper angel under my dishwasher, just when I needed some divine assistance
– mmm crockpot chicken and bacon take 2 ( creamy bacon chicken) was delicious! Yum yum yum πŸ™‚
– captain barnacles w a light sabre
– Once Upon a Steak

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Fri Sept 20

 photo a1_zpsa593db6f.jpg
 photo a2_zps838a250c.jpg
 photo a3_zps568ee079.jpg
 photo a4_zpsbf3b1229.jpg
 photo a5_zps5166aa9c.jpg
 photo a6_zps086d04bb.jpg

– all the kids coming over and sitting w me on the kitchen floor to eat their breakfast too
– our living room, less cluttered than it’s ever been!
– my friend in my kitchen, cooking something delicious for us while I told her some of my glory stories- everything God’s been doing in my life the last few years except for Texas and God’s most recent miracle
– kids discovering a brand new awesome playground: the skatepark πŸ™‚
– baby turtle show on Netflix , so cute πŸ™‚
– sleeping baby snuggled under a warm blanket
– big kid riding circles around the driveway
– phone call w a political rep and a chance to have my voice heard

– more evidence of God’s wisdom and power w this move

Sat Sept 21

 photo b1_zpsd2176186.jpg
 photo b2_zps2e86b0d4.jpg
 photo b3_zps4540c9f5.jpg
 photo b4_zps9bb77a99.jpg
 photo b5_zpsb13e966b.jpg
 photo b6_zps0c291773.jpg

– roofing day…DH is helping my friend repair the roof of her house, alongside some Franciscan brothers..
– people I love up on a roof

– at last, superman got his flying dinosaur!
– foam Dino’s in their n64 world
– boys arriving at the fair
– my little superman pitcher scoring himself both chips AND pop w bean bags
– our first scavenger hunt, together we came in 2nd!
– 3 boys, even the littlest in a bouncy castle

 photo b7_zps6c0eff6b.jpg
 photo b8_zpsd2eaa7b5.jpg
 photo b9_zps5e40a99e.jpg

– blue sharks splashing in the pool
– the grace of actually being prepared! Sweaters and everything)
– boy’s all tied up in a hammock, swinging way up high w/O falling out
– hazy harbour scene

Sun Sept 22

 photo c1_zpsd98fb2eb.jpg
 photo c2_zpscf91118a.jpg
 photo c3_zps2aa1e858.jpg
 photo c4_zpsb467069e.jpg
 photo c5_zpsb46500ae.jpg
 photo c6_zpsb4fc85e2.jpg
 photo c9_zps1fd258c0.jpg

– grace here, kneeling on the floor on my pajamas, and w DH still there in bed
– beautiful day, windy but warm

– my little superman’s decision that he would share his love w a friend, and how that hug softened an angry little heart

– baby w his ride-on, scooting all around the driveway, using it as transportation from the steps to the car

– an angel looking down from the clouds
– egg puff w broccoli AND cauliflower
– lesson planning, jumping in w both feet, and w the help of the Holy Spirit figuring out how to work all the weeks while still coordinating the special days w their corresponding lessons ( and this sorting the rest of the weeks out)
– my ‘bday present’ from superman
– a sea of egg cartons

– my oldest watching intently as priests spoke about being a real man after Christ etc…
– my big kid really into the praise w his drum arms
– the incredible blessing of being here and receiving You, twice today
– my oldest rockin’ it on the drums
– our schoolroom all tidy and ready for the first day πŸ™‚

Mon Sept 13 First Official Day of Kindergarten

 photo d1_zpsadae1c19.jpg
 photo d2_zps7c0bb8e9.jpg
 photo d3_zpse6291bdb.jpg

– tiny little bums sticking up as sleepy kids roll over
– ‘Are you sleeping’, kid wake up music!
– cool fresh morning, clouds on the way out
– superman deciding to say his prayers all on his own
-w/o the distraction of praise music FIRST thing, breakfast on the table just after 8!

 photo d4-_zps6ff3216d.jpg
 photo d5_zps59528cdd.jpg
 photo d6_zps7e6488a6.jpg
 photo d7_zps2c011b5c.jpg
 photo d8_zpse09c8f39.jpg
 photo d9_zpsf519e483.jpg
 photo d10_zps70c3c066.jpg
 photo d11_zpsc4f2e120.jpg
 photo d12_zpse683c34c.jpg
 photo d13_zps329b6ad0.jpg

– perfect first day photos, outside and w his brothers in front of the dino wall
– DH coaching our oldest to draw mountains as practice for the letter A
– DH right away seeing what I no longer noticed: that the table was too high and our son would do much better in the school desk!
– while I was working w my school kid to draw a picture of himself- DH got out the bath foam letters and was helping the littler ones stick them to the wall! So creative πŸ™‚
– my son’s 1st self portrait ( w a little help) complete w monster hands
-the moments where DH was helping his son w school or working magic w the younger two- everything he brought to our homeschool and our day, worth the frustration of having him home w us today πŸ™‚

 photo d14_zpsfe0057a7.jpg
 photo d15_zpsbc04498b.jpg
 photo d16_zpsad57c681.jpg

 photo d17help_zps73ef0a41.jpg

– tiny tot curled up on the couch
– a re-do trip to the skatepark, to document the excitement πŸ™‚
– a first day picnic at our skatepark playground
– superman running fast fast!
– fall baby walking in fall leaves

– superhero story time w daddy and his boys
-‘Because of his quackness…. ‘ πŸ™‚

 photo d18_zps0337cc9c.jpg
 photo d19_zps5266f2cf.jpg

– baby flying up and down the road on his ride-on toy
– daddy riding on the back and even pulling a wheelie w superman on the tricycle
– family bike time, and my oldest getting faster and faster

– coloured layers in the evening sky
– a beautiful opening prayer service
– w a reception, perfect since I had missed dinner!
Wow, we are so blessed to have what we have w our inlaws, whenever we need something they have been there, and somehow, across great divides, we are all Christ to each other.
– surrender, and God’s timing

Tues Sept 24

 photo e1_zpsd1c540c4.jpg
 photo e2_zps5acac473.jpg
 photo e3_zps282bf8a2.jpg
 photo e4_zps46090ff3.jpg
 photo e5_zpsca6e9a79.jpg
 photo e6_zpse5ced694.jpg

– I’m thankful that I get more Cheerios! ( j)
– – that we get to do 1 page in who Am I today ( T)
– ty for making a beautiful Cheerio tree

– going through some of our school opening even before everyone’s done breakfast when necessary…it helps when we’re running late

– folding diapers while my son practiced his letter As πŸ™‚
– a wonderful meditation, on working out our salvation, and just what God wanted to share w someone on my FB πŸ™‚
– deep green couch and stripes in the cozy blanket,and a perfect spot for a nap

-surprise, a kitty curled in the grass
– spontaneous kitty love πŸ™‚
– the cat that would not leave my side as I walked on, so I told it to come along, and it did
– the kitty walking before me like an angel
-it followed me all the way home, NEVER LEAVING MY SIDE

Wed Sept 25

 photo f1_zpsce30f27f.jpg
 photo f2_zps777a49e2.jpg
 photo f3_zpsed26af6a.jpg
 photo f4_zps3d39dc19.jpg

 photo f5_zpsb1791504.jpg
 photo f6_zps69e45a8b.jpg
 photo f7_zpsc5b2b95e.jpg

– 2 boys attentive w missals
– praying like the woman w the hemorrhage, if I but touch him
– morning prayer of trust from the depths of my soul before Jesus
-our missing blankie, spotted by my oldest on a shelf at church
– baby goldfish feet

– kid sanctioned/initiated quiet rest time
– boy’s snuggled up watching dinosaurs
– my big kid discovering a great affinity for fresh peas, shelling every one he could get his hands on- and eating them all too
– lesson planning from the couch

– love persisting, and hope that kept fighting, despite the evidence
– the boys left to play w DH’s buddy, just the 4 of them πŸ™‚
– an IV bag being squeezed by a blood pressure pump
– That God lets me know about these major events ahead of time, even giving idea of when they will occur, such that I know so clearly that He is in it and behind it
– new experiences: riding in an ambulance to get to the other hospital
– unconditional love all around me in my time of need
– a sweet gesture from DH’s friend, a link to some comforting bible verses
– my sweet SUMITES ( and mom too) lifting me up w words of love and in prayer
– at last freedom to go home and rest

Thurs Sept 26

 photo g1a_zpsd9b72d95.jpg
 photo g5_zps64aa0952.jpg
 photo g6_zps190b0df6.jpg
 photo g7_zpsfb5f1665.jpg
 photo g8_zps1c046a8e.jpg
 photo g9_zpse2122bed.jpg
 photo g10_zps2f347b18.jpg
 photo g11_zps1fc32d71.jpg

– coming into nanny’s room, a little brighter and inviting, a tiny gift of hope
– baby brought me a pirate ship to sail the blanket sea πŸ™‚
– my SUM sisters walking by my side through all of this w words of love and divine wisdom
– breakfast in bed, delicious apple pancakes
-Oh Lord, I thank You for making Your ways so clear to me.
-morning rest: prayer, love over fb, and some music to help me feel better

-3 boys w playdoh…
– a lunch date w just DH and baby
– light but hearty lunch
– baby giving me a horseshoe fry
-out the window, a dome-like globe in the sky, as I continued to think about our ‘miracle baby’

– beads for a special project
– words and messages of love and hope all around me
– a spontaneous hunt for apple pie, just because we can

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Here we go, still on time even though I sort of forgot to go back and finish writing the rest last night. As always, pictures and some more details will follow, for now it’s time for my exercises πŸ™‚

1. Routine update: I’m now on the 3rd month of my new routine, and I’ve made some observations. The first month went great, then reality and exhaustion set in and it largely fell by the wayside. But this month I’ve been able to bring it back, stronger than before.

I’ve been gradually adding in more and more of the things to my days. First there is one day where I actually do something new from the routine for the first time. That is the first hurdle. Then eventually because I’ve done it once I begin to pick it up here and there from week to week till I’m doing it at least a few times a week, even most of the time. Then finally it gets established to where it’s a priority and it gets done regardless, even if it’s not at the appointed time (and the rare occasions where it gets missed is not enough to derail the habit). There are several things in this category now: morning prayer, making the bed, exercise, turning the tv off mid-morning time, story time, afternoon prayer time – in some form – and making supper when I have a plan, and quiet together time and a show with hubby before bed.

The items in the works for reaching priority status next are: planning my day in the early morning-and especially reading the routine (planning in general largely got off track due to the frustration over trying to find non-spicy, cheese-free meals the whole family will eat – haha), listening to the focus on the family broadcast (I sometimes miss the start or more), a habit of praise music while doing diapers/tending the kids’ first needs of the day etc, getting dressed, cleaning up the kitchen after meals, general consistent housework time (still trying to figure out the best time of day for this).

And lastly, the things that are not even happening YET: using timers to plan out my computer time so I can be productive, putting on praise music for the in-between kitchen times (ideally whenever I’m doing housework), a proper bedtime routine with the kids (clean up of toys and story time and teeth brushed every night), leaving my kitchen tidy and maybe sweeping the floor, evening relaxation time after supper.

In addition, I had scheduled in my afternoon prayer time, ideally, for 4:30– right before DH comes home so I’m at my best for him – but that just doesn’t work with a baby that is getting cared for on demand, so I’ve decided to take that quiet time with God in the afternoon whenever one or more of the kids are down for a nap. I’ve also started getting up when my husband does, allowing me to see him off for the day and to get a head start at being on time because I’m usually up for the day and done praying by about 7:15.

2. This week Focus on the Family had a special broadcast remembering Chuck Colson. He had a number of good points, but what struck me most were his comments on pride. It was exactly what I needed to hear. In fact, as I was putting together my post on the broadcast, I was surprised to realize that I didn’t have a ‘humility’ category on my blog. I guess I’ve never written about it seriously, so it’s pretty unlikely that I was ever really living it. Clearly, CLEARLY it is something that requires a lot more consideration on my part!

Also, I listened to a beautiful presentation by Lisa Harper.

You can listen to the entire thing here: http://www.focusonthefamily.com/popups/media_player.aspx?MediaId={682C7AAA-F0DB-421F-BBF3-AE0CBF81D242} and here: http://www.focusonthefamily.com/radio.aspx?ID={E7709025-4748-4E18-8372-0664AA19D62F}

“God is with you. He hasn’t left, he’s not going to, regardless of what your walking through, regardless sof what you face when you leave this place. He promises again and again and again that regardless of how painful it gets that His providence will NEVER take us to a place where His grace won’t sustain us.

I know the God who is the father to the fatherless an the husband to the husbandless. The God who not only created this world but who said, β€˜I won’t just be your maker. I’ll be your husband. I’ll be the lover of your soul! I’ll never leave you. I’ll love you more than you can even imagine and nothing NOTHING will separate you from my love’.”

3. On Thursday my best friend came over for the afternoon to have a cheese party with me. When I told her how I was not having cheese and missing it she mentioned a dairy-free cheese substitute and offered to come over so we could make nachos with it. While she was shopping for the ingredients she thought we could have pizza too, so it was a real cheese party (with fake cheese). I thought it was so thoughtful that she not only mentioned the substitute product but also make the time to come and share it with me in person πŸ™‚ I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like, so I was thrilled. Turns out she’d also been wanting pizza lately but with her diabetes it’s usually not something she can have. However-homemade is no problem.

We had a lovely time making our pizza with the freshest most delicious ingredients, taking some special maternity photos, going through the mountain of baby clothes I had gathered for her, and catching up with each other. And the cheese substitute is not the same, but it’s really not a bad imitation. It satisfied my craving for some of my favorite cheese foods πŸ™‚

While she was here I also took some maternity photos for her. She wanted something along the lines of what I had my husband take in the fall since GASP, I had to be in them! We were blessed with purple crocuses and that perfect late afternoon sunshine for our shoot. It was a ton of fun for me, even though I only spent about 40 minutes total behind the camera, and she absolutely loved them!



The day was just what we both needed.

I had been feeling really run down and short on love lately. As a result God had seemed far away and I longed for those moments of pure joy at His blessings and to experience that truly thankful mindset again. I had been giving and giving (patience with the kdis and hubby, careing for the needs my family and offering prayers for hubby, all while trying to love him like Christ) and I had nothing left to give anymore. I think I just needed to be filled back up. I needed to feel loved, and our time together brought that – love from a dear friend and in extension, love and blessing from God. Almost from the minute she arrived I stumbled blissfully back into it all, and the life in me that had been gone came flooding back.

And with it came the gratitude. I see once again that I am truly blessed. I look at my kids tucked up in bed, I look at even one of them, a little unique individual I look down at the baby in my arms etc, and I wonder, how do I get to have 3 of them?! How did I ever get so blessed!? Same with hubby, God continues to love me through my husband, the man he gave me. How did I wind up with the cutie, such a sweet adorable guy, how is it that I have this man to love me for the rest of my life?! And I am in awe of God and His divine plan, to create human beings in His image, free to both give and receive love! I see the love in all of these, the potential, the love they have to share with the world! They bring their own love, each of them.

I have the joy again, and it’s so strong and deep it’s like supernatural joy! Boy was it worth the wait.

4. This week I started giving the baby a bit of cereal. He’s not on it routinely twice a day, but it does help him feel full. I would just give it to him when he’s still hungry after nursing, except that I’ve found if he’s not really hungry it’s hard to get it into him. So, I make him a small bowl once or twice a day.

Of course, I won’t be going beyond basic rice cereal and crackers until 6 months, but it is helpful to have him not hungry all the time.

He has also mastered the finger-sookie. He sticks two fingers in his mouth when he needs something and will even settle himself down to sleep this way.

Behold the mad finger-sookie skillz

5. CARS fever has taken over our house.

The kids ask to watch the youtube cars 2 playlist daily, they play with the cars all day and my big kid always wants to take them to bed. This is not the best idea as it would be uncomfortable to roll over in their sleep, so mummy does not allow it. Instead, she made a parking lot of beds for them to sleep on in the living room:

As fads go, even Mommy thinks the CARS are pretty cute. The movies have good story lines and endearing creative characters. That’s what it is, pixar movies just have such creativity, they are so put together, right down to the littlest details: for example, the little flies that buz around in the first movie are mini volkswagon beetle ‘bugs’. I actually picked a few of the CARS cars up from a yardsale a couple years ago because I thought they were really cute, before I ever saw the movies…

My big kid will be getting some more for his birthday in a few months, and in the process, Mummy just might be getting one too.

Check out the Pope with his Popemobile πŸ™‚

Yes it is something of the world, but God is still behind it (divine inspiration), and He loves to delight His children!

In a house full of older brothers, CARS initiation starts eary!


6. On Saturday we took the kids to the local museum. I hadn’t been since I was in school so we’d never taken the kids. It was also the last day of the rainforest exhibit with real exotic creatures. Very cool. Also, my big kid was really taken with it. We happened to catch one of the demo shows and he was the first to volunteer to help. AND he let the tarantula crawl across his hand and didn’t freak out at all. Proud Mommy moment right there.

7. Any guesses what this week’s movie was?

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1. The heartburn has been pretty bad lately, and as a result I’m usually not that interested in food… add on how tired I’ve been feeling and I’m not eating a whole lot these days… sigh. Yogurt is the one thing that seems to help. I have a big tub of vanilla yogurt in the fridge, and I made some fruit parfaits, with the fruit still frozen the way they make them at McDonalds. I dreamt about them last night, and woke up in the night starving and now am craving one. I want them to thaw a little, but still mostly be frozen, because that’s how I remember them.

2. It’s hard to believe I could be giving birth in less than a week… It’s been 9 Months in the making, but it still doesn’t seem real: I’ve been pregnant so long I can’t really get my head around the thought of not being pregnant!

That said, it may still be more than a week, argh, as I found out on wed that the ultrasound due date is actually Dec 21, which IMO is NOT okay. THAT is too close to Christmas! They haven’t actually changed my due date though, because it’s less than 10 days difference (but 7 is still pretty close to 10…). I certainly don’t want to have to wait that long, I would be very happy to go tonight or over the weekend. There is something I want to do the morning of my due date (the 14th), and DH’s adult work xmas party at the Dinner Theatre is the 17th. I would be perfectly happy to go there WITH a tiny baby, but I really don’t want to have to miss it.

I have always gone right around my due date, and with my little guy the ultrasound did change the date, but he still came 4 days before the new projected one, so I would expect baby to come anytime from about the 12th – 18th.

The plan when I go home from the hospital is to spend a week (or more or less) at my in-laws house where I will have help while I rest and recover and adjust to the new little one. If the baby doesn’t come by the 21st, it would probably be easier to just stay home and maybe DMIL can come over here… Regardless and UNLESS I’m ACTUALLY IN THE HOSPITAL GIVING BIRTH, we WILL be at home Christmas eve night and Christmas morning to celebrate our first Christmas in our new house!

3. Because baby could be here anytime, I made plans to get together with my best friend as soon as possible, to get a photo of the two of us while we were both still pregnant. I found some little bibs at my mom’s house for us to hold to help set the scene.


4. Luckily, baby didn’t come as early as last Sunday… First we had booked DH’s work kids party, then I wanted the kids to be in the Church nativity, which was also the same day. Lastly, a few days before we found out that the little girl across the street was having her b-day party that Sunday as well, and we were just able to squeeze that in between the other 2 things.


Even though I was so sick I stayed home from church the 1st Sunday of advent, I still took the kids for their rehearsal because especially as they’d missed a few already, they needed all the practice they could get. When it came to the actual show they still weren’t perfect, both left the stage several times and my 3 year old the frog even showed up on stage with a big silver star on his tummy at one point…. I snuck over to the side to take a photo, then took it back off him.


It was all worth it though, look how cute they were!


All grandparents were in attendance to watch the adorableness. One doting fan wrote: “Yesterday afternoon I got to watch a Christmas Nativity Pageant with a parade of animals around the Christ Child, including the most adorable little frog and turtle you ever saw (aka my two grandsons). One touch I especially liked, was at the end, instead of the usual Santa Claus, in came St. Nicholas himself, with mitre and crosier and red chausible and gave a little talk about his life so long ago, before handing out candy canes.”


I too really liked that surprise touch, and my 3 year old was the first one over to him!

We were able to drop in at the birthday party for about 30 minutes, just long enough to snack a bit and watch her open her presents. Then we went to DH’s work party. Everybody was still swimming so it wasn’t too hard for me to sneak their presents into Santa’s sack for later! The parents buy the presents for the kids and each one has a $25 limit, reimbursed by the company etc. So I picked some little wooden trains for the kids, the other 2 engines from the Misty Island movie. Too bad Ferdinand is nowhere to be seen :S Both kids were very happy with their surprises.


5. DH’s birthday was on Saturday, he too joined the ranks of being a 1/4 of a century old. He was the first real recipient of a proper breakfast in bed, complete with a tray and a bit of decoration (I insisted on the tray if there was going to be toast eaten in the bed). Then he drove to the valley to pick up his best friend for the day, and took the kids for the drive. While they were gone I set up the kids’ nativity and put back their prayer table in the sunroom.

He got a favorite meal for lunch, Chinese take-out and then he put up our artificial tree. After lunch he went out with friends go karting then he and his friend rigged up the last of the outdoor Christmas lights for me πŸ™‚ He picked what he wanted for dinner and we all sat down to eat together, and finished off with delicious chocolate mousse cake from Superstore, a happy medium between an expensive ice cream cake and a simple McCain deep and delicious cake.


I also let the kids each pick a present for daddy. It was going to be from the dollar store, but in the end they each picked something from the candy bars in the grocery check out line. I helped them wrap them etc in the afternoon and they gave them to daddy when he came back home. My 3 year old even mostly wrapped his present himself! He knew to fold the paper around etc, but I had to help with the tape..

6. Check out the Christmas in my house! I think my nesting instinct has manifested itself in Christmas decorating this year… I still have yet to set up my new nativity set or to finish the archway and tree, but it’s definitely starting to feel more festive in here πŸ™‚

7. Speaking of Christmas Decor, check out some of the stunning red and white decorations on this blog:

Pinecone garland (I love this, but would want fake cranberries instead of toadstools (and kids that wouldn’t destroy it…) )

A complete holiday bedroom ❀

Fancy butter dish

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