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Friday came way, WAY too fast this week…

Fri Jul 12

– a robot trapped in the shower
– religious images chalk stretching out across the parking lot
– baby trying to carry the signs
– Mass for all the kids at the end of bible camp, a chance to experience everything they have been learning all week
– a colorful paper chain to decorate the sacristy
– plates and chalices shining by the altar

– my oldest’s seed sprouted already!
– my little guy chasing after balloons in the parking lot
– ice cream and vanilla cupcake with strawberries and chocolate
– boy’s washing hands, my oldest didn’t need a footstool!
– baby doing his own top buckle!
– a sold sign on our new house 🙂

– w Jesus, peace in the moving crazy

-my oldest walking his baby brother to the neighbour’s house
-middle son blowing the monster party horn
– baby being very gentle w the kitty for a moment
– a fb message form Lynn, instantly my day is brighter
– 2 little boys on bikes
– spider- Sandra
-superman carrying daddy’s lunchbox
– a deer right in my yard

-flying dove in the Mazda logo
– no to boating after dark- but – it’s
Only out of concern for our safety
only out of love…
– superman running in and out of the cabin past grandad
– golden light hitting Dh’s fishing rod as he cast into the sun
– s zig zag behind us in the water
– perfect sunset
-walking my oldest excitedly down the wharf by his life jacket hook

-table loaded w fireworks
-backlit lichen dangling from a tree like stalactites
– boy’s climbing in the fire engine
-Night reflections, lights on the water
– lights on at a boathouse by the opening of the cove
– the perfect spot right down by the water
-after 4 years, finally, photographing the cove fireworks over the water at last

– tire tracks in the dark lit by street lights
– words of hope and encouragement on SUM, when I needed it

Sat jul 13

– Ty that You have a plan…for me…
– baby pushing up the dome of the comforter with his sleeper foot
– play time giggles w baby on my bed
– God! I offer this prayer for nanny and daddy! (T)
– family rosary by the ocean
-God, Jesus, thank you for helping me … Please help mummy cause she’s struggling…(j)
– a soft white feather right there on the ground, as I walked to my prayer spot
– grace to finally let go and give the iPhone and lost photos to God

– 2 seagulls doing battle in the air over dinner
– boy’s at the beach
– baby sound asleep in a corner of the bedroom
– my 5 yr old, just sitting in the water
– one of my favourite spots on earth, around that corner is the breeze and the ocean

– great doves in the clouds
– sky and highway reflected in Dh’s sunglasses
– following the same clouds all the way home
– one dove resting right over our house
– some sort of beetle come to rest on me
– swirling Holy Spirit vortex full of doves…
– a babysitter for the 2 big kids for 2 days so we can pack, everything
– baby ‘helping’ disorganize as he played with everything we tried to work on
– beach baby vs box daddy!
– packing, everything. It’s all part of the experience…
– daddy and baby gone for a ride down the road
– a live stream link to bears waiting and catching salmon swimming upstream

– baby putting our kd pot away in his kitchen
– happy baby laying on the couch playing independently
– the mail and key hook plate, packed to come with us

Sun jul 14

– a rainbow on my ceiling
-morning prayer: a light quick breakfast on the deck with my Lord
– Jesus come to sit and hold me after communion

-Grandma’s saga!!
-grandma speaking excitedly about her saga and God’s part in it, using my own words!!! ‘ this is the climax, this is the part that really had God’s hand all over it… ‘

-2 of the most beautiful dark blue antique arm chairs free by the side of the road
– rockin out w DH to a song I normally can’t stand, just because I know he enjoys it
– hugs for baby
– God, and the iPhone are amazing, the pictures that would not save on the weekend and disappeared from RAM showed up when I freed up enough space!
– fishing sheds and a paddler lit from behind by evening sun

-ice cream!
– styrofoam bowls on top of our car
– baby footprints on the seat
– daddy and baby, one in each new chair
– a fond farewell to the dove on the cupboard, light swinging the shadow one last time

Mon Jul 15

-T’s plant is tall as a bean!!
– one last family day in our little blue trailer
– the kids bedding all folded up to pack
– that we had one last night in our trailer (t)
– that we’re going to Nanny’s tonight

– how does the heaven machine work? -t. ( Jesus comes and gets you!)
– writing and drawing practice
-watching the st Nicholas DVD in the blue armchairs
-this is the lamp of God! – t

– capturing the finished product, the sites DH put in, now painted brown to match the rest of the deck
– my oldest kneeling before our increasingly bare altar
– baby with his hand stretched out in praise to Jesus over the prayer table
-each of us giving a kiss to Jesus in turn
– baby giving Jesus lots of kisses
– hockey in the living room
– opening my eyes to see my prayer arms, were stretched out just like Jesus
– my little sticker face

– papers for the lawyer
– blue and yellow, nanny’s room looked so pretty
– that DH and I gave each been dealing with one of the house- buying people, so neither one of had to take care of everything…

– birds and a plane flying overhead
– baby walking ahead of me down the road, as if by himself
– unique yellow feather!
– red and black bug on our front door

Tues Jul 16

– power in the wind
– fresh perspective and wild hope on all of this house struggle
– blessing the house for the new owners
– packing up the school cupboard
-finally hearing that everything with the mortgage is taken care of

– three robot transformers, blue green and orange

– appliance shopping
– boot brush on the truck next to us in traffic
– resting in store w paint samplers spread out on the shop couch

– bright blue sweater and accent wall
– entertaining baby in the lawyers office for 2 hours, with paperclips, pens and caps, wheelie chairs, an iPhone and McDonald’s toys

– KFC dinner on the porch
– prayer walk w baby along
-plastic metal grill for something cool, someday
– baby frogs
– Joel in the pavement

– baby inspecting our new house
– perfect set up figured out for our doing room/schoolroom
– a little friend in the sink
– evening sun shining on the backyard out the basement window
– sunshine in my new kitchen
– baby dragging around the green bin
– baby reaching for our agent’s arms

– bargain basement w lots of cheaper appliances ready to take home now
– side by side fridges
– whispy feathery clouds in the parking lot
– pooh singing baby lullabies as he peacefully settles down to sleep all by himself

Wed jul 17 – moving day!

– blue chairs and cross, perfect for our blue living room

-With God, trusting Him enough to pack up our lives, while still waiting for the new house to be ours ( even thought)
– hs led, the perfect tribute video for our first home, complete with soundtrack
– heart attack on our engagement photo

– hands of promise
– my grace wall offering laid at His feet
– our daily schedule as viewed from a toddler
– walking through our house packing, w music, arms raised in praise
– DH pacing around the back yard, still on the phone: it’s gotten to the point where I just have to laugh
– toys hidden in the garden
– my friend and her forrester helping us move
– yellow sneaker from the rearview
– getting our home just in time for my friend to see inside
– bookshelves fit perfectly into our new living room

– miracle and wonder, the neighbour across the st from Nanny, that I never thought I’d see again, outside w her kids inviting us to the playground
– boy’s holding hands
– baby swinging and talking in her phone
– the sweetest words and cuddles from superman, he missed me!
– wagon rides
– a feather woven right through the mesh at the base of the stroller

– the soft thud as flyer packs fly out of a truck as it drives up the road
– the hot wheels car all charged up and zipping around the kitchen floor
– a one eye horseshoe on nanny’s carpet walking around (t)

– chicken dinner
– baby sitting on the piano
– boy’s snuggling for bedtime story
– superman almost asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow

Thurs jul 18

the kids like Nanny better, which means I’m doing my job 🙂
– 3 kid kisses to make my head fell better

– Dino pirate in the crows nest
– lights glinting off the tv like Hollywood flashes
– the view at nanny’s chocolate pink Jammie’s and a blue living room

– what looks like writing in the sky again, still can’t read it!
– 3 Aliant trucks just to wire up our house!?
– the bench in the perfect spot, out on our front porch

– walking in to a house full of our stuff
– 3 Aliant guys puzzling over how to cable our house
– first look at our new bedrooms

– the Internet come back to my phone with no adjustments, in the new house
– lights twinkling fast on the switch and modem
-blue Jesus on the chair, my makeshift altar
– paint samplers spread on our bed

– a trailer loaded with new to us appliances
– feather clouds all around
– familiar yet foreign, on the outside looking in at our blue trailer
– what looked like a charred leaf on the ground
– coming home to our new house for the first time
– Jesus with His sacred heart next door

– inner peace despite the pain of a pounding headache


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Up on time this morning for the 2nd time this week, and I was able to spend close to an hour taking beautiful photographs of my lent and Easter windowsill in the early morning light.

But, now I need to start going with the schedule, before it gets to be just as late as every other morning…

Fri April 26
I’m thankful for Your patience!
Rock Paper Scissors -t, j
My oldest’s reading, he’s pretty quick with even some bigger words now, like in the stations cards
The sweetest brother high chair embrace
Rows of water droplets on the front door
Spider-Man at the front door looking out
A moment of peace as my middle son slowly sings his thanks to God, A gentle reminder, I’m doing something right!
Alfredo pepper pasta

Hubby our agent and I around a table discussing real estate again
Baby talking into the lock box key code pad like a phone
The kids hiding toys in the agent’s bag
Baby with the oven mitts trying to get supper
Tuna casserole topped with potato chips

Sat Apr 27
The lock box on our door, it’s official
-Easter baby
-My long lost I resign bracelet, at the bottom of my shirt drawer
-Making a bigger mess in order /while to clean up
-headlights through the mist of a car wash
-a little baseball complete with the playing of the national anthem on saxophone
Rows of clouds lit by the sun reflected on the entire side of the car
– taking a step of faith and sorting through clothes in preparation to move, while re-living listening to Intentional life
-a single daffodil in bloom
– the best gift jammies, ready to go on top of the winter box
-feeling full of Him, hands raised and with the light shining reflected in the window

Sun Apr 28
-Inspiration to help share a beautiful video with the young ladies from last week
-She replied, I wasn’t too late
– baby pizza slices

Pants hat Sunday
Baby wide eyed reaching for the lock box
My middle son suddenly w giant feet

Little girls all in white
Blessed to witness firsthand one little girl’s reverence as she received Jesus for the first time

Mummy, there’s a rainbow on you!
Finding out the leader did share the video I sent, today
Well received, you could have heard a pin drop 🙂

My oldest looking distinguished like a mini uncle
My middle son letting himself out of the car all by himself when he woke up from his nap
Tarp car parachute

Dishwasher lined with little glasses

Mushrooms in cheese sauce; oh how I had missed you!
My brother’s War cry and charge with a stick

Boldly and authentically sharing the story of my odyssey with God around our Sunday brunch table with my brother and his wife
Light and dark, His and her tea mugs

Just sitting by the house w Jesus
Baby stretching his sock above his head in an attempt to pull it off
Battleship with hubby at opposite ends of the couch
The ship keel visible under the plastic water

Mon Apr 29
-my middle son w the rosary book in his little lap, to pray through on his own since he didn’t join in with the rest of us
*Ty for warm sun,birds singing and one crocus open in my front yard
*Sweet buttery caramel

*The little patch of sand washed into our driveway, perfect for little boys to play in

My oldest just lounging in the middle of the back yard

Grace wall revisited- with/in the spirit

*Falling suddenly to my knees in awe before My suffering Lord- the price of Love.

*Two more finished flowers!!!
The smell of charcoal!
A welcome home Daddy hug
Baby and middle son w a big cardboard box

The kids all buckled themselves in the back seat!
All 3 boys rocking out in the back seat, on their way to get haircuts
My oldest exclaiming ‘I look like a man!’
Boys w their coats backwards
My middle son, getting through his haircut w no whining and no tears!!! Hooray for being 3!
It’s making my hair bumpy!-j
Ciao Italian photo
A cute new ‘do
A long conversation on homeschooling and faith and life my daily appointment 🙂

Tues Apr 30

*- fog and light through my Easter window
*-4 seasons of CDs
– a box full of trains and cars
-a dancing cactus of BBQ sauce in the middle of Mexican plate
* – Flash Gordon in a sticky situation; caught by T-Rex
Baby reaching for the fridge
My helper on his toilet paper for a footstool
*-instant calm when I gave cranky baby the box of kitchen toys
*- a good big lunch, sandwiches and stir fry
-Kisses and snuggles from my 16 month old/toddler
-quiet time w Faustina
*-a way to actually get through a book with baby- holding him and walking
– 3 boys w juice

Rows and rows of shadows down the street
* Shadow groups on the roof across the street

A slightly different pants hat on Tuesday
Baby with the stack cups
All the cars lined up on the shelf
The coolest dance move capture -my 3 ye old really makes us laugh!
*Little Brother sword fight
Family fun w/o even trying
Everybody dance now- all 3 boys busting a move at the first few beats of daddy’s song (fashionable people)

Wed May 1

-joy blog post from Ann
– that we’re here at all (church)

-my oldest, latching onto our parish priest all of a sudden

Oh saving victim ‘opening wide, the gates of heaven to us below’ as we all filed onto chapel, the kids running wild and a little unruly, wow, all of us, are so unworthy, what generosity He shows us!!! What amazing grace!!!

-let the little children come to me- my kids around the chapel altar looking up at Jesus in the blessed sacrament
*-2 more of the fuzzy chairs free by the side of the road

-3 boys w their chairs in a circle to chat
-that the sun came out

-the sleeping baby slump
– boy’s performing praise songs
– remembering The heart that loves so much
-Jesus looking up to heaven in the clouds out the window

Assembling a last-minute cookie tray from my freezer 🙂

-all of us, chatting w some other ladies from church for almost an hour after everyone left
-grace, wisdom, to see us all as equals, weak but beloved children of God!

Gentle reminder from the hs, to buy a bday card for mom!
– my favourite yoghurt now in full size and even individual packages, and a wealth of new flavours!
The kitchen floor covered with Sobeys bags, we have been so BLESSED!

-Shimmers of silver shining in the mirror
-Finding, holding, my first silvery white strand of hair!! A sign of age and wisdom

Thurs May 2

that I’m not alone, You are always with me

-my son at the door w a flower from my garden 😦
-grace to be gentle

-a great burst of tiny bubbles from the dish soap bottle

-that at least I have my kids to love and be loved by, when I am lonely

*-That You are the one building my puzzle
-That you let me also see how the pieces fit and even To help put it together
-that you have an infinite supply of love stored up for us, that Your love really is ENOUGH!

Deep red Spring buds on the trees

-my oldest discovering Joan of arc in 2 different books

-getting lost w Faustina in a sea of Mercy, that mystical force of love I have only had the tiniest glimpses of

-watching my little superheroes run around the back yard

-delicious pork chops

-tree branches shadow against the light in the sky

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From Jesus Calling, this couldn’t be more directed at me right now!

Stop trying to work things out before their times have come. Accept the limitations of living one day at a time. When something comes to your attention, ask Me whether or not it is part of today’s agenda. If it isn’t, release it into My care and go on about today’s duties. When you follow this practice, there will be a beautiful simplicity about your life: a time for everything, and everything in its time.

A life lived close to Me is not complicated or cluttered. When your focus is on My Presence, many things that once troubled you lose their power over you. Though the world around you is messy and confusing, remember that I have overcome the world. I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have Peace.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.
—Ecclesiastes 3:1

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May 21


While I largely fell in love with the little blue trailer, one thing that really bothered me was that there was no access to the back yard from the deck. To get to the back yard you had to go out the front door and walk around in through the gate or go out the back door down steep narrow steps (and the door opened OUT wich was difficult when the kids wanted to come IN). It just seemed silly to me. Maybe I’m just spoiled, but I envisioned being able to walk out onto my deck and down into the back yard like at my mom’s house.

So I made plans to open up the back yard by putting steps off the deck. I let it go last year as we had just moved in and were also doing the grass, but once spring came it was high priority on my list. So on Saturday DFIL and DH cut a hole in the railing and put in steps to the yard.

I think they did a great job 🙂

The plan was to put in a gate, but the kids are getting better at not running off so it may not be necessary.

Now my favorite place to pray is sitting on the steps looking out onto my backyard 🙂


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Keeping my Quick Takes short and sweet again, so as to actually get them up in time.

This week I…

1. Had my last class of my university career.

– Attended the CCO Spring Banquet and received this award:

2. Went to all 3 nights of a Lenten Mission with our former parish priest (without any kids!).

– Realized what it feels like to be on the receiving end of criticism.

– Had my last meeting with my CCO mentor 😦 . (Since I’m graduating I’m no longer eligible for their attention 😦 )

– Wrote out my personal faith testimony before the blessed sacrament.

3. Made several trips to the trailer.

a couch…

a dining room table


patio set

– Watched and oversaw the painting of the boys room


what you doing nanny?

me too!

the first plan, lighten up the blue we already had..

that was too dark so we bought some new paint

old blue

new blue

4. Designed/Planned a Japanese Sanctuary for our bedroom.



Roughly this color for the room

paint samplers and my candle

bedding-something similar, but prob black and white not brown

sweet calendar I want to get from the states

5. Tidied up my room here and took my last few photos my room so I can pack my things up.

6. Dealt with an extremely Cranky Toddler and 2 major tantrums.

7. Saw two cute crafts on Mister Maker: A chalk planet picture and these little spoon bugs that would look so cute as magnets on a fridge!

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Apr 1

Quick Takes

1. Faith Stuff

-Living in the Spirit – or something.
I’ve noticed since I began really structuring my day around prayer (and not the other way round) that I hardly ever totally forget about God anymore. It’s like there are constant reminders, a little voice that reminds me not to be selfish etc, or helps me to be patient, or to do little acts of kindness. I’d say this started back at the beginning of lent but definitely in the last month has really become noticable, as I truly keep drawing closer and closer to God, without falling away in a moment. As usually I have my 2-3 min morning offering, then in the afternoon before I touch my computer I take the 10 minute prayer window (give or take) to go through PRAY and to read from my bible and the daily reading for the 40 day Treasure in Heaven booklet. If I’m driving anywhere that day, to school or playgroup, anywhere where I have 15-20 minutes of driving, I put on the rosary CD and pray through that. Then, at the end of the day, I pray through a simplified Vespers and the Office of the readings every night before bed-with no excuses. Finally, when all else fails I remember to BREATHE, (a trick I learned from the Source study, where you take a moment to pray out the bad stuff and call on the Holy Spirit to fill you again, which for me this involves actual breathing more than anything else. ) It helps to keep us accountable, we turn to the spirit right away in our weakness, instead of letting the gap between us and God grow in the stretches between confessions. And now when I need help, I remember where to turn. My whole day is gradually becoming a prayer. It is truly living my entire life WITH God.

-We are called, even when we’re hurt, to not become harsh or locked in our own grief but to reach out in love. Our body should radiate divine love, at all times.

LOTH-Prayer, fasting and mercy :
To make these acceptable, mercy must be added. Fasting bears no fruit unless it is watered by mercy. Fasting dries up when mercy dries up. Mercy is to fasting as rain is to earth. However much you may cultivate your heart, clear the soil of your nature, root out vices, sow virtues, if you do not release the springs of mercy, your fasting will bear no fruit.

I NEED to work on this, to be kind and especially to radiate Mercy: mercy to my in-laws, when they don’t show it to me, mercy to my husband when I find myself repeating the same thing again and again and mercy when my kids should be forgiven or are not fully culpable-even if I’m upset with them. Definitely an area to grow in.

-CCO had another faith leader event on Friday last week, complete with a talk and adoration. This time I finally heard a certain CCO staff member’s testimony. I’d been wondering for a while as I had never heard his story. I haven’t met a lot of really warm friendly people (all the time not just sometimes) and it just seemed like he had to have been brought up in faith and lived it all his life, so I was surprised to hear how he had been just a typical university student. I actually found it incredibly humbling, He’s just like me. We all fail, we all fall short of the Glory of God. And, we’re all in it together!
After the talks to start the evening we sang Our God. Still full of joy for Tanya, I let my heart brim over in praise and joy as we sang. AND, I had a moment where I felt a brush with the greatest most intense love, just beyond me. That did something. I feel like God is right here whenever I need Him, and He no longer feels far off. It’s like now I know he is here, just beyond human perception, even though I can’t see Him.


I give you all of me. You’ve shown me far too much for me to ever turn back, so I just draw closer and closer.

-Our whole life is planned, laid out before God. No matter what we’re experiencing, joy or sorrow, deep peace and gratitude or great pain – God has a plan for it! All we have to remember, is God has a plan for this. We put our trust in him, and he will help us through anything.

-Humillity-You’re no better than anyone else, but, God LOVES you.

-The rosary cd suggests us to offer the 3 Hail Mary’s at the beginning, that we might have an increase of faith hope and love. Relegating this into what I’m working on, as I pray them I try to focus on:
Faith – Trusting God in all things
Hope – Joy (choosing to be positive and happy)
Love – Kindness-real acts of love beyond the feelings in my heart.

-Thoughts on the Rosary CD – Sorrowful Mysteries
We can only win the victory (come out victorious) by going through the trial.
Thy Will be done- even this.
But for Mary! As a woman, as a mother, to willingly agree to have but one child, knowing that you would lose him, you would lose him before his time. I felt cheated to lose my first child to miscarriage, but to have only one child period, and to lose him! Oh the sorrow! BUT, to have to watch him suffer horribly, knowing you can do nothing to lessen his pain, and the whole thing is so unfair.
She had to think at some point, there must have been some mistake, he is to die, but not like this! He is so good, he should not have to suffer! To think that they did that to him, oh God, where are you! What’s happening!?

-Faith Study etc: I am both humbled and full of Joy, because Jesus is saving my best friend!

-Maybe someday I will be called to actively share the gospel and my faith with anyone in every situation, like an elevator etc, but for now I don’t have the courage…or the words.

2. We are HOMEOWNERS! The closing date for everything was Wednesday. The lawyer only got the documents she needed (mortgage instructions) the previous afternoon. At least the bank waived us having to sign at the branch, but it would have been helpful for everyone if they could have made that decision sooner.

Wednesday morning dawned bright and sunny. It couldn’t have been a better day for this, all day it was sunny and spring-like. We went back out to the trailer (for the fourth time) for the final walk through. Since it was closing date it was starting to feel like home. DH and I took a walk down to the little grass area by the lake at the end of the road. Turns out it is most definitely a park and not someone’s private land so it’s great to be able to walk just down the road when I want to find peace and tranquility down by the lake, especially for outdoor prayer time.


From there we drove to the bank to get a bank draft for our down payment etc. Then we drove to the lawyer’s office and signed a bunch of papers. Normally at this time it would have been ours, but she was still waiting on the Mortgage release from from the seller and another document as well, so she told us she’d call when everything was complete and then we could get our keys. When I called around 5 she had just left to take the final documents to the other lawyer, and pick up our keys. She said to give it 20 minutes, so we drove out with a few things in the trunk: our first load consisted of 2 construction trucks and a fake plant.


We went through a drive-thru on the way then we drove out to the lawyer’s office, picked up the key and went inside our home. I brought my oldest in and sat him down to have a picnic in the living room so he could finish supper. Then I wandered around taking pictures while the kids played in the back yard with the trucks. DH decided it was a good time to start raking the gravel to make room for grass. I thought it was cute to already see him caring for our property 🙂


Getting out of the car etc that day, knowing it was now ours, I started to get a feel for how nice the neighborhood was. It was kinda cozy yet peaceful. It was quiet, but not silent. There were kids out playing and people out walking, and we’d see them every now and then. It was, comfortable. It felt right. And the neighbours seemed to notice us for the first time. The lady had just put the sold sign on that afternoon, so now when we showed up, they knew we belonged. No one came right over to welcome us, but I could tell they took notice (and not in a bad way).


We also met one of our new neighbours. They have a little dog (and also a little baby) but the dog was outside so I took one of the kids up to see it. When the dog barked, the lady came out and so we introduced ourselves. Also, before we left we had her take a couple photos of our whole little family, in front of our new house 🙂


3. This was an interesting article. The main benefit she finds with her clothesline is it gets her outside to be with her kids more. Interesting, and doubly so, because I have a clothesline at our new house!

4. The saga with DH’s new job also got me thinking about how I portray my husband on this blog. I think it is usually positive, but it is something that would be hard to look up. In my determination to make things right, I wanted to publicly share just how special my husband is to me, and how I really feel about him:

First off, I’m really proud of him. He’s a good worker, earning the respect of his coworkers and superiors and also new opportunities. He’s not afraid to go after his goals and to keep moving up. He has ambition and drive. Regarding the new job, I’m very happy for him and I agree, it sounds like a perfect fit. I’m happy that he’s happy. Finally, I care deeply about him. I want him to share my faith but most of all I desire his salvation, I want him to be in heaven with me, because it breaks my heart to think of him suffering for eternity in hell.

Job Update:
He made a very good impression on the interview, and they asked him to come in the next Monday morning and ‘we’ll see how it goes’.

When he told his coworkers they all started to freak out at the thought of losing him, (a definite compliment!) but after they got over the initial shock, they were all very supportive.

This past week he had the trial week at the new location. I went to drop off his juice when he forgot it, partly because I had to go in town anyway for class, partly as an act of kindness and partly so I could check out his new office. It’s in a big tall glass building, with shiny elevators and lots of people in business suits milling about. He even has his own little cubicle 🙂 My hubby is moving on up! He’s gone corporate. And I am extremely proud of him.


5. In terms of handling kids, Particularly kids that know what they want, I want to work harder to be proactive. Instead of saying you’ll get a timeout if x…. (negative) maybe offering a reward fro cooperation is better. I tried it when he would’t get off the couch to go out, I told him he could bring his blankie if he came now, and then he did. Without much fuss. I’ve heard you shouldn’t bribe your kids but there has to be a difference between outright bribery and rewards offered for good behavior. Even if I tell them the reward ahead of time, it’s often just what they are asking for:”an we pick up the toys and then we’ll have a rock a bye?” It’s about compromise and achieving their willing cooperation. Does that sound right?

6. One morning this week the baby came up to my room all by himself. He just showed up at the door for his morning nursing and cuddle time. I heard him coming all the way as I usually do, but this time it too a lot longer. When I heard the little bank on the door, I knew he had brought himself to me. Aww.

Also, we discovered this week that he finds it funny when people sneeze. It seems to amuse him no end, ‘a a a a a-choo!’ So now we are all saying ‘achoo!’ quite regularly whether we have to sneeze or not, (even his older brother, who now plays along too). And now even baby is doing it too!


7. Just caught this guy on tv the other night. He was pretty funny and there wasn’t anything really objectionable in his bit.

Scott Faulconbridge at the 2010 CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival

On Home Depot. I paraphrase:

I went to buy a shed and they told me they only had shed kits. So I went to get a shed kit: it was just a list. Ok fine, where do I find this first item?
“Oh, we don’t carry that.”
I Had to go to Rona to get a part for my Home Depot shed kit!

Also, did you notice how in all the Home Deport adds, everybody’s smiling? Nobody smiles at home depot. If you’re there it’s because your house is broken, and you’re too poor to hire a professional. No one can actually help you find what you need. If there’s an Armageddon, don’t go to Home Depot. Go to Walmart. They have everything. If not, go to Canadian Tire. Not only do they have everything but they have their own currency so we can rebuild society!

The clothesline photo is not mine, just something I found on Google. I can’t give proper credit because the original page wouldn’t load.

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Way late with this week’s Quick Takes , but at least this week they are done!

1. Faith Notes
-The retreat was a great break to refocus and recharge my batteries. It didn’t so much end up increasing my trust though it did help validate my methods of recognizing god’s will. Instead, most of all it left me with a stronger will, a deeper resolve to honor my commitment to give my will to God, ‘I give You all of me, including my will, the one thing I can control.’

-While I was there I went hardcore at typing up the notes for the book I borrowed from cco ALMOST A YEAR AGO! 😳 Look for a post on Father Elijah, sometime in the future.

-Some new wisdom to add to my testimony:

‘One day, I ended up at church… That first day at mass, I hung on every word. The priest spoke about evangelizing your children. I didn’t have faith, I didn’t believe in God, and I didn’t even have children, but something inside/within me said this is important. Evangelizing your children, seemed important.’

Actually, I wonder if that hadn’t happened, would my kids have the great start in life that they do etc, and in faith. Would they have received that same foundation, if God hadn’t reached out and got my attention right then? Would I have been far along in my own understanding/certainty to pass it on to them? He knew I’d have kids in like 2 years time, I sure didn’t but he did, and he was preparing me to nurture their faith, already before I was even married.
(woah, hello, I’d say THAT was my first call from God!)
I don’t know what this life is going to throw at them, I know they won’t learn these truths from the world. But someday they might walk away form the faith for 5, 10, 50 years even, and then come back, all because they had that foundation.

-I am learning to let go of holding on to hurts etc, and moving on, but even if I have forgiven the person, it usually takes until the next morning to fully put it behind me. Sleeping on the hurt and waking up the next morning does wonders for a fresh perspective.

2. This week I realized a new area in my life that needs major improvement: Kindness.

The Christian radio station challenged all wives to ask themselves, ‘What’s it like to be married to me?’. If I really ask this question honestly, it’s often not much of a picnic. There’s a reason I gave up complaining for Lent, but I also have a strong tendency to let my feelings greatly influence my words and actions, so when I’m hurt I tend to be very negative with others. This, instead of responding calmly and with patience. In the process, I have realized that I am hurting the ones I love, not the least of which is my husband.


Then in our faith study we were challenged to pick a gift or fruit of the spirit to ask for/work on, with the Holy Spirit’s help. When I think of the basic list in Galatians, I would say that I can see evidence of all of them-except kindness. Clearly the Lord is telling me something. I can (often) be accepting, content and positive about things and situations in my life, but people? that tends to be a different story. I realized with terrible clarity this week just how critical, negative, and difficult I can be towards the people I love, both in thought and word. None of it is really intentional, still if others can rise above it (at least sometimes) then so can I.

As much as I want to grow in kindness, I feel that the first step will instead be to let go of the tendency towards being unkind. It’s going to be slow going, I’ve been this way so long it’s going to be a particularly difficult habit to break. My faith study challenge this week to address this is to work on doing little ‘random’ acts of kindness (beyond what I’m asked to do), specifically directed towards the people I clash with most in my daily life, my husband and my in-laws. I was aiming for one act for each a day, but have only done one thing for my in-laws that qualifies, in the last5 days. I need to be even more intentional…

3. It seems that everything with the house is going to come down to the last possible minute. We’re supposed to close on Wednesday. The lawyer can’t do anything without mortgage instructions, which she can’t get till we sign the papers at the bank. And since they weren’t ready for us to sign tonight, that won’t be until tomorrow night. I think my lawyer is going to be up pretty late…Throwing my trust in God with a bit more fervor, so as not to start totally freaking out.

As the closing date draws closer, I look forward to days spent at home with the kids: playing in our living room, watching veggietales and holy baby, listening to praise songs and prayer meditations while I do my housework, having something to remind me of my faith in every room, the whole family watching out the sun room for daddy and welcoming my husband home after work, but most of all, having the freedom to visibly live my faith every minute of the day and to finally raise my kids my way and in the faith, without opposition.


All that, plus whatever good things God has waiting for me out in Beaverbank.

4. Ever since that day when we looked at the pink house in Windsor, I have been trying to make sense of the sense of peace I experienced, even though the home was not right for us.

Now I think I have come to some understanding, but of course, this is only my interpretation:

-1. An indication that ultimately we will have an old home, and probably somewhat out in the country Whether I have this sense because it is what I want, or whether my desire for an old house is built on the thought that it is what God has for me, I have yet to figure out.

2- It was God’s way of showing me where to go. It is as if God was saying that day, ‘This is what it will feel like when you’ve found the home I have for you. This is how you will know.’

While I think someday we will have an old 4+ bedroom, it may not be everything I pictured (location and looks and yard and features etc.) But, it will be good, it will make me happy, and I will have complete peace (which is really all you need, anything less would not have gotten me into a trailer park!)

This week I also realized that God’s Will will be pretty much in line with hubby. I find this interesting. I used to worry what if we find this great house and like it very much and I have God’s peace about it, and then hubby doesn’t like it? But I realized this week that what God wants will be very closely in line with my husband. It has to be, especially as ultimately he is meant to be the one with the final decisions. The home God has for us-that I have peace with-he will like! And he may not really like the ones where I don’t have peace either.

5. My faith study with my best friend chugs along. I’m getting better now at really listening and understanding, as opposed to convincing and ‘fighting for her vote’. I have to remember, especially with evangelization (but this applies to my marriage and really any interaction with another human being), to seek after the good things, the positives, and let the other stuff work itself out, with God’s help etc. ‘Lord, I want to feel with Your heart, and see the world though Your eyes.’ (If I could see everyone around me as God sees them, things with #2 might be very different.) I’ve also been praying like crazy for her. I’ve already seen her grow leaps and bounds towards faith and love, but this week marked a very important step: despite her doubts she formally asked Jesus into her life and into her heart. It’s up to me to disciple her with regard to everything this will mean, but she is truly open to change. And I just can’t wait to see all the ways God is going to work in her life.


The same way I struggled with the call to Montreal but now the house is easy, I feel it may be the same with evangelization. When you know you know. After struggling with my best friend, and then seeing her come SO FAR, I expect I will have more faith in God next time I struggle along this road beside another non-believer.

6. This was the conversation I had with my almost 3 year old when I went to get him up for playgroup Wednesday morning:

Me: ‘Good Morning’
Son: ‘No mummy, I sleeping.’
Me: ‘But we’re going to playgroup!’
Son: ‘No playgroup, just sleeping.’

I’ve only been a mom for 3-4 years and I already have a teenager in the house!

Other cute big kid phrases this week:

“Baby looks funny.” There was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary with baby at the time.

“(Child’s name) is so much funny!” – I think he meant fun…

“Crackers make me so much happy.” What a contented joyful attitude and what a cute way of expressing it 🙂

7. One of the people I know through CCO is in Peru with Chalice. And, she’s blogging her experience. You can read about her adventures here: Jotoperu

Who wouldn’t want a ceiling like that !

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